Grandel Wrestling March 24 St. Louis, MO results

Posted on 3/25/124 by Patrick Brandmeyer

ST. LOUIS-Grandel Wrestling at the Grandel Theater:
"Warhorse" Jake Parnell defeated Mat Fitchett ... Kevin Lee
Davidson pinned Jake Something ... Marcus Muncherson won a
six-way ladder match with Rahim De La Suede, The Deliverer
Moses, Tyler Copeland, Lenny Mephisto, and Jake Bosche (w/
Scott Stanley) ... Camaro Jackson beat The Kenway ... Davey
Vega & Shazza McKenzie defeated Davey Bang & August Matthews
(w/ Frank The Clown) ... A.T.M. pinned PWE Heavyweight
Champion Benjamin Trust (w/ Amanda Alyse Trust, Jake Bosche,
& Scott Stanley) to win the title ... Marcus Muncherson beat
PWE Heavyweight Champion A.T.M. to win the title ... Gary
Jay defeated Speedball Mike Bailey.

NOTES: The Grandel card had some last minute changes; Mike
Outlaw was injured last weekend at Glory Pro, Aminah Belmont
was unable to appear due to transportation problems, and Dak
Draper was out due to illness. Also Mance Warner was unable
to appear for undisclosed reasons. The previously scheduled
matches were Speedball vs. Outlaw, Gary Jay vs. Warner,
Benjamin Trust vs. Draper, and Tootie Lynn vs. Aminah

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