RONDA ROUSEY: Ronda Rousey says “I just didn’t wanna be Vince’s action f*cking figure anymore”

Posted on 3/25/124 by Colin Vassallo

Former Raw and Smackdown Women’s champion Ronda Rousey
continued to air her frustrations against WWE and their lack
of planning for women on their roster, saying that The
Bloodline have plans lined up for a year, yet, no one would
talk to her about plans for that day until she gets to the

Speaking to Cageside Seats, Rousey said that while they seem
to be giving Logan Paul enough time and resources to be
successful, none of the girls were getting any of that while
she was there.

“I just didn’t wanna be Vince’s action f*cking figure
anymore. I felt like I was like doing custom matches for a
f*cking sicko in the back,” Rousey said. “All power to the
girls that keep fighting the good fight. But I’m in my mid-
30’s now. I’ve got shit to do.”

Asked about why a singles match against Becky Lynch never
transpired following the hot feud the two had, Rousey said
that WWE refused to work with her or collaborate to make it

“They kept pushing it off and pushing it off until it
finally got to the road WrestleMania, and they’re like,
yeah, we’re not gonna do you and Becky,” she said.

Rousey mentioned that after she was told that, she informed
the powers that be that she would leave unless they put her
in a tag team with her friend Shayna Baszler.

As for leaving, Rousey said that she couldn’t be associated
with mediocrity, which is what WWE was at the time.

“I had a long sit down with Triple H and I was like, ‘I
can’t be associated with mediocrity.’ And that’s what they
seemed to be happy with at the time. And I hope that is
different now, but I can’t say… that I’ve ever experienced
it any other way.”

She added that she wished that her second run was under
Triple H and Vince McMahon gone because Triple H has always
been great towards the women in WWE and believed in all of

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