Posted on 3/28/124 by Bob Magee

Tonight’s episode of AEW DYNAMITE was broadcast live from
the Centre Videotron in Quebec City, QC!

Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz
were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!

“The Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay vs. Katsuyori Shibata!

Will shot in for a single leg but Shibata defended and
mounted Will. Shibata grounded Will on the mat and went for
a cross armbreaker, but Will got to the ropes, forcing the
ref to break the hold. Ospreay and Shibata chain wrestled,
British style. Shibata went for the PK, but Will dodged it!

Shibata cracked Will with forearms, but Will charged at
Shibata with a dropkick, taking Shibata off his feet. Will
battered Shibata with forearms and then dropkicked Shibata
in the corner, taking pages out of Shibata’s playbook.
Ospreay jumped over the top rope and connected with a
crossbody press to Shibata on the floor.

As Ospreay was getting back into the ring, Shibata caught
Ospreay flush in the face with a running front kick! Shibata
suplexed Will on the arena floor and then blasted Will with
a brutal round kick to Will’s back!

Shibata applied a figure four leg lock on Ospreay, but
Ospreay was able to counter it and escaped. They got to
their feet and Will chopped Shibata. Shibata answered with a

“This is a rematch seven years in the making,” said

Shibata whipped Will into the barricade. Will springboarded
off the barricade and connected with a forearm shot to
Shibata. Will followed up with another springboard forearm
into the ring. Shibata nailed Will with a forearm and Will
crumbled into a heap on the mat. Shibata jabbed and chopped
Will, breaking him down in the corner. Shibata rocked Will
with his trademark running dropkick in the corner.

Ospreay connected with a thrust kick. Shibata anticipated
Will’s next move and countered with an STF. Will reached to
the ropes, forcing the ref to break the submission. Ospreay
intercepted Shibata’s PK. They traded forearm strikes in the
center of the ring. Ospreay had a surge of adrenaline and
smashed Shibata in the back of the head with a jumping high
round kick!

Shibata locked Will in a sleeper and then suplexed Will.
Shibata put the sleeper back on, but Ospreay fought out of
it and stomped Shibata on the back of the head! Will smashed
Shibata with the Os-Cutter but Shibata kicked out at the

Will hit a backdrop suplex and then wiped out Shibata with a
back elbow uppercut. Will walloped Shibata with a Tiger
Driver and then finished Shibata off with the Hidden Blade,
pinning Shibata!

“What a war we witnessed here tonight,” said Excalibur.

Renee Paquette was backstage with The Young Bucks—Matthew
and Nicholas Jackson!

Matthew said they had some goals when they returned to AEW.
The first was to retire Sting, and the second was to
restructure the Elite, and they did that by bringing in
Okada. Matthew said his biggest goal is to get their AEW
World Tag Team Championships back. And they’re going to beat
Private Party tonight to get one step closer to getting
their titles back.

The Continental Champion “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada
pulled up in an exotic sports car for the next match!

AEW World Tag Title Tournament Quarter-Final Match!

The Young Bucks—Matthew & Nicholas Jackson vs.Private Party—
Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen!

Private Party wiped out the Bucks with stereo tope suicidas.
Matthew whipped Zay over the barricade. Private Party fired
back with the Silly String off the barricade onto Matthew.
Nicholas planted Quen with a Falcon Arrow off the barricade!
The Bucks were trying to win by count out.

Zay helped Mark Quen back into the ring, breaking the ref’s
count. Nicholas suplexed Quen onto Matthew’s knees. Brother
Zay got the hot tag, scored with a thrust kick to Matthew
and then did a moonsault onto Nicholas who was on the arena

Nicholas nailed Quen with a German Suplex. Nicholas planted
Quen with a suplex on the edge of the ring. Private Party
rallied back with the Gin & Juice on Nicholas!

“Perfection by Private Party,” said Taz.

Private Party hit the More Bang for Your Buck on Matthew,
but Nicholas jumped in to break up the pin attempt! Nicholas
grabbed the ring bell and brought it into the ring, but the
ref pulled it out of Nicholas’ hands. As the ref was
distracted, Nicholas kicked Zay with a low blow! Quen took
one of the title belts off the podium and cracked Matthew in
the head with it. Zay went to pin Matthew, but Nicholas
grabbed Matthew’s leg and put Matthew’s foot on the rope to
break the pin.

Quen attempted a 630 splash on Matthew, but Matthew dodged
it. Nicholas tagged in and they blasted Quen with the EVP
Trigger and pinned him!

“The Bucks move on, boys,” said Taz.

A video aired of Darby Allin with Tony Hawk, talking about
how much skateboarding meant to them growing up, and the
impact it had on their lives. Visit for more
information on how you can help out.

Renee Paquette was backstage with FTW Champion HOOK and
Chris Jericho!

Jericho said he’s never been in the ring with anyone quite
like Hook. Jericho, with 33 years of experience in the ring,
said he’d be happy to help Hook sharpen his skills and
become the World Champion that he knows Hook can be.

“If you want my advice, I’m here for you,” said Jericho.

Hook: “I appreciate your praise, Chris. And of course I’ll
take advice from you, you’re Chris Jericho. But you are
Chris Jericho. I know who you are.”

Jericho: “Okay, and I know who you are. But more
importantly, I know who you can be.”

Hook: “Let’s get it.”

Jericho: “Let’s get it.”

TBS Championship #1 Contender Match!
Kris Statlander vs. Willow Nightingale vs. Skye Blue vs.
Anna Jay

“The CEO” Mercedes Moné was on commentary for this match.

Skye Blue caught Kris out of the gate with a thrust kick.
Anna caught Willow with a kick to the chin. Willow splashed
Anna in the corner and followed up with a lariat. Skye Blue
planted Willow with a DDT.

Statlander body slammed Blue and rocked her with a sliding
lariat. Statlander went for a body slam on Anna, but Anna
escaped. Statlander knocked Anna down with a shoulder
tackle. Skye Blue tripped up Kris from outside the ring, but
Willow was there to pounce Skye!

“A blindside pounce!” said Excalibur.

Willow was right in front of Mercedes when she pounced Skye.
Mercedes and Willow locked eyes. Mercedes smirked at Willow,
neither backing down.

Back in the ring, Kris fought off Skye Blue and Anna Jay.
Anna Jay superplexed Kris and covered her but Willow hit
Anna with a senton to break up the pin. Skye blasted Willow
with the Code Blue, but Statlander broke it up. Kris cracked
Blue with a back breaker. Willow walloped Anna Jay with a
shotgun dropkick.

Skye shoved Kris into Willow. Willow countered a dragon
suplex attempt by Skye on the apron by drilling Skye with a
Death Valley Driver on the apron! Willow power bombed Anna
Jay and pinned Anna Jay!

TBS Champion Julia Hart jumped into the ring, blindsiding
Willow by smacking Willow with Julia’s championship belt!
Julia held her belt high, and she and Mercedes had a stare

Renee Paquette was backstage to interview the legendary
Dustin Rhodes!

Dustin said he’s started 2024 off with a bang. Dustin said
at 55 years old, he’s just as passionate about wrestling as
he’s ever been.

The Butcher interrupted Dustin! Butcher challenged Dustin to
a match for Friday’s Rampage! Dustin accepted, saying
Butcher will find out why Dustin is a “Natural born legend!”

AEW Women’s World Champion “Timeless” Toni Storm paid a
visit to the studios of Turner Classic Movies and Ben
Mankiewicz, the host of Turner Classic Movies!

Toni told Mankiewicz to watch out for the shoe and then
tossed it over her head as she walked off the set.

AEW World Tag Title Tournament Quarter-Final Match!

The Undisputed Kingdom—ROH World Tag Team Champs Matt Taven
& Mike Bennett (with International Champion Roderick Strong)
vs. “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy & Trent Beretta (with
Chuck Taylor)!

Orange decked Taven! Bennett took Trent off his feet with a
lariat. Trent flew out of the ring with a tope and took out
Taven. Bennet jumped out of the ring and wiped out Trent.
Orange took to the skies and jumped off the top turnbuckle,
his hands in his pockets, and crashed onto Taven and

Trent drove Bennett down with a double knee strike. Taven
rocked Trent with a thrust kick. Bennett spiked Trent with a
piledriver on the apron!

Orange Cassidy grabbed a tag and hit Bennett with a cross
body press. Orange served one up for Taven! Orange blasted
Bennett with the Stun Dog Millionaire! Taven came in and
pulped Orange with a running knee strike! Taven and Bennett
hit the Proton Pack, with Bennett covering Orange for a near

Trent spiked Taven with a DDT! And Orange followed up with a
DDT on Taven! Trent nailed Taven with a running knee strike!
Strong jumped on the ring apron but Chuck Taylor pulled him
back down! Roddy wiped out Taylor with his right hand! Roddy
jumped into the ring to get away from Orange, dropped his
title in the process, and jumped out. Orange chased after
Roddy and connected with an elbow suicida!

The ref was removing the International Title from the ring
when Taven and Bennett had Trent set up for their finisher.
As the ref was distracted, Chuck knocked Taven off the
turnbuckles. Trent rolled up Bennett with a jackknife pin
and scored the victory!

“What a win!” said Schiavone.

“Interesting turn of events but congrats to Cassidy and
Trent,” said Taz.

Orange, Trent, and Chuck were about to give the people what
they want—the big hug, when The Bucks’ music hit! Nicholas
and Matthew Jackson walked onto the ramp and stared at
Orange and Trent!

Next week on Dynamite it’ll be the Young Bucks against the
Best Friends in the AEW World Tag Team Championship
Tournament Semifinals!

Renee Paquette was backstage with Kyle O’Reilly!

Kyle said it felt good to rip the band-aid off with his
return match and victory against “Bounty Hunter” Bryan
Keith. Kyle said AEW has a deep roster and there’s no such
thing as an easy match. He said he loves the Undisputed
Kingdom but he’s going to prove he can do it without them
again this week on Collision.

Main Event Time!
“The Alpha” Konosuke Takeshita (with Don Callis) vs. Swerve
Strickland (with Prince Nana)!

Swerve rolled up Takeshita for a near fall. Swerve was
looking for the short arm scissors, but Takeshita got to the
ropes. Takeshita connected with the Takeshita-line!

AEW World Champion Samoa Joe was watching the match on a
monitor backstage, obviously having a keen interesting in
this number one contender’s match.

Swerve blasted Takeshita with a diving European uppercut to
the back of Takeshita’s neck. Swerve rocked Takeshita with a
neck breaker over the middle rope. Swerve followed up with a
backbreaker, but Takeshita fired back with a brain buster on

Swerve nailed Takeshita with a German Suplex, but Takeshita
got right to his feet and knocked Swerve’s block off with a
devastating forearm! Swerve launched into a hurricanrana
over the top rope and onto Takeshita on the floor!

Swerve followed up with a big diving cross body, but
Takeshita kicked out at the one-count. Takeshita smoked
Swerve with a knockout shot! Takeshita nailed Swerve with a
running knee strike. Takeshita flipped over the top rope and
landed hard on Swerve!

Takeshita hoisted up Swerve for a brain buster on the top
turnbuckle, but Swerve fought out of it. Takeshita
headbutted Swerve in the ribs. Swerve chopped out the legs
out Takeshita with swift kicks. Swerve drilled Takeshita
with a DDT off the turnbuckles! Swerve splashed Takeshita
with a sky twister for a near fall!

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Takeshita fired back with a reverse hurricanrana and
followed up with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall on

“Takeshita can’t believe Swerve kicked out of that,” said

Swerve clobbered Takeshita with a straight right hand!
Takeshita stunned Swerve with a jumping knee strike! Swerve
planted Takeshita on the crown of his head! Swerve squashed
Takeshita with the Swerve Stomp on the apron! Swerve
returned to the top, jumped at Takeshita, but Takeshita
countered with a powerbomb! Swerve escaped a brain buster
attempt, but Takeshita was prepared with a wheelbarrow
suplex to Swerve. Takeshita flattened Swerve with a Power
Drive Knee, but Swerve kicked out at the two-count!

Takeshita was looking for an avalanche blue thunder, but
Swerve knocked Takeshita down to the mat. Takeshita avoided
the Swerve Stomp. Swerve countered a blue thunder bomb
attempt, sending Takeshita into the corner turnbuckles.
Swerve rocked Takeshita with the House Call kick! Swerve hit
the Swerve Stomp, but Takeshita kicked out! Takeshita
blasted Swerve with a jumping knee strike. Swerve countered
a pop-up power bomb attempt with the Swerve Stomp! Swerve
planted Takeshita with the Big Pressure and pinned

“Well, if that isn’t a 5-star match, I don’t know what is,”
said Tony Schiavone.

Renee Paquette interviewed AEW World Champion Samoa Joe
after the match, asking for his thoughts about facing Swerve

Samoa Joe: “You should ask him how he’s feeling right now.
Next week, Swerve, when you walk down to that ring and sign
onto that dotted line, I am going to make sure that you
understand what you are asking for. You think you’re ready.
No, no, you’re not that man.”

“Swerve Strickland will face Samoa Joe at Dynasty for the
AEW World Championship on Sunday, April 21st, live on pay-
per-view!” said Excalibur.

This Friday tune in to AEW RAMPAGE at 10pm ET!

AEW International title eliminator match:
Roderick Strong faces "Daddy Magic" Matt Menard

Mariah May in action...

Deonna Purrazzo in action...

Dustin Rhodes takes on the challenge of The Butcher

Don’t miss AEW Collision live on Saturday on TNT at 8/7c
from the Budweiser Gardens in London, ON featuring:

--AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Quarterfinal
Big Bill & “Absolute” Ricky Starks vs. Top Flight!

-Kyle O’Reilly in action!

-AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Quarterfinal
FTR vs. The Infantry!

-Trios Match:
The Righteous & Lance Archer vs. Bryan Danielson, Claudio
Castagnoli, & Katsuyori Shibata!

-The return of the “Cope Open!”
TNT Champion “The Rated R Superstar” Adam Copeland will put
his championship on the line!

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