Spitfire (Dani Luna/Jody Threat) open up about the TNA Knockouts Division

Posted on 3/30/124 by Phil Johnson

TNA Knockouts World Tag Team Champions Spitfire (Dani Luna
and Jody Threat) recently joined PWMania.com for an
exclusive in-depth interview. During the discussion,
Spitfire opened up about the TNA Knockouts division, what's
next for them, and more. You can read the entire interview
by clicking here.

You can watch the complete interview below:


Here are some highlights:

On winning the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship:

Jody Threat: “It was wild. It was very shocking. I knew we
had it in us the whole time. Being a newer tag team, who
would have thought we would be able to snag something so
coveted in such a short period of time? That was our first
official match as a tag team at the time. We were just
friends before. We had debut music, debut gear, and had the
secret combination.”

Dani Luna: “It felt like such a genuine surprise from
everyone in the room. It’s not something we get very often
nowadays in wrestling. It was cool for us to be in that
moment, feel it, and just soak it all in.”

Being part of the TNA Knockouts locker room:

Jody Threat: “It’s an honor. It’s really special when you
can be a part of a company or any sort of community where
they value women and what we bring to the table and see us
in such a light. Even before Dani came, when I was there
alone, it was just so cool to be a Canadian and a female at
the TNA table.”

Dani Luna: “Absolutely. On top of that, not only do they
have this belief in their women’s division, but they brought
me over from the UK and that’s even more trust and belief.
But the fact that I can work my way up, where there are open
arms for me to work up that ladder as someone from a
completely different continent, it’s such a great
opportunity to get British wrestlers involved in this too
and hopefully I’m just the first of many to come. But yeah,
it’s great and so supportive.”

Jody Threat: “This question is kind of cool. It gives you a
second to pause and reflect on how cool it is. I’m from a
different country, Dani’s from a different continent, and
they’re investing in us and making sure we’re there. We’re
representing a lot of places that don’t get the spotlight it
deserves. Go TNA!”

Their future goals:

Dani Luna: “Our next goal is to take the Knockouts Tag Team
gold worldwide and wrestle as many good tag teams as we can.
There are so many good wrestlers here in the UK, between
that and Canada, Japan, and throughout the US too. We just
really want to level up that women’s tag team division, so
it’s viewed the same as the men’s. There’s so much heritage
in the men’s tag division and if we can get to even a
fraction of that, I think we’d do a good job.”

Jody Threat: “I think so too.”

Spitfire also revealed how their tag team came about, their
decision to re-sign with TNA Wrestling, and much more. You
can check out the complete interview at the link below.

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