Posted on 3/26/124 by Colin Vassallo

Arena: Allstate Arena
City: Rosemont, IL

We are shown the parking lot and CM Punk arriving at the

A recap of the face-to-face with Roman Reigns and Cody
Rhodes was shown from Smackdown.

Out to the ring first is the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes.
Cody says he respects Roman Reigns, but he hates his guts.
Cody asked for the crowd to ride with him and then asked the
crowd to point at the WrestleMania sign with him. He was
then interrupted by The Rock.

After what seemed like a forever stare down, The Rock
whispers something to Cody, grins and leaves the ring and
Cody stood in the ring looking mad or confused.

Jackie Redmond stopped the Rock backstage and asked him what
he said to Cody Rhodes and The Rock said go ask Cody Rhodes.

The Judgment Day are shown and talked about tonight’s

Ricochet VS. JD McDonagh

Ricochet hit a shooting star press on a standing JD to get
the win.

Winner: Ricochet

Out to the ring next CM Punk. As Punk talked about everyone
talking about him, he brings up Drew McIntyre who quickly
comes out. Punk says he is not medically cleared but get in
the ring.

Punk tells Drew he never had to put another man’s face on a
shirt to sell them. Drew told Punk he doesn’t get it, Punk
is straight edge, he doesn’t drink and doesn’t do drugs, but
he spends all his time in rehab.

Drew says he is going to win the championship at
WrestleMania for all his fans. This cues Seth “Freakin”
Rollins to come out. They continue to talk the idea of Punk
being the referee of the match between Seth and Drew and
Punk said he couldn’t be objectively fair with these two

Seth then asked Punk if wanted to know what he thinks, and
Punk said “nope”. Seth then said he doesn’t think anything
about him. Seth told Punk to stay out of his way. Punk then
tells Seth he is going to be on commentary and will put him
over like he could never do. Drew then says Punk didn’t get
the last word and ends up getting superkicked by Seth and
then Seth hits the stomp before leaving the ring.

Shinsuke Nakamura was shown and talked about his match with
Jey Uso tonight.

The New Day was shown playing scrabble along with Big E.

Ivy Nile VS. Candace LeRae

Candace rolled up Nile and put her feet on the ropes to hold
Nile down for the count.

Winner: Candace LeRae

The New Day is shown talking to DIY and in the background
Paul Heyman is shown talking to Drew McIntyre. The Miz and
R-Truth comes up and Truth called DIY DX again and said they
are going to be on commentary for their match with JBL and
Miz tried to explain it’s Pat McAfee not JBL.

The New Day VS. DIY

The action spilled outside, and the Judgment Day came out
and attacked both teams.

No Contest

The Miz left the table and went in to help but the Judgment
Day left him lying. The Judgment Day then went after Truth
and threw him in the ring and hit him with the Razor’s Edge
and Coup De Grace.

Jackie Redmond caught up with Cody Rhodes and asked what the
Rock whispered to him, and Cody said it was a promise the
Rock can’t keep but he cannot repeat it.

Cathy Kelly then interviewed Gunther and Gunther says he
does not think Sami Zayn can beat him and he doesn’t think
Sami can beat Big Bronson Reed either.

Andrade VS. Giovanni Vinci

Andrade hit Vinci with his move called the Message.

Winner: Andrade

Rhea Ripley is out to the ring next. Rhea says she doesn’t
think Becky is giving her enough attention and before
Dominik could say anything Becky comes to the ring. Becky
looses it on Rhea after Rhea brought up Becy’s daughter. As
the segment seemed to be ending, Becky punches Dominik then
a fight between Becky and Rhea with officials trying to stop

Sami Zayn passed Chad Gable and Chad tried to talk to him.
After Chad gives Sami advice, the two shake hands.

Big Bronson Reed VS. Sami Zayn

Gunther comes out and stands at the entrance. Reed was able
to hit Sami with his Tsunami.

Winner: Big Bronson Reed

Gunther laughs as he leaves the arena.

Jey Uso talks about his match tonight as Solo Sikoa and
Jimmy Uso walked up to him and just say yeet.

Sami is shown punching equipment cases as Chad Gable comes
in to stop him and calm him down. Chad offered to help Sami
with a different approach.

Seth Rollins goes to Jey Uso and says something doesn’t feel
right tonight but Cody and I have your back.

Main Event Jey Uso VS. Shinsuke Nakamura

Jey hit the Spear on Nakamura.

Winner: Main Event Jey Uso

Cody Rhodes and Jimmy Uso are fighting backstage. Cody
throws Jimmy out the door and slams Solo on a table as The
Rock comes in and beats Cody with everything he can get his
hands on. They continue to the parking lot in the rain. The
Rock kept running Cody into a bus. Cody is down on the
ground bleeding.

The Rock takes off his weight belt that has Mama Rhodes on
it and he puts it on Cody’s cut as he promised.

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