CANADA: Canadian Wrestling's Elite March 25 Dryden, ON results

Posted on 3/26/124 by Danny Warren

3/25- Dryden, ON

1. "Chiseled" Chad Daniels d. "The
Zombie Princess" Jimmy Jacobs.

2. "Hotshot" Danny Duggan d. Josh
"Cheeks" Holliday.

3. CWE Canadian Unified Jr. Heavyweight
Champion Ronnie Attitude d. Sammy

4. Savio Vega d. "The Rebel" Bobby
Collins by DQ.

5. CWE Champion "The Zombie Killer"
MENTALLO d. "The Headline" Shaun

6. Savio Vega, Chad Daniels, Josh
Holliday, & Sammy Peppers d. Bobby
Collins, Danny Duggan, Kevin Cannon, &
Ronnie Attitude.

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