MATT HARDY: Matt Hardy talks latest AEW contract news and attending Raw

Posted on 3/22/124 by Colin Vassallo

During the latest episode of the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy
podcast, the former multi-time tag team champion said that
he is still negotiating on a new contract with AEW and
there’s not much new information to share at this point.

Hardy put over Tony Khan as a good boss and someone who is
taking care of him, calling him a great human being.

“But at the end of the day, when it comes for me making the
decision about what I do next, it also comes down to making
sure that I’m happy and that I’m comfortable with what I’m
doing too in all capacities across the board,” Matt said.

He said he loves working for AEW and AEW is very important
to the pro wrestling industry as it needs to do well to
prevent one company from controlling everything.

“They need competition. Competition is what makes it thrive,
it is what makes it better. For all the young kids that are
coming up, competition needs to exist,” Matt said. “So yes,
I want AEW to do well and I want AEW to thrive. But I want
to be in a satisfactory position in what I’m doing in AEW.”

Matt also discussed going to Monday Night Raw with his wife
and joining her friends in their box at the PNC Arena and
taking nearly 200 photos with fans who lined up after he was

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