CM PUNK: CM Punk to do commentary for World Heavyweight title match at WrestleMania

Posted on 3/26/124 by Colin Vassallo

CM Punk will be the guest commentator for the WWE World
Heavyweight title match between champion Seth Rollins and
challenger Drew McIntyre.

Punk, who returned on Raw last night, seems like he had a
free reign on the mic, ruffling some feathers along the way
with his promo which at one point even broke Drew McIntyre
when McIntyre said he was the chosen one and Punk fired back
asking if he has the balls to say the name of who called him
that. (For those unaware, it was Vince McMahon)

Punk also teased being the referee for their match but said
he can’t be objectively fair towards the “two dipshits!”

In the end, Punk settled to sit by Michael Cole and Pat
McAfee and do commentary and said he guarantees that he’ll
do something that WWE has never done before: make them two

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