BRUCE PRITCHARD: Bruce Prichard says he’s not involved or being sued, says can’t comment on Janel Grant lawsuit

Posted on 2/11/124 by Colin Vassallo

Returning to his podcast Something to Wrestle following
triceps surgery, Bruce Prichard was asked by his co-host
Conrad Thompson about the Vince McMahon lawsuit that has
rocked WWE.

Prichard, who was one of McMahon’s most trusted lieutenants
and described by Ronda Rousey as Vince’s “avatar,” said that
he is not at liberty to discuss any legal matter with the
company whatsoever.

“So to that, there’s nothing that I can say, so there can’t
be a response from a legal standpoint, I’m not involved,”
Prichard said. “I’m not being sued, I’m not accused of
anything. It’s a legal matter…and sometimes it’s as simple
as for those that believe, an explanation is needed and for
those that don’t, no explanation will do.”

Prichard said that the case now rests in the hands of the
“fine legal system” of the United States of America.

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