NXT ON USA: March 26 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 3/27/124 by Bob Magee

NXT is on the air, and two enigmatic characters clash in a
singles bout that opens the show from a sound stage at the
Performance Center. Not sure who is the protagonist in the
match, or if there is even one? Do we even need one if they
proceed to have a banger?

Dijak defeated Shawn Spears

Dijak pinned Spears in a hard hitting opener. Really good
match to kick off the show.

According to commentary that accompanies the match, this
match "could have North American Championship implications."
Turns out, that is about half right.

Spears on a roll when he does a plancha. Not to be outdone
moments later, Dijak does a flip dive over the ropes.
Slapping leather, and clubbing strikes. Dijak climbs to the
top rope, and Spears jumps to the top and suplexes Dijak.

Joe Gacy is seen crawling out from underneath the ring. Gacy
grabs the metal folding chair Spears brought with him to the
ring, and Gacy drags the chair under the ring.

The match goes through a split-screen commercial break. High
spot as the come break from break, Dijak leaps off the top
rope with a flying clothesline.

They go on to trade strikes. Dijak punishes Spears with hard
overhand chops. Dijak in a focused rage, but Spears has
counters. They trade near falls. "Fight forever" chants from
the live studio audience. Also, some "NXT" chants from the

Dijak springboards into a flying elbow drop, but no water in
the pool. Spears goes to grab the chair he brought with him
earlier, but it is no where to be found. Gacy had stolen it.

Spears gets caught on an attempted flying ax handle, and
Spears takes a sit-down choke bomb from Dijak. Spears gets a
shoulder up at two and three quarters.

For the finish, Dijak delivers a kick set up Feast Your
Eyes. After Dijak executes his finisher, he covers Spears
for a three count.

Roxanne Perez is the focus of a vignette where she looks
back at her babyface persona, and she is now detests that
version of herself. Even if she is likely miscast as a heel,
Perez plays the character well. She challenges for the NXT
Women's title at NXT Stand & Deliver.

Thea Hail (with Riley Osborne, Andre Chase & Duke Hudson)
defeated Jazmyn Nyz (with Jacy Jayne)

Hail submitted Nyz, despite blatant interference by Jacy
Jayne. A brawl afterwards appears to set up a women's trios

Nyz got a lot of offense. Jayne was a distraction at
ringside at ringside. She stole the Chase U towel from
Chase, and Jayne threw it into the ring, as if someone from
Hail's corner was throwing in the towel. Osborne rushed into
the ring and caught the towel, as the towel has to land on
the mat to count. The referee then ejects Chase U from
ringside for interfering in the match.

Jayne then gets on the apron, and Hail screams at her about
them once being friends. Jayne slaps Hail, and somehow the
ref did not see it. Nyz goes for a roll-up, but Hail
counters the schoolgirl. Hail locks in an kimura, and Nyz
taps out.

Jayne jumps Hail after the match. Jayne is stomping on Hail
as Kaina James and Izzi Dame also rush into the ring Dame
and James hold Hail for Jayne to deliver strikes. Fallon
Henley and Kelani Jordan run down to even the odds. Hail
soon joins the other two babyfaces in cleaning house on the
heels. The post-match brawl and angle would appear to set up
a six-woman tag team match.

Up next is a great video package hyping the upcoming grudge
match between Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes. The hype
video even had clips of main roster stars commenting on the
bout, including Randy Orton and CM Punk.

A commercial advertised the NXT: Next Gen reality show.

Natalya defeated Lola Vice

Nattie makes a surprise appearance on NXT, and Nattie goes
on to pin Vice in a very competitive match.

The story going in was Vice issued an open challenge with a
tweet. The open challenge is probably one of the most
overdone plot devices in wrestling these days. Regardless,
Vice cut a strong promo in the ring before the match began.
Nattie answers the open challenge in a surprise appearance,
and Nattie cuts a promo of her own on Vice. The brawl as the
match gets underway.

Vice is in control as the match goes through a commercial
break. Natalya comes back after the show returns from the
break. They both go for submission holds.

Out comes Karmen Pertrovic, who has issues with Vice. Nattie
soon makes a comeback, and she looks to apply a
sharpshooter. Vice counters into a roll-up, but Nattie
responds by going for an armbar. Nattie goes on to duck a
strike, and Nattie uses an O'Connor Roll to score a pinfall.

An upset Shawn Spears is leaving the building. From above,
Joe Gacy appears on a roof with the chair he stole from
Spears. Gacy throws the chair down, and laughs manically.
NXT North American Champion Oba Femi comes into frame and he
stomps on the chair. Gacy laughs manically some more. Much
like any segment with Gacy these days, I have far more
questions than answers.

Sol Ruca is the focus of a video package, which hypes a
match between Ruca and Blair Davenport. This plays off an
injury angle based on a real injury to Ruca.

Davenport is interviewed with Kelly Kincaid, and Davenport
cuts a promo on Ruca.

NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov vs. Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo in
a non-title match

Dragunov pinned Stacks after Torpedo Moscow. Dragunov sold
his hand during the match, as Stacks stomped on Dragunov's
fingers. Undaunted, Dragunov makes a comeback to win the

Lorenzo's cohorts in The Family purposely stayed away from
ringside, but Stacks was still there to soften up Dragunov
ahead of Tony D'Angelo challenging for the title at Stand &
Deliver. So, Stacks targeted the hand.

"The Don" and Lucio Crusifino watched the match from a
monitor backstage. After the bout is over, Tony D tells
Crusifino to invite Dragunov to a special dinner.

In a great video package continued from earlier in the show,
Trick Williams returns to Philadelphia to see his uncle
James, who Trick calls "Sweet Baby James". Williams cuts a
promo with his uncle, and Williams talks about Philly being
a special place for him. This hyped up Williams-Hayes at
Stand & Deliver, and it included more clips of CM Punk
breaking down the match. Great stuff here.

The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) confront
NXT Tag Team Champions Wolf Dogs (Baron Corbin & Bron
Breakker) in a locker room skit.

Ridge Holland is in the ring for a monologue, where he
announces he is stepping away from in-ring competition. The
ring is darkly lit, as Holland stands solemnly, yet well
dressed in a suit jacket. Holland begins by thanking Marty
Jones, William Regal, Shawn Michaels, the other producers,
and the talent.

Holland says as been hesitant lately, and a step off. He
cannot in good conscience risk hurting his self or someone
else. Holland acknowledges he is aware of the perception
about him.

Whether the whispers and comments about him after true or
not, they had an affect on the man behind Ridge Holland. He
is tired of taking his work home, and he wants to get a good
father and husband for his family. Therefore, Holland
announces he is indefinitely stepping away from in-ring

Another great hype video focuses on NXT Women's Champion
Lyra Valkyria defending her title against Roxanne Perez at
Stand & Deliver.

Josh Briggs defeated Duke Hudson

Briggs pinned Hudson after a clothesline from hell. This was
basically a showcase for Briggs, and it set up an angle
afterwards. That will lead to a triple threat title match at
Stand & Deliver.

Dijak is at the announce desk for guest commentary, and he
buries both guys. That match itself goes through a
commercial break.

Hudson takes a superplex from Brigg. That targetes Hudson's
back, which he sold throughout the match. Briggs also rammed
Hudson into the ring steps before the commercial break,
further targeting the back.

Briggs climbs the turnbuckles, but he is cut off and
powerbombed by Hudson. Nevertheless, Briggs cuts off Hudson,
Briggs then delivers a Stan Hansen lariat. Briggs covers
Hudson for a pinfall.

After the match is over, Dijak leaves the announce booth. He
climbs on the apron and has a stare down with Briggs.
Suddenly, Oba Femi's theme music blares over the house
speakers. The North American Champion is then seen
overlooking he ring from a perch.

Femi cuts a poor promo, where Femi basically announces a
triple threat match at Stand & Deliver. Femi defends the
North American title against Dijak and Briggs.

More for the hype video building up Williams-Hayes at Stand
& Deliver. A written recap would not do these hype videos
justice. The hype videos should be seen. Good stuff.

Next Tuesday on the go-home episode, Williams and Hayes have
a final face-off ahead of their grudge match at Stand &

Meta-Four have commandeered a produce truck they are the
NWO. Noam Dar and company then announce they are the
official hosts for Stand & Deliver.

NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov is delivered an invitation to
attend the meeting with Tony D'Angelo. This was a campy

NXT Tag Team Champions Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin defeated
Akira Tozawa & Otis in a non title match

Breakker pinned Tozawa to win the match. They shattered an
announce desk, among other high spots, to give this bout the
pop it needed to make it worthwhile. They succeeded in that.

Breakker was explosive at times, but at first this match
seemed like somewhat of a letdown compared to other bouts on
the show. Was I ever wrong about that. The match came around
in the end, and it ended on a hot note.

The tag title match went through a split-screen commercial
break. It builds to a hot tag that brings in Otis. Alpha
Academy rallies, but Breakker counters them in a feat of

Breakker is in a electric chair when Tozawa leaps off the
top rope with a crossbody. Breakker catches Tozawa, and
turns it into an avalanche powerslam. Highlight reel high
spot right there.

Corbin & Breakker go on to double team Otis, and they
powerbomb Otis through the announce desk. The desk crumbles,
and the studio audience pops huge. "Holy s****" chants are
bleeped out on the USA Network.

Back in the ring, Tozawa is alone against Wolf Dogs. Corbin
blocks a hurricanrana, and Corbin powerbombs Tozawa.
Breakker follows up with a spear on Tozawa, and Breakker
covers him for a the deciding pinfall.

LWO appears after the match, as does Gallows & Anderson.
There is a brief stare down, as LWO and the Good Brothers
close in on the a ring. A brawl erupts as Nathan Frazier &
Axiom also rush into the ring. The show ends with a big
melee in the ring.

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