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AEW Rampage began!

“Switchblade” Jay White and The Gunns had strong words for
Darby Allin from poolside in Florida!

Jay White mocked Darby’s broken foot. “Switchblade” showed
off Sting’s bat, which he had painted gold. They taunted The
Acclaimed and Darby.

Trios Champs The Acclaimed walked onto the ramp!

Caster said Billy Gunn wasn’t cleared to travel after what
happened to him last week at the hands of Jay White. Caster
offered Jay White a one-way first class ticket to anywhere
he wanted to go, as long as it wasn’t here. But he knows Jay
White is too stupid to take him up on that offer. “When you
bring your stupid ass back here with your ass boys, we’ll be
here to hunt you down.”

Bowens said he was pissed off because The Gunns and Jay
White didn’t show up tonight. Bowens said Jay White was not
a catalyst, he is a coward.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Wild Card Match!

Best Friends— “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy & Trent
The Don Callis Family’s Powerhouse Hobbs & Kyle Fletcher!

Matt Menard was on commentary for Rampage.

Hobbs spiked Orange with a spinebuster, and Trent ran in to
break up the pin attempt! Hobbs planted Orange onto the
apron repeatedly. Orange dodged a splash from Hobbs. Trent
tagged in and drove Fletcher down with double knees. Trent
wiped out Hobbs and Fletcher on the floor with a swan dive!

Hobbs and Fletcher stunned Trent with a pendulum bomb! Trent
fired back with a DDT on Fletcher. Orange tagged in and
connected with a crossbody to Fletcher and then he knocked
Hobbs with an elbow suicida. Cassidy pumped Fletcher with a
DDT and tried to cover Fletcher, but Hobbs broke it up.

Hobbs put Orange in a torture rack. Trent freed up Orange,
ramming a knee into Hobbs so Orange could roll up Hobbs for
a near fall! Hobbs bulldozed Orange to the mat! Orange
rallied back with a Stun Dog Millionaire on Fletcher while
Trent followed up with a half and half!

Hobbs pulped Orange and Trent with a double shoulder tackle.
Hobbs ragdolled Orange into the LED lights. Trent stomped
Hobbs so Orange could crush Hobbs with a Beach Break!
Fletcher avoided the Orange Punch and countered with a
spinning tombstone for a near fall on Orange!

Trent nailed Fletcher with an avalanche half and half!
Orange drilled Fletcher with a diving DDT! Orange rocked
Fletcher with the Orange Punch and pinned Fletcher!

Katsuyori Shibata vs. Kevin Matthews!

Shibata pounded Matthews into the corner and followed up
with a running dropkick! Shibata took Matthews over the top
with a suplex for a near fall. Matthews fired back with a
lariat. Shibata went behind, locked in a sleeper, but
Shibata released it. Shibata cracked Matthews with the PK
and pinned Matthews!

The Don Callis Family’s Konosuke Takeshita vs. Rocky Romero!

Rocky chopped Takeshita in the chest. Rocky rocked Takeshita
with a strike to the face. Rocky wiped out Takeshita with a
step up hurricanrana. Rocky followed up with the forever
clotheslines. Takeshita countered with a boot and then a
running basement dropkick!

Takeshita swung at Rocky but Rocky ducked and Takeshita
struck the steel ring post! Rocky followed up with a tope
suicida! Rocky hit the running sliced bread for a two-count
on Takeshita! Rocky wrenched back on Takeshita’s arm.

Don Callis jumped on the ring apron to distract the ref.
Rocky turned his attention to Don Callis and Takeshita
seized the moment to boot Rocky in the face! Rocky avoided a
power drive knee, but Takeshita spiked Rocky with the Blue
Thunder Bomb for a near fall!

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Takeshita decimated Rocky with a forearm strike. Takeshita
followed up with a Falcon Arrow and pinned Rocky!

Street Fight!
Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale
TBS Champion Julia Hart & Skye Blue!

Kris clocked Julia with a drop toe hold on a chair. Willow
dropkicked Julia as Julia was wedged between the chair.
Willow pulled a table out from beneath the ring and slid it
into the ring. Skye Blue came to Julia’s aid. Skye wiped out
Kris and Willow.

Skye held Kris back while Julia pulled out a steel spike.
Julia charged at Kris with the spike, but Kris moved out of
the way, causing Julia to inadvertently hit Skye in the face
with the spike!

“Absolute carnage!” said Excalibur.

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Willow tried to power bomb Skye on the announcers’ desk, but
Sky countered with a Code Blue! Skye Blue emptied a bag of
thumbtacks into the ring. Statlander had her own bag and
emptied thumbtacks in the ring too!

Skye Blue power bombed Statlander into the tacks, but
Statlander kicked out at the two-count! Skye put the tacks
in Kris’ mouth and then rocked Kris with a thrust kick! Skye
covered Kris but Kris kicked out! Skye climbed to the top
turnbuckle, but Willow jumped onto the apron, grabbing Skye
and planting her through two tables on the arena floor with
a Death Valley Driver!

Statlander attempted a 450 splash from the top, but Julia
rolled out of the way! Julia locked in Heartless and
Statlander tapped out!

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the Centre Videotron in Quebec City, QC!

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