WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW/USA NETWORK: The Rock brings some Attitude Era back with him to Raw at Allstate Arena

Posted on 3/26/124 by Colin Vassallo

The Rock made an unannounced surprise appearance at the
Allstate Arena last night and brought some Attitude Era with
him as the show closed in major chaos, blood, and bleeped

The People’s Champion made his presence felt at the
beginning of the show, interrupting Cody Rhodes’ opening
segment. The Rock didn’t say anything at all and just
whispered something to Cody and left the ring. A backstage
interview afterwards was unsuccessful in trying to decipher
what Rock told Cody.

At the end of the broadcast as Cody Rhodes was battling
Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa backstage, The Rock showed up again
and beat the holy hell out of Rhodes. The two took matters
outside where it was raining and Rock threw Cody into the
side of his bus, busting him open.

Rock took out a white weight-lifting belt which had Mama
Rhodes on it and wiped Cody’s blood on it and then talked
about hard times referring to Cody’s dad Dusty and told Cody
that this is what happens “when you f*ck with the final

The Rock left Cody a bloody pulp and then looked at the
camera to address Cody’s mother.

“Look at your son, Mama Rhodes. It didn’t have to be this
way but now, this is the only way,” The Rock said.

While not quite exactly what the nWo did to The Rock in the
buildup to WrestleMania 18, this had a similar Attitude Era
feel with The Rock now playing the perfect heel.

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