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Tonight’s AEW COLLISION was broadcast live from The Dollar
Loan Center in Henderson, NV!

It’s Saturday night and you know what that means! Saturday
night’s alright for fighting!

Nigel McGuinness, Kevin Kelly and Tony Schiavone were the
broadcast team for tonight’s event.

Blackpool Combat Club’s Claudio Castagnoli & Jon Moxley
vs. CMLL’s Esfinge & Star Jr.

Moxley took down Star Jr with a side headlock. Moxley
grabbed Star’s hair. Star escaped and put Mox in a
submission until Claudio came in and broke up the hold with
a boot to Star. Moxley swung at Star, but Star ducked it and
smacked Moxley in the mush. Star and Esfinge were about to
go for stereo topes, but the BCC walked away. Esfinge and
Star pumped the brakes.

Claudio tagged in and hurled Esfinge with the Giant Swing!
Moxley grabbed a tag but so did Star Jr. Star shoved Claudio
into Moxley. Star jumped off the top rope and took down both
Moxley and Claudio. Esfinge and Star jumped out of the ring
with a tope and a tope con hiro onto both members of the
Blackpool Combat Club.

Star tried for a springboard, but Claudio countered with a
European Uppercut. Moxley whipped Esfinge into the steel
guardrail. Esfinge clocked Claudio with a thrust kick and
then hit a monkey flip on Moxley. Esfinge tried to apply an
Indian Death Lock pinning combo on Moxley, but Claudio
jumped in to break up the pin. Star wiped out Moxley with a
running lariat and then followed up with a tornillo on

Moxley nearly decapitated Esfinge with a King Kong lariat
for a near fall. Moxley ate a kick and then a risking knee
strike from Moxley. Claudio gorilla press slammed Star right
into a cutter from Moxley!

Claudio smashed Esfinge with the Ricola Bomb! Moxley put
Star in an arm submission and forced him to tap out!

Moxley: “Gracias, amigos. You take that message back to CMLL
in Mexico, or anywhere else in the world, and you tell any
team that if they want to step up, they get stepped on!”

FTR—Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler—came down to the ring!

FTR had a stare down with BCC! It quickly escalated and the
two teams traded fists!

“It did not take long for the fisticuffs to fly here,” said
Tony Schiavone.

The locker room emptied as wrestlers and security guards
tried to separate the BCC and FTR and contain them!

Daniel Garcia vs. Shane Taylor Promotions' Shane Taylor
(with Lee Moriarty)!

Matt Menard accompanied Garcia and then joined the broadcast
booth for this match.

Taylor was throwing haymakers, but Garcia dodged them.
Taylor knocked down Garcia with a shoulder block. Garcia
came back with a dragon screw leg whip on Taylor. Shane
Taylor shoved Garcia out of the ring with his leg. Taylor
rammed Garcia into the ring apron and then whipped Garcia
into the front row guardrail.

Garcia got out of the way of Taylor’s leg drop. Garcia
dropkicked Taylor in the legs and then stomped him in the
corner. Taylor retaliated with a pop up powerbomb and then a
nasty right hand for a near fall.

Garcia escaped a package piledriver when Taylor’s leg gave
out. Garcia locked on a kneebar, and Taylor tapped!

“Five in a row on Collision for Daniel Garcia,” said Tony

Lexy Nair interviewed Continental Champion Eddie Kingston

Kingston: “First off, Young Bucks, what you did on Dynamite
was disgusting. You stole Sting and Darby’s thunder. Just
like you Bryan Danielson. When you stole the thunder from
Bryan Keith. That kind finally got a contract, and you took
away his moment to get under his skin. Well, you did, and
now I’m going to challenge you to a match at Revolution.

“Me and you, one on one, but I’m going to add a little
stipulation. At the end of this match, after I beat you,
you’re going to have to shake my hand. Because I know you
don’t respect me. So now after I beat you again, you have to
shake my hand and act like you respect me. And I know, and I
pray, that that legit eats you up inside.”

“The Machine” Brian Cage (with Prince Nana) vs. The
Outrunners—Turbo Floyd & Truth Magnum!

“Chance”, the mascot of the Vegas Golden Knights, was
ringside cheering on the Outrunners.

Brian Cage hit a German release suplex on Truth. He double
suplexed the Outrunners. Cage stepped on the head of Turbo
and Turbo submitted!

Chance did the Swerve dance with Prince Nana after the
match. Brian Cage clubbed Chance from behind!

FTW Champion HOOK’s music began to play!

HOOK and Cage brawled on the ramp! The fight continued all
the way to the back!

Lexy Nair was backstage with the Undisputed Kingdom and
Tomohiro Ishii!

Taven: “I have a bone to pick with this goofy melvin right
here. I used to be in Chaos and then one day I get knee
surgery and no emails, no texts, no nothing from you Ishii!”

Roderick: “Ishii! None of that matters. The only thing that
matters is if you win tonight, March 3rd at Revolution, I’m
coming to beat you for the AEW International Title, and I’ve
been waiting eight long years for this rematch. And I can’t
wait to break you. So good luck.”

Tony Schiavone was in the ring to interview “The Rated R
Superstar” Adam Copeland!

Schiavone: “4-0 in the Cope Open, I want to tell you this,
as far as top contenders are concerned, as we know, at
Revolution Samoa Joe has the two top contenders to deal with
in that three-way match. You’re number three, which means
you have your pick. We have the International Championship,
we have a TNT Championship. What’s going through the mind of
the Rated R Superstar right now?”

Copeland: “First off, if I had been at Dynamite, that
wouldn’t have happened to Sting and Darby. So, Nicholas,
Matthew, that’s a warning. Now you talked about the other
championships that I can challenge for. There’s Christian
Cage. There’s that TNT Championship that I won and had
ripped out of my hands. So, I think you know where I’m

Daniel Garcia’s music began to play, and Garcia came down to
the ring.

Garcia: “Adam it sounds to me like you think you deserve a
shot at the TNT title because you’ve been getting a lot of
wins. And I could not agree with you more. I believe that
championship opportunities should be rewarded through wins.
But you’re not the only person that’s been picking up a lot
of wins. Somebody else right in front of you has been on a
hot streak. And I don’t mean any disrespect, but last week
when I beat the Patriarchy, I looked at Christian Cage and
saw that championship, and I thought maybe, just maybe I
deserve a shot at the TNT title. The thing about me is I’ll
fight through that line a million times over if it means I
get to hold championship gold in AEW.”

Copeland: “Okay, and I can respect that. And you didn’t beat
the Patriarchy by yourself. FTR helped you. But the FTR boys
speak highly of you. And that’s enough for me. I respect
you. But Daniel, if you’re saying you want a shot at the TNT
Championship, I want a shot at the TNT Championship, I’ve
got a proposal. Wednesday, Dynamite, you and I fight each
other and the last man standing fights Christian. What do
you say?”

Garcia: “I accept.”

Copeland: “Now I know you had a match tonight and that’s the
only reason I’m not taking your face off right now. But make
no mistake about it, you’re now threatening to take food off
my family’s table, and that does not work for me. So, I am
going to beat your ass next week.”

Renee Paquette was backstage with Willow Nightingale, Kris
Statlander, and Stokely Hathaway!

Renee said she thought the addition of Stokely was working
out for them, especially after their win last night against
the Outcasts.

Stokely had words for Skye Blue and Julia Hart and said that
there were only two bad asses that he knows in the AEW
Women’s Division, and that’s the former TBS champion Kris
Statlander and the first ever New Japan Strong Women’s
champion Willow Nightingale.

Willow said that she thought Skye would have been right
there with them, but Skye chose a different path. Willow
said that she and Skye had done a lot together, but they
still hadn’t fought one another.

Mark Briscoe vs. The House of Black’s Brody King (with TBS
Champion Julia Hart)!

Mark chopped away at Brody, but Brody hoisted up Mark and
threw him halfway across the ring. Brody blasted Briscoe
with a cannonball in the corner. Brody followed up with a
running senton for a near fall.

Brody King battered Mark in the corner with a stiff chop and
then a boot. Briscoe pulled Brody out of the ring. Mark
jumped off the apron and nailed Brody with a neck breaker.
Mark used a steel chair and launched himself off it to land
on Brody with a tope con hilo!

Mark tried to pull a table out from beneath the ring, but
the ref stopped him, admonishing Mark. Mark went for a
plancha, but Brody caught him and slammed him onto a steel
chair. Back in the ring, Brody planted Briscoe with a
Bossman slam for a two-count.

Briscoe kicked Brody in the head, knocking Brody to the
floor. Mark climbed to the top turnbuckle and connecting
with a twisting moonsault, landing on his feet! Brody
blocked a Death Valley Driver and then leveled Briscoe with
a lariat!

Mark Briscoe climbed to the top, but Julia Hart jumped on
the apron to distract Briscoe. Brody shoved Briscoe and sent
Briscoe flying, crashing onto the table on the arena floor!
Brody drilled Briscoe with a Gonzo Bomb and pinned Briscoe!

Brody held Mark back while Julia Hart hit Briscoe with a
spike on the forehead! Mark was busted wide open!

“The Bounty Hunter” Bryan Keith was backstage with some
strong words!

Keith: “It’s no secret that I’m all about my payday. So,
when I came here to AEW, I’m looking to climb the ranks and
collect my bounty, whether you’re good, bad, or ugly, you
stand across the ring from me, you’d better be ready to pay
up, sucker.”

“The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kiera Hogan!

Deonna Purrazzo yanked at Hogan’s arm. Kiera fired back with
a hip attack. Deonna dodged a charging Kiera. Deonna went
back to working on Kiera’s arm. Deonna drilled Hogan with a
backstabber for a near fall.

Hogan caught Deonna with a thrust kick. Deonna blocked a
piledriver attempt. Deonna applied the Venus De Milo and
Hogan had to submit verbally!

AEW Women’s World Champion “Timeless” Toni Storm (with
Mariah May & Luther the Butler) vs. Queen Aminata!

Toni had a headlock on Aminata. The Queen fought out of it
and taunted Toni. Storm took down Queen Aminata with a Thesz
Press. Toni Storm applied a full nelson. Toni Storm kicked
Queen Aminata right in the face. Toni charged at Queen
Aminata, but Aminata cradled Toni for a near fall!

Queen Aminata walloped Toni with a snap suplex. Toni spiked
Aminata with a DDT but the challenger kicked out at the two-
count. Queen Aminata retaliated with an Air Raid Crash for a
near fall on the champ! “Timeless” Toni cracked Queen
Aminata with a hip attack and then crunched Aminata with a
piledriver for the pinfall victory!

Toni Storm: “Mister Schiavone, I know what happens in Vegas
stays in Vegas. But we’re in Henderson so stop looking at me
like that. Darling, did you see that? Another fantastic
technical show of brilliance. This week on Dynamite I will
be releasing a brand new film!”

Main Event Time! AEW International Championship Match!
“Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy (c.) vs. “The Stone
Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii!

Ishii knocked Orange to the floor with a shoulder tackle.
Ishii waffled Orange with chops to the chest!

“Orange Cassidy was freshly squeezed,” said Nigel.

Orange came back with a Stun Dog Millionaire and then a
twisting DDT! Orange flew out of the ring with a tope
suicida to Ishii. Orange spiked Ishii with another DDT for a

Orange jumped off the top rope and planted Ishii with a
diving DDT! Orange stomped Ishii in the corner. Orange
connected with a shotgun dropkick, but Ishii popped back up
and pounced Orange!

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Ishii blasted Cassidy with an avalanche brain buster and
covered Orange for a near fall! Orange fired up but
collapsed to the mat. Orange got up and went for the Beach
Break, but Ishii reversed it and countered with a powerbomb!
Ishii went for a sliding lariat, but Orange dodged it and
cradled Ishii for a near fall.

Ishii headbutted Orange but Orange caught Ishii with an
Orange Punch! Orange drilled Ishii with a Beach Break, but
Ishii lifted his shoulder in the nick of time! Ishii nailed
Orange with a dragon suplex. Ishii hit the sliding lariat,
but Orange kicked out!

Ishii attempted the vertical brain buster, but Orange
escaped! Orange decked Ishii with the Orange Punch! Ishii
wouldn’t go down! Orange tried for another Orange Punch, but
Ishii blocked it! Orange rolled up Ishii in a small package
and pinned Ishii!

The Undisputed Kingdom surrounded the ring after the match!
Taven and Bennett spiked Orange with a stuffed piledriver!
Ishii sprinted back to the ring and the Undisputed Kingdom
retreated! Trent came down with a steel chair as

Catch AEW DYNAMITE on TBS next Wednesday live at 8/7ct from
the H-E-B Center in Cedar Park, TX!

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