NXT ON USA: March 19 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 3/20/124 by Bob Magee

- After the WWE signature open, we went straight to Roxanne
Perez entering the WWE Performance Center and our opening
match, as Vic Joseph welcomed us to the show.

Roxanne Perez defeated Tatum Paxley

As Paxley tried to run into the ring, Perez attacked her
outside the ring and threw her inside to start the match.
Paxley fought out of Perez's initial attack and began to
take the fight to her.

In the ring, Perez caught Paxley with a modified arm drag,
then continuing to work over the arm of Paxley. Perez
snapped Paxley's arm back to get a near fall. Paxley
responded with some strikes of her own while favoring her
hurt arm. Enzuigiri by Paxley staggered Perez, as she
followed it up with a modified powerslam.

Perez whipped Paxley into the corner, arm-first. She then
got Pop Rox on Paxley, then ending this match with a
Crossface as Paxley had no choice but to tap.

After the match, Perez got the mic and called out NXT
General Manager Ava to give her the NXT Women's Title
opportunity she deserved. Instead, the NXT Womens' Champion
Lyra Valkyria ran out and tried to throw hands with Perez.

A momentary unintentional distraction by Paxley allowed
Perez to seize the opportunity and lock in the Crossface on
Valkyria. Perez then posed with the NXT Women's Title over
the fallen Valkyria.

Good short match that helped further establish Roxanne
Perez's new heel character and her driven obsession for the
NXT Women's Title. Tatum Paxley's well-meaning assistance
backfiring certainly adds to the story of whether or not
Lyra Valkyria trusts well enough.


- Backstage, Meta-Four were discussing Noam Dar's upcoming
match with Trick Williams. The group was then interrupted by
Alpha Academy's Akira Tozawa, Otis, and Maxxine. Otis made a
remark about Lash Legend, stating that he was "jelly of
Trick Willy", which made Meta Four leave the scene.

- As a doctor was tending to Lyra Valkyria's hurt arm, NXT
GM Ava visited her. Valkyria cut to the chase and asked Ava
to make the match for NXT Stand & Deliver: Lyra Valkyria
versus Roxanne Perez. Ava agreed as Valkyria walked off.

Josh Briggs calls out Oba Femi

Briggs showed up at the commentary desk and challenged Oba
Femi for taking out his best friend Brooks Jensen, and doing
so with a smile.

Femi immediately showed up, mic in hand. He said that he
relished the idea of testing a man's limits, because in the
ring, the only thing that matters is results. Briggs
interrupted Femi and questioned his claims of being the
"baddest dude in NXT", demanding that Femi put his North
American Championship on the line.

"Don't say I didn't warn you," said Femi.

Dijak made his way to the ring, reminding Femi that once he
was "done playing around", he was waiting for him. Briggs
cut Dijak off, calling him "wannabe Shaft", much to Dijak's

Femi said that this wasn't about either Briggs or Dijak, it
was about him, and everyone else. Briggs shoved Dijak into
Femi as a brawl broke out. Femi clotheslined Briggs out of
the ring as Dijak countered an attempted backdrop by Femi.


- Shawn Spears was backstage watching a screen. He said that
"pride always comes before a fall", walking off afterwards.
Unbeknownst to him, Joe Gacy peered from the background,

- We got a recap of Trick Williams challenging Carmelo Hayes
to a match at NXT Stand & Deliver. They showed Carmelo Hayes
arriving to the Performance Center, accompanied by his
security detail.

Tag Team Qualifying Match: Axiom & Nathan Frazer defeated
Myles Borne & Charlie Dempsey

Myles Borne & Charlie Dempsey were the chosen
representatives for the NQCC.

Dempsey and Axiom started off the match, as Dempsey had
control, right up until Frazer was tagged in. Frazer hit a
nice kick on Dempsey and took it to him with a sustained
offense. Borne tagged in and Frazer continued to control the
pace of the match with repeated arm drags.

Tag to Axiom as Frazer sends Borne to the outside. Axiom and
Frazer hit alternating dives on Borne and Dempsey outside
the ring. With the action back in the ring, Dempsey took
back momentum with a counter of an Axiom pin attempt into a
fantastic German suplex. Axiom sent to the outside right in
front of Dempsey's NQCC teammates as the action continued
into the picture-in-picture commercial break.

As NXT returned live, Axiom and Dempsey were fighting it
out. Bridging fallaway slam by Dempsey got a two-count.
Axiom fought out of Dempsey's submission as the two began a
hard chop exchange.

Hot tag to Frazer, who took Borne and Dempsey down with a
double dropkick. Running shooting star by Frazer on Borne
almost got the win for him and Axiom.

Phoenix Splash avoided by Borne. Attempted springboard dive
by Frazer countered into a catching powerslam that was only
a near-fall. Alternating tags by Axiom and Frazer as Axiom
hit an avalanche Spanish Fly, followed by Frazer landing the
Phoenix Splash on Borne. Axiom with the Golden Ratio to
intercept Dempsey as Frazer pinned Borne to bring his team
one step closer to an NXT Tag Title shot.

Fantastic, fast-paced match to help get the Performance
Center crowd hyped, with well-earned "this is awesome"
chants. The team of Frazer and Axiom compliment their styles
well and their offense is just so enjoyable to watch.
Dempsey's technical style continues to get better with every
match and it was a nice to get a glimpse of it here.


- After a recap of Mr. Stone versus Lexis King last week on
NXT, we got video from NXT Anonymous showing Stone arguing
with Von Wagner, upset about being carried by him following
King's beatdown.

- NXT Tag Champions Baron Corbin & Bron Breakker were
interviewed about the continuing NXT Tag Team Contenders
tournament. Breakker joked that Corbin was mad about paying
for dinner last night. Alpha Academy showed up and said that
they wanted to earn their place at Stand & Deliver. They
challenged Corbin & Breakker to a match next week, where if
they win, they'd be added to the NXT Tag Title match at
Stand & Deliver. Breakker accepted on his team's behalf.

Sol Ruca defeated Brinley Reece (with Edris Enofe & Malik

Ruca started off with some impressive acrobatics, which
prompted Reece to answer with a cartwheel of her own. Reece
with a headlock that Ruca fought out of. Acrobatic flip by
Ruca led into an X-Factor for the two.

Reece with the clotheslines on Ruca and a scoopslam. Ruca
slammed Reece an middle-rope avalanche flip as she began to
take over. Sol Snatcher by Ruca brought this match to an

Post-match, Blair Davenport attacked Ruca from behind,
laying her out with a Kamigoye knee.

A good match to establish Ruca back into the fold, and the
post-match attack by Davenport should lead to a Stand &
Deliver match.


- Backstage, Gigi Dolin & Wren Sinclair discussed Gigi's
match with Ariana Grace last week. Grace showed up and
brought out a sash that said "Miss NXT in Training", and
forced her to wear it, much to Dolin's dismay.

- An Instagram video from Ridge Holland was shown,
discussing his future.

Tony D'Angelo addresses Ilja Dragunov

Tony D'Angelo came out to the ring, flanked by his Family.

He started by saying that he will get his big opportunity at
Stand & Deliver, boasting that the D'Angelo Family is in a
period of aggressive growth and expansion. He introduced
Luca Crusifino and boasted his legal successes, calling him
his new "consigliere."

Crusafino got the mic to say he pledged his loyalty to the
D'Angelo Family.

D'Angelo once again talked about how he's the one man who
will break the unbreakable, before Ilja Dragunov interrupted
on the titantron.

Dragunov talked about how D'Angelo left him alone on a
bridge last week with his thoughts, declaring that the NXT
Title is the one power that will be beyond his reach.

D'Angelo cut off Dragunov, saying that he doesn't understand
the gravity of the situation, mentioning that he got Ava to
book a match next week with Stacks Lorenzo versus Dragunov.
D'Angelo announced that Dragunov may not make it to Stand &
Deliver in one piece, stating that he'll see him next week.


- Riley Osborne was shown training for his Heritage Cup
match up next, as Thea Hail showed up and apologized for her
behavior on their date last month. Osborne accepted Hail's
apology and headed out, with Hail and Chase U following him.

- They showed TikTok videos from Lola Vice & Karmen Petrovic
showing off their karate skills.

Heritage Cup Match: Drew Gulak defeated Riley Osborne to

Drew Gulak will represent NQCC in this matchup.

The first round began with Gulak and Osborne locking it up
in the ring. Osborne escaped out of Gulak's hold and hit a
running crossbody on him. Lots of back and forth action as
the round hit the final minute.

In the dying minute of round one, Osborn hti a Shooting Star
Press to pick up the first fall.

As the second round started, Gulak left the ring, only to be
confronted by Chase U. This gave Osborne the opening to hit
a dive to the outside on Gulak. Back in the ring, Osborne
continued the attack on Gulak. Dueling rollups by Gulak and
Osborne get near falls, but in the end, Gulak tied it up
with a pin with about 1:36 left in round two. Cheap shot by
Gulak after the fall causes a bit of a scuffle as we headed
to a picture-in-picture commercial break.

NXT returned with round three almost done as Gulak and
Osborne were at a standstill. Osborne's top rope move was
caught into a submission by Gulak, who turned that
submission into a Gu-Lock. Osborne held on just long enough
for the round to expire.

A replay of Jacy Jayne & Jazmyn Nyx showing up during the
picture in picture break to cause trouble was shown.

Round four began with Osborne hitting a nice rolling
hurricanrana for the near fall. More dueling pinfall
attempts from each men also net near falls. Osborne and
Gulak are in a deadlock as the time winded down on round

Osborne got Gulak up on the top rope as Jacy Jayne and Thea
Hail got into it, with the action spilling into the ring.
Osborne's attempted superplex was stopped by Jazmyn Nyx, who
tripped up Osborne while the referee was distracted to give
Gulak the victory.

I enjoyed this match. Osborne showed some nice potential,
and Gulak is always a pleasure to watch, even if the No
Quarter Catch Crew gimmick isn't exactly one to write home


- Brooks Jensen was shown walking outside the infamous NXT
parking lot, as Fallon Henley talked to him. Jensen was mad
about people taking pity on him before leaving. Kelani
Jordan then appeared, angry about Izzi Dame and Kiana James
supposedly attacking her. Henley offered to assist Jordan
against Dam and James.

- Backstage, Ava was on the phone before Duke Hudson & Thea
Hail confronted her. Ava told Hail that as a result of
Jazmyn Nyx's actions in the earlier match, she will face Nyx
next week on NXT. Ava then talked to Hudson, stating that
he'll also be in action next week, and that a win next week
will mean good things for Hudson in the North American Title

Tag Team Qualifying Match: Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson
defeated Tank Ledger & Hank Walker

The match was joined in progress with both teams brawling in
the ring. Once things settled, Walker & Anderson were the
legal men as the match continued.

Suplex by Walker got a one-count. Anderson retreated to his
corner and tagged Gallows in. Now it's Gallows in control
momentarily, as he punched Walker on the top rope, sending
him crashing outside. Gallows threw Walker around the
barricade and apron before sending him back to the ring.

Gallows worked over Walker in his corner, then flooring him
with a nasty clothesline. Tag to Anderson as Walker began to
fight back a bit until Anderson regained control.

The Good Brothers still had Walker isolated from Tank
Ledger, with back and forth tags and offense. Walker finally
created an opening with a kick to Gallows, and then the
headbutt to Anderson. Hot tag to Tank Ledger as the big man
finally got into the match.

Nice double team catch and toss by Walker and Ledger almost
got the win, but the pin was interrupted. Running powerslam
interrupted as Gallows pulled Walker outside, leaving Ledger
alone for the Magic Killer by Gallows & Anderson. And they
advance to the Triple Threat Qualifier.

A hard hitting match, but not something I could fully get
behind with. Might just be because these two teams don't
really have that much of a chemistry with each other.
There's at least room for improvement on Walker and Ledger's


- Kelly Kincaid was backstage with Trick Williams. She asked
him about his thoughts on the upcoming match with Noam Dar.
Trick said that he was ready for Noam Dar's challenge and
that if Carmelo Hayes showed his face, he'd whoop his ass

- Izzi Dame & Kiana James were talking with Jacy Jayne &
Jazmyn Nyx briefly, before Fallon Henley and Kelani Jordan
attacked Dame & James. NXT referees separated the two.

- Scheduled for next week's NXT: Thea Hail vs. Jazmyn Nyx,
Ilja Dragunov vs. Channing "Stacks Lorenzo", Alpha Academy
vs. Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin, Duke Hudson vs. Josh
Briggs, and Shawn Spears vs. Dijak.

Trick Williams defeated Noam Dar

Booker T went crazy for Trick's entrance and the fans
chanting "Whoop that Trick!"

Scoop slams by Williams' on Dar started the match off. Dar
caught Williams' foot for an ankle lock attempt, but he
fought out of it. Armbar by Dar is turned into a pin attempt
by Williams, who kicked out.

Backfist from Dar is followed by a guillotine submission on
Williams, but the strength of Trick was too much. Fierce
uppercut by Williams flattened Dar soon after. On the
corner, Dar took Williams off his feet with a kick. Now it's
Dar on the offense with a hard dropkick for the two-count.

A picture-in-picture cut in showed Carmelo Hayes' door, with
the private security detail knocking on the door.

Back in the ring, as Williams won the tug-of-war between he
and Dar, following that up with a pop-up uppercut to send
Dar scurrying to the outside. Final picture-in-picture
commercial break of the night upcoming.

Returning to live action, Williams threw Dar down with a
powerbomb, but that only got a two-count. Dar and Williams
began to trade blows, with Dar winning out in the end.
Leaping forearm clothesline by Williams stopped Dar's

Dar countered a spinebuster into a DDT, but that only netted
a near-fall. Ankle lock by Dar, but Williams reaches the
rope to break the hold.

Williams got a Book End out of nowhere on Dar to begin his
own flurry of offense. Lash Legend got on the apron, which
distracted Williams long enough to get felled by a German
suplex and back elbow combo from Dar for the very close

Dar in the corner, but his attempt at a finish is stopped by
Williams' Trick Shot knee for the one, two, three.

Post-match, Williams got on the mic and immediately
challenged Carmelo Hayes to fight him right now. Hayes'
personal security detail showed up and surrounded the ring,
with Hayes himself soon following. But "Carmelo Hayes" on
the ramp is a decoy, as the real Hayes unmasked as one of
the security detail. He attacked Williams and had the
remaining security hold him up, before finishing Williams
with his running knee. NXT concluded with Hayes talking
trash to a downed Williams as the crowd booed his dastardly


Overall, an entertaining NXT that continues to finalize the
Stand & Deliver card nicely. The main event Trick Williams &
Carmelo Hayes feud is an intense one, and I enjoyed the
closing angle with Hayes getting the upper hand on Trick
with some trickery of his own. Their match at Stand &
Deliver is one deserving of a stipulation, and hopefully we
get one announced soon.

Heel Roxanne Perez is a success so far and she is killing it
as an entitled heel willing to go any lengths to get the
title she never lost back. Her eventual match with Lyra
Valkyria at Stand & Deliver should be great.

I'm interested in seeing Tony D'Angelo potentially
transition into a more ruthless mob boss character, and
bringing that aspect out against Ilja Dragunov will only
help heat this title feud up even more.

The mini-tournament to decide the NXT Tag Team Championship
challengers has been fun and the triple threat between LWO,
Axiom & Nathan Frazer, and the Good Brothers should be quite

Lots to enjoy from tonight's edition of NXT for sure.

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