BRAY WYATT: Wyatt documentary now streaming on Peacock, big tease in post-credits scene

Posted on 4/01/124 by Colin Vassallo

The Bray Wyatt documentary titled Becoming Immortal is now
available to stream on Peacock.

Filmed after the popular Superstar unexpectedly passed away
at the age of 36 in August of last year, this Peacock
Original documentary takes you behind the scenes and in the
world of one of the greatest minds that the industry has
ever seen, with new sit-down interviews specifically shot
for this documentary including with Triple H, John Cena,
Braun Strowman, his brother Bo Dallas, his sister Mika
Rotunda, and his fiancee JoJo Offerman.

But the two-hour documentary also ends with a tease in the
post-credits, as the in memory graphic turns glitchy in
typical Wyatt style and then a lantern is shown. The lantern
eventually switches on after a few tries and we see an image
of Uncle Howdy in the background and a voice which says

According to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Bo Dallas is making
his return, resuming his Uncle Howdy gimmick. WWE sources
confirmed that the ending was put there on purpose and it
will lead to his comeback, keeping the spirit of Bray Wyatt
and the fireflies alive.

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