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Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz
were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!

Tony Schiavone kicked off the show in the ring to interview
“The CEO” Mercedes Moné!

The fans chanted “CEO! CEO! CEO!”

Mercedes: “Toronto, please say hello to your new CEO. I am
still on such a high since last week at Big Business. I
missed you guys. I missed all of this! I am so excited to be
her in AEW. A lot of you guys don’t know this, but all of
this almost got taken away from me 10 months ago. I almost
had a career ending injury in a match against Willow

“I know this is in the past and I’m in a new home of AEW. A
lot of people may not know who Mercedes Moné is, so I asked
the production truck to play a highlight video so you can
get a taste of your new CEO.

“As you see, I was rocking and rolling, I was kicking butt
all over the world but then it got taken away from me. But I
knew I needed to be back, and I needed to be here. Minor
setbacks make for major comebacks and now I’m here as your
CEO. I am not here to lead a women’s evolution. I’ve done
that before. I am here to lead a women’s global revolution.
I can here to face the very best women in AEW and all over
the globe.

“About last week when Julia Hart and Skye Blue attacked
Willow, they must not have heard that I have unfinished
business with Willow. And anybody that messes with my
business will get bankrupt. There’s a price you pay when you
mess with Mercedes Moné.”

The arena lights went dark!

The lights came back on, and Julia Hart was standing in the
aisle, smirking at Mercedes. Skye Blue tried to ambush
Mercedes, but Mercedes dropped Blue! Julie Hart jumped in,
and Mercedes hoisted up Julia for the Money Maker, but Skye
Blue pulled Julia to safety!

Skye Blue and Julia Hart pulled steel chairs out from
beneath the ring. They were about to enter the ring to
attack Mercedes with the chairs, but Willow Nightingale and
Kris Statlander sprinted to the ring with chairs of their
own, coming to the aid of Mercedes!

The lights went dark again! When they came back on, Willow
had a chair, and it appeared she was set to whack Mercedes
with it, but she put it down.

“I think she was going to hit Mercedes with it,” said

Mercedes pointed at Willow and said she had her eyes on her.

AEW Continental Championship Match!
“Mad King” Eddie Kingston (c.) vs. Kazuchika Okada!

“The world is ready for this one,” said Tony Schiavone.

Kingston hit Okada with a flurry of offense, and then
blistered the challenger with chops. Okada hammered back
with an elbow to the back of Kingston’s head. Okada spiked
Kingston with a DDT on the arena floor!

Matthew and Nicholas Jackson were watching backstage,
wearing headsets and producing the match.

Okada nailed Kingston with a neck breaker. Okada followed up
with a dropkick to the side of Kingston’s head. Kingston
fired back with a double overhook suplex and then a back
heel trip. Kingston blasted Okada with machine gun chops in
the corner. Kingston rocked Okada with a German suplex and
then a sliding forearm. Okada rallied back with a dropkick.

Eddie stunned Okada with a spinning back fist for a near
fall. Okada attempted to hit the Rainmaker, but Kingston got
his arms up to block it. Okada gouged Kingston’s eyes. Okada
planted Kingston on the mat and rocked Eddie with the
Rainmaker, scoring the pin!

New AEW Continental Champions… “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika

“History was made here tonight,” said Taz.

“Okada wasting no time,” replied Excalibur.

“The Bastard” Pac’s music hit! Pac walked onto the ramp and
stared a hole into Okada, making his presence known to the

Renee Paquette was backstage to interview Swerve Strickland!

Renee said that Swerve went after AEW World Champion Samoa
Joe, and wanted to know what his intentions were.

Swerve: “The AEW World Championship, Renee. Samoa Joe
attempted to embarrass me by choking me out. Unfortunately
for him I have a history of choking people out myself. I
want to fight so I’m going to offer an open challenge

Next Renee Paquette interviewed Kris Statlander and Willow
Nightingale ahead of tonight’s street fight!

Mercedes Moné walked onto the scene and interrupted them.

Kris: “You know, I’ve been meaning to say this. Thank you
for having Willow’s back last week.”

Mercedes: “Of course. That’s what a CEO does. You see, a CEO
stands up for what she believes in. And I’m excited to watch
your street fight tonight. Because you know what they say:
payback’s a bitch. And thanks for having my back out there
tonight, Kris. It was nice meeting you.”

Willow: “Mercedes, I just wanted to say—”

Mercedes: “You’ve done enough!”

“Lionheart” Chris Jericho vs. FTW Champion HOOK!

Hook dumped Jericho on the back of his head with a T-bone
suplex right out of the gates!

“I don’t think Jericho expected that,” said Schiavone.

Hook battered Jericho in the corner. Jericho fired back with
chops. Hook sent Jericho for a ride once again with another
T-bone suplex. Hook dodged Jericho and planted Jericho with
two more suplexes. Hook folded Jericho in half with another

“We are witnessing a lopsided affair. Hook is dominating
Chris Jericho,” said Excalibur.

Jericho booted Hook in the face and rammed Hook with a
shoulder block. Jericho jumped off the top turnbuckle, but
Hook caught him and suplexed him. Jericho tried to rally
back with a lionsault for a near fall.

Hook charged at Jericho, but Jericho countered by throwing
Hook. Jericho put Hook on the top turnbuckle, looking for a
top rope hurricanrana, but Hook managed to apply the Red Rum
on Jericho! Chris Jericho broke the grip and was looking for
the Walls, but Hook countered by rolling up Jericho and
pinning Jericho!

“What an inside cradle out of nowhere!” said Taz.

“That might be the biggest victory of Hook’s career thus
far. Hook just pinned the first ever AEW World Champion,”
said Excalibur.

Jericho fist bumped Hook after the match, both men
displaying mutual respect for one another.

We heard from the Undisputed Kingdom’s Adam Cole!

Cole: “I hate the feeling of being disappointed. Last week
Wardlow you disappointed me. You challenged Samoa Joe for
the AEW World Championship, and you failed. Wardlow, you had
one damn job and you failed. And right now, I should be—you
should be—the AEW World Champion.

“Instead, you have a new goal and that’s to make sure the
Undisputed Kingdom hangs onto the gold that we have. You’re
going to make sure that Taven and Bennett keep those Ring of
Honor World Tag Team titles. You are going to make sure that
Roderick Strong keeps the AEW International Championship.
And then maybe we’ll forgive you.

“Wardlow I’m not saying this out of anger. I’m saying this
because I care about you. I want what’s best for you. I want
you to reach your true potential. So don’t screw it up.”

Renee Paquette interviewed Chris Jericho backstage!

Jericho: “Last week I said I wanted to face Hook one on one
for a reason. I was hoping he did what he did tonight. Hook,
you showed me something I haven’t seen in a long time. You
are a future World Champion. You are every bit of a bad, bad
man as everyone says you are. And after tonight you’ve got
my respect. And next week, Hook, on Dynamite, I’ve got a
proposition for you.”

Tony Schiavone interviewed “The Aerial Assassin” Will
Ospreay in the ring!

Ospreay: “I’ll clear the air right now. Last time I was here
I was a little bit of a naughty boy. I’ve changed. I’m here
for the betterment of AEW. I am here to give you guys Elite
levels of professional wrestling.

“I said what I wanted to say about Bryan Danielson until I
saw Collision. I hope all the lads studied his match against
Shibata on Collision. That was pro wrestling. Bryan in one
breath you said you were grateful to be stepping into the
ring with me, but in the other breath you said I couldn’t
walk in your shoes.

“Maybe he’s right because when I would go over to Japan, I’d
see his shoes and there’s no way I could fit into them,
because they’re too small for me. What I did in Japan was
elevate professional wrestling. But apparently, I can’t walk
in your shoes? Want me to prove it? All right, Shibata, long
time no see. Seven years ago, I wrestled Shibata and he beat
the piss out of me. But the 23-year old me is different than
the 30-year old me because I’ve got a point to prove. So
next week on Dynamite, Shibata, meet me in this ring.
Danielson, sit home and watch and let me show you what I’m
all about.”

AEW Women’s World Champion “Timeless” Toni Storm & Mariah
“The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo & Thunder Rosa!

Deonna and Thunder Rosa sprinted toward the ring and took
the attack to Toni and Mariah, swarming them. Mariah grabbed
Deonna by the hair and yanked her to the mat. Mariah
followed up with a dropkick.

Deonna turned the tables with a double clothesline to Toni
and Mariah. Thunder Rosa grabbed a tag and launched off the
bag of Deonna to splash Toni in the corner with a lariat.
Thunder Rosa followed up with a running lariat. Luther tried
to take a swipe at Thunder Rosa. As Thunder Rosa was
distracted by Luther, Toni Storm knocked Rosa to the floor
with a running hip attack!

Deonna grabbed a tag and punted Mariah in the face with a
pump kick. Thunder Rosa tagged herself in and Deonna didn’t
seem happy about it. Thunder Rosa drilled Mariah with a
Death Valley Driver in the center of the ring! Toni Storm
grabbed Thunder Rosa from behind and nailed Rosa with a
German Suplex!

Toni Storm cracked Thunder Rosa in the corner with a hip
attack! Toni tried for a piledriver, but Thunder Rosa
countered with a jackknife pin and scored the victory!

Swerve Strickland (with Prince Nana) vs. The Butcher!

Swerve headbutted Butcher, catching Butcher by surprise.
Swerve booted Butcher in the face. Butcher blasted Swerve
with a strike to the face. Swerve double stomped Butcher on
the back.

Swerve rocked Butcher with the House Call kick! Swerve
crunched Butcher with the Swerve Stomp right on target.
Swerve applied a submission hold and forced Butcher to tap!

“That may be Swerve’s first submission victory in an AEW
ring,” said Excalibur.

Swerve: “Samoa Joe before I met you, I had nothing but
respect for you. But then when I got to know you, I felt a
little indifferent. Then after awhile I started disliking
you. And now I’m getting close to hating you. And as I stand
with this chain in my possession, every day I think about
wrapping it around your neck and hanging it from the post,
but I don’t have enough chain for that big ass neck.

“Every week you’re going to keep sending security to watch
your back. Every week I’m going to take them out until you
give me what I want!”

AEW World Champion Samoa Joe walked down to the ring!

Samoa Joe: “Well what to do with someone like you, Swerve.
Logic should dictate that I ignore you completely because
contrary to what you believe, I beat you at Revolution and
you’ve been shoved down the championship ladder.

“You still believe that the impossible is possible. You
still believe that if you stand toe to toe with me that you
can box with a god. And the problem with that belief is it
becomes infections. And then all these people believe they
can be great too. And that’s all find and dandy until
someone like me shows up and smashes you in the face and
takes everything you have. And it was at that realization
that I knew exactly what to do with someone like you. And
that is to give you exactly what you want!”

Don Callis: “Whoa, whoa, whoa guys. It strikes me, Swerve,
that I guess when you’re in Swerve’s House, you can just put
yourself in a World title match. And Swerve, it strikes me
that you and Takeshita have the same amount of wins. The
difference is Takeshita is undefeated outside the Don Callis
Family. So, Swerve I’m thinking maybe Takeshita needs to
show you what it tastes like to lose to the family.

“And if you’re feeling good about that Swerve, I’m happy to
teach you a lesson that I’ve taught many people. This is not
Swerve’s House. This is the Don Callis House!”

Swerve: “If I had more time and I wasn’t distracted by what
I’ve got going on, I’d burn the Don Callis Family Tree down
to a crisp. But you know what? I accept. I will take on
Takeshita. And when I’m done with him, I’m coming for you
again Joe.”

Excalibur: “I’ve been informed that next week on Dynamite,
it is official: Konosuke Takeshita against Swerve

TNT Championship I Quit Match!
“The Patriarch” Christian Cage (c.) vs. “Rated R Superstar”
Adam Copeland!

Copeland was looking for the spear right away, but Christian
bailed out of the ring. Copeland blasted Christian with a
sliding dropkick. Copeland chased Christian through the
crowd, and they began to brawl in the penalty box.

Copeland propped a ladder across the guardrail and the
announcers’ desk. Copeland pulled Christian down hard on the

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Copeland inverted the ladder in the ring and then slammed
Christian against it stomach first! Copeland rammed
Christian shoulder first into the steel ring post. Cope
pulled a table out from under the ring. Copeland placed the
ladder against the guardrail. Cope went to spear Christian
through the table, but Christian leapfrogged over Copeland
and then rammed Copeland into the ring post! Copeland was
busted wide open!

Christian jumped off the top turnbuckle and splashed
Copeland through the table outside the ring! Christian
catapulted Copeland into a ladder that was placed on the
turnbuckles. Copeland dodged a frog splash. Copeland locked
in a cross face submission but Christian gouged Copeland in
the eyes. Both men went for the spear and collided into one

Shayna Wayne ambushed Copeland, hitting him with a hockey
stick for a low blow! Christian Cage cracked the hockey
stick across Copeland’s back! Christian grabbed a barb wire
wrapped chair from beneath the ring. Christian set
Copeland’s head across one chair and tried for the con-
chair-to with the barb wire chair, but Copeland moved out of
the way in the nick of time!

Copeland hit Christian with the hockey stick across the
face. Copeland pulled the drawstring from his pants and
wrapped it around Christian’s throat, pulling back.
Killswitch and Nick Wayne jumped into the ring and began to
stomp Copeland!

Mother Wayne entered the ring and slapped Copeland as Nick
Wayne and Killswitch held him back. Matt Menard and Daniel
Garcia ran to the ring and cleaned house of Nick Wayne and
Killswitch, evening the odds for Copeland!

Copeland climbed the ladder and splashed Killswitch and Nick
Wayne outside the ring! Garcia had handcuffs. Garcia and
Menard handcuffed Killswitch to the ropes while Copeland
handcuffed Nick Wayne in the opposite corner. Mother Wayne
retreated from the ring!

Garcia and Menard pinballed Christian Cage with strikes and
then Copeland speared Christian! Copeland handcuffed
Christian in the corner. Copeland pulled the case containing
Spike from beneath the ring. Copeland swung Spike at
Christian, cracking him between the legs! Copeland went to
hit Christian again, but this time Christian said, “I quit!”

And new TNT Champion “The Rated R Superstar” Adam Copeland!

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