REVIEW: Review of Becky Lynch autobiography THE MAN

Posted on 3/27/124 by Alan Wojcik

As this review is published we are roughly two weeks from
the big World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) spectacular
known as WrestleMania. This is the 40th version of the event
and one of the many anticipated bouts is a Women’s title
bout between two enigmas; the champion Rhea Ripley and the
creator of her own autobiography BECKY LYNCH aka THE MAN aka
The book released on March 26th is entitled BECKY LYNCH: THE
MAN, NOT YOUR AVERAGE AVERAGE GIRL (384pp, $28.99, Gallery.)

No that is not a mistype by me, that is the title of this
wonderful book by REBECCA QUIN aka LYNCH. Despite a lovely
form letter from the publisher to embargo things until the
release date; some people who are also doing reviews have
spoiled some things’ namely an interesting photo of Ms. Quin
and her spouse WWE performer Seth Rollins. Ms. Quin claims
she didn’t know the photo was going to be used. This made me
read the book with some trepidation. That was until I
realized she did not use a ghost writer like some other WWE
stars of recent memory.

Let’s get right to it, this book as I said is a wonderful
read. Ms. Quin is to be commended for opening up to her fans
and the world about some difficult things she has endured.
Two of which are an eating disorder and some mental health
obstacles which could have ruined her amazing career. As a
Dad of two daughters I found myself wanting to offer a
virtual hug of support to Ms. Quin on her journey from
wrestling career beginning in Ireland with help from current
WWE star Finn Balor. There are some other things besides
training with the former Prince Devitt that come up in the
pages but I shall leave that to your eyes. Also included are
several changes in her current career choice, like flight
attendant, comedian/actress and personal trainer.

The humor you see used by Becky Lynch on screen resonates in
the book. Unlike when Dwayne Johnson did a book in his
career (Quin considers him a friend and mentor), the book is
1000% from the view of Ms. Quin. I enjoyed the path of
leaving Shimmer Women Athletes’ and back again which led to
the signing with WWE. The creation of the Becky Lynch
character and evolution is also worth the read. In fact it
might make you appreciate The Man even more.

If you are looking for comments on the current WWE/UFC/TKO
merger or the scandals revolving around former WWE owner
Vince McMahon; this is the wrong book. The book ends after
the WrestleMania 38 encounter between Lynch and Bianca
Belair. But you will get all the details of the love-hate
relationship with Charlotte Flair and the courting of the
aforementioned Rollins. Enjoy this book and get ready for
the two night event 40 years in the making as the adverts

Thanks to Lucy Nalen of Gallery/Simon & Schuster for the
advance read. The book can be purchased on all shopping
platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For more work
from Alan Wojcik check out or MyNameisWojcik on

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