Posted on 3/31/124 by Bob Magee

AEW COLLISION was broadcast live from the Budweiser Gardens
in London, ON!

It’s Saturday night and you know what that means! Saturday
night’s alright for fighting!

Nigel McGuinness, Ian Riccaboni, and Tony Schiavone were the
broadcast team for tonight’s event.

TNT Champion “The Rated R Superstar” Adam Copeland kicked
off Collision!

Copeland: “About a week and a half ago, I finally closed the
book on Christian Cage. Now it’s time to start a new chapter
and I decided to go back to the Cope Open, only this time
the stakes are higher. Because this time I am putting the
TNT Championship on the line. I’m not going to run like the
Patriarch, I am here to fight!”

The Cope Open Returns! TNT Championship Match!
“The Rated R Superstar” Adam Copeland (c.) vs. “The
Deathmatch King” Matt Cardona!

The match opened with a series of hip tosses.

“You can tell they know each other, using the same moves
against each other. Cardona is facing his mentor and getting
a chance to become TNT Champion,” said Schiavone.

Cardona charged at Copeland outside the ring, and Copeland
caught him with a clothesline. Cardona gouged Copeland in
the eyes and then shoved him off the apron and into the
steel ring steps.

Cardona climbed the turnbuckles but Copeland yanked
Cardona’s legs out from under him. Cardona fired back with a
chop. Cardona was searching for a superplex, but Copeland
countered with a bulldog off the top for a near fall!

Matt Cardona spiked Copeland with the Impaler for a two-
count, hitting the champ with his own move!

Cardona slapped Copeland and said, “I’m the self-made

Cardona went for the Radio Silence, but Copeland countered
with a powerbomb for a near fall! Copeland tried for a
spear, but Cardona stunned Copeland with the Radio Silence
for a two-count! Cardona ran in for the spear but Copeland
lured Cardona in and speared Cardona, scoring the pin and
retaining the championship!

“What an absolutely incredible win on many fronts! Adam
Copeland is still the TNT Champ,” said Schiavone.

As Copeland was celebrating his victory, the arena went
dark! The lights came back on, and Malakai Black appeared in
the center of the ring! Black smirked at Copeland and then
Buddy Matthews blindsided Copeland. Mark Briscoe sprinted
down to the ring to even up the odds, but Black kicked
Briscoe and Matthews nailed Briscoe with a knee! Eddie
Kingston ran to the ring and stood side by side with
Copeland and Briscoe. The lights turned off again and this
time Black and Matthews vanished from the ring.

Tony Schiavone was in the ring to interview AEW World Trios
Champs The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass!

Daddy Ass: “I’m a little pissed off. I’m pissed off at Jay
White. I can get past you hitting me in the head with a
chair, but I can’t get past you coming into my house, where
me and my wife live. He also keeps talking about selling out
Madison Square Garden. Hell, I’ve done that more times than
I can remember. But if I recall, Jay lost that match. And
he’s also going to lose next week. Because next week on
Dynamite, it’s Jay White against Daddy Ass, and then we’ll
see how good you really are.”

Max Caster: “Yo! Listen! This message goes out to Austin and
Colten, those ass boys! Wednesday night, while Billy Gunn is
beating down Jay White, if you guys believe in your boy Jay
White and stay in the back, we’ll stay in the back too. So,
if you have faith in Jay White, you’ll have no problem with

Anthony Bowens: “And now a word from the Scissor King. I
feel a lot better this week even though I shouldn’t. Billy’s
home got invaded and I was proven right. Those three bullet
bitches walked into his home and upon seeing Billy Gun, they
ran like cowards. Next week the demise of Bullet Club Gold
begins. Because they are looking at three different
individuals! By the end of this, you are going to be looking
at ‘Still the AEW World Trios Champions’ because everyone
loves the Acclaimed!”

East Bracket: AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament
Quarterfinal Match!

FTR—Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler vs.The Infantry—Shawn Dean &
Carlie Bravo!

The winning team faces the winner of Top Flight vs. Starks &
Big Bill.

Carlie, clearly having done his homework, took Dax off his
feet with a couple of dropkicks. Dean came in and the
Infantry hit FTR with stereo dropkicks.

Cash rocked Shawn Dean with European uppercuts. Dean body
slammed Cash and then dropped an elbow on him. Cash caught
Dean in midair and planted him hard on the mat. Dax tagged
in and superplexed Carlie Bravo!

The Infantry hit beautiful tandem offense on Dax Wheeler,
almost scoring an upset. Dean DDT’ed Cash. Dax inadvertently
collided into Cash and Carlie rolled up a dazed Dax for a
near fall. FTR recovered with the Shatter Machine on Carlie
and scored the pin, advancing to the next round!

TNT Champion Adam Copeland, Mark Briscoe, and Eddie Kingston
were backstage!

Copeland: “House of Black, I know my championship makes me a
marked man! You want to get in my business? I’ve got some
backup. Why don’t you face us April 21st at AEW Dynasty!”

Briscoe: “At Dynasty, House of Black, you guys picked the
wrong three!”

Kingston: “House of Black, after Dynasty, you’re going to be
spitting blood and teeth!”

Kyle O’Reilly vs. The Workhorsemen’s JD Drake!

“This is Kyle’s second match back after neck surgery,” said

Drake drilled Kyle with a dropkick. Kyle dodged a Vader Bomb
from Drake. Kyle pummeled Drake with violent round kicks and
then swept out Drake’s leg. Kyle smashed Drake with an ax
kick. Kyle applied an arm bar and Drake tapped out!

“Now 2-0 on his comeback trail,” said Schiavone.

The Undisputed Kingdom got in the ring, hoisted Kyle on
their shoulders, and helped him celebrate his victory.

East Bracket: AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament
Quarterfinal Match!

Top Flight—Dante & Darius Martin
“Absolute” Ricky Starks & Big Bill!

The winning team faces the winner of FTR vs. The Infantry.

“Boys, Starks and Big Bill are back to reclaim their tag
team titles,” said Nigel.

Starks took down Darius with an arm drag. Dante tagged in
and crashed into Starks with a clothesline. Big Bill grabbed
a tag, but Dante used his quickness and chopped Bill. This
only angered the monster, as Big Bill served up a chest chop
of his own. Top Flight hit a double dropkick on Big Bill!
They followed up with a double dropkick to Starks!

Starks grabbed Darius’ leg from outside the ring, tripping
up Darius. Big Bill blasted Darius with a pump kick. Big
Bill splashed Dante in the corner. Big Bill tried a second
time, but this time Dante dodged it. Dante jumped off the
top turnbuckle and wiped out Big Bill!

Darius tagged in and used the turnbuckles for a wallwalk
moonsault on Starks. Dante almost scored with a headstand
pin on Starks. Darius blocked a spear from Starks. Darius
used Dante as a launching pad, spiked Starks with a DDT, and
scored the pin!

Top Flight are advancing to the next round!

“What a win! What an incredible win! What a major upset this
is!” said Schiavone.

“The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels was backstage!

Daniels: “Now I’ve been AEW since day one but in this
company, it’s not how long you’ve been here, it’s about who
you’ve beat. Malakai Black, are you man enough for a face to
face challenge? How about this Friday on Rampage,
Christopher Daniels against Malakai Black?”

Thunder Rosa vs. Lady Frost!

Thunder Rosa chopped Lady Frost in the corner. Lady Frost
fired back with a quick right hand. Lady Frost stomped Rosa
in the corner. Thunder Rosa retaliated with a running
lariat. Thunder Rosa used a drop toe hold on Lady Frost.
Thunder Rosa blasted Frost with a running dropkick!

The fans chanted “Thunder Rosa! Thunder Rosa! Thunder Rosa!”

Lady Frost rallied back with a Chiller Driller for a near
fall, almost scoring a major upset. Thunder Rosa retaliated
with a backstabber and a Tijuana Bomb, pinning Lady Frost!

“Thunder Rosa with another win! And she earned that win, as
Lady Frost came to fight,” said Tony Schiavone.

Renee Paquette was backstage with AEW Women’s World Champion
“Timeless” Toni Storm, Mariah May, and Luther!

Renee: “Some breaking news, next week number one and number
two in our rankings will be facing off against one another
for a future shot at your AEW Women’s World Championship.”

Toni: “And?!”

Renee: “It’s Thunder Rosa and Mariah May.”

Toni: “Was this the plan all along Mariah? Is this what
you’ve been plotting for months?”

Toni kissed Mariah on the lips.

Toni: “You magnificent bastard! Genius! I see myself in you
and I love me! Thunder Rosa, you should have retired as
champion. You will never get to sniff this leather again!”

Main Event Time! Trios Match!
“The MurderHawk Monster” Lance Archer & The Righteous—Dutch
& Vincent vs. “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson, Claudio
Castagnoli, & Katsuyori Shibata!

Shibata jumped on Archer’s back with a sleeper. Archer
chucked Shibata to the mat. Shibata ducked a big boot from
Archer. Dutch tagged in, and Claudio entered the ring.
Claudio powered Dutch into the corner. Dutch kicked Claudio
and body slammed Claudio.

Claudio picked up Dutch, slammed him, and then stomped on
Dutch. Bryan tagged in and slugged it out with Vincent.
Danielson flew to the outside with a tope on Dutch!
Danielson jumped off the apron with a diving knee to Archer!

Dutch body slammed Archer on Danielson. Archer body slammed
Dutch on Danielson. Dutch planted Danielson with the Bossman
slam for a near fall! Danielson tried to fight back with a
shotgun dropkick off the top to Dutch. Danielson made the
tag to Claudio!

Claudio and Archer traded lariats. Claudio took down Archer
with a hurracanrana. Claudio was looking for the Giant Swing
on Archer but the Righteous ran in to break it up. Shibata
ran in and charged at both members of the Righteous with
dropkicks in the corner. Shibata and Claudio hit tandem
offense on Archer. Claudio captured Archer in the Giant
Swing! Claudio locked Archer in the Sharp Shooter! Dutch
jumped in and broke it up.

Shibata dumped the Righteous out of the ring. When Shibata
turned around, Archer booted Shibata. Archer planted Claudio
with a chokeslam. Vincent smashed Claudio with the Death
From Above for a near fall!

Shibata lit up Vincent with forearms. Shibata suplexed
Vincent and then applied a cross arm breaker. Dutch broke up
the submission. Shibata applied a sleeper on Vincent in the
center of the ring. Shibata clocked Vincent with the PK and
pinned Vincent!

“Shibata, Claudio, and Danielson win the trios match! This
is AEW! Where the best wrestle!” said Schiavone.

Catch AEW DYNAMITE on TBS next Wednesday live at 8/7ct from
DCU Center in Worcester, MA featuring:

-Thunder Rosa vs. Mariah May!

-A Battle of Wills: Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Will Ospreay!

-Chris Jericho calls out HOOK!

-AEW World Trios Champ Daddy Ass vs. ROH World Six-Man Tag
Team Champ Jay White!

-AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Semifinals:
Young Bucks vs. Best Friends!

-AEW Dynasty Contract Signing: AEW World Champ Samoa Joe &
Swerve Strickland sign on the dotted line for their AEW
World Championship Match taking place at Dynasty!

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