MARYSE MIZANIN: Maryse says she is now tumor-free after total hysterectomy

Posted on 3/22/124 by Colin Vassallo

Former WWE Superstar Maryse wrote in a post on social media
that she is now tumor-free following a successful total

The former Divas champion was diagnosed with pre-cancer of
the ovaries after months of abdominal pain which no one
could figure out why, except for one doctor.

“She found and removed 11 implants around my uterus,
ovaries, and all connective tissues around the organs in my
abdominal cavity,” Maryse wrote at the time. “All 11
implants came back as Serous Borderline Tumors. A very rare
pre-cancer of the ovaries. Very sneaky and aggressive. If
those became cancer, the survival rate is less than a year.”

Now, Maryse said that two weeks ago she underwent surgery to
have her ovaries, uterus, tubes, cervix, and omentum removed
as well as removal of the lymph nodes in her abdomen to see
if the disease had spread.

“Pathology confirmed that it had not which is amazing news!
More amazing news is that I am tumor free! The diagnosis did
confirm that I had Primary Peritoneal Serous Borderline
Tumors with involvement of ovaries/uterus/tubes,” Maryse

She added that seven cases per million women in the U.S. per
year are successfully diagnosed and cured of this disease.

“The fact that we not only found this but found this at this
manageable stage is unbelievable and literally saved my life
as this would have most likely been lethal,” she continued.

Maryse will need to have follow-ups with specialists at MD
Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas to monitor her
health moving forward.

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