Posted on 2/10/124 by Bob Magee

Your broadcast team was Excalibur, “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard
and Tony Schiavone.

It’s Friday night and you know what that means!


Trios Match!
AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy, Rocky Romero, &
Trent Beretta
Undisputed Kingdom—ROH World Tag Champions Matt Taven & Mike
Bennett, and Roderick Strong (with Adam Cole & Wardlow)!

Best Friends charged at the Undisputed Kingdom as the
Undisputed Kingdom made their entrance. They were furious
over Undisputed Kingdom for injuring Chuck Taylor.

Bennett booted Trent in the face. Trent jumped on Bennett,
squashing him with double knees to the sternum. Taven tagged
in and Rocky and Trent rocked Taven with stereo knee
strikes. Trent followed up with a sliding knee for a near

Roderick grabbed a blind tag, but Trent tossed Roddy with a
German Suplex. Roddy pulled Trent off the turnbuckles and
nailed Trent with a backbreaker. Taven and Bennett double
teamed Trent in their corner.

“Great tag team continuity by Taven and Bennett,” said

Orange tagged in and cleaned house on Taven and Bennett.
Orange planted Taven with a DDT and smashed Bennett with a
Stun Dog Millionaire. Bennett blindsided Orange with a
spinebuster. Cassidy connected with a thrust kick on Taven.
Orange was looking for the Orange Punch, but Taven knocked
Orange’s block off with a kick of his own!

Roderick Strong distracted the ref while Bennett blasted
Orange with a low blow. Taven jumped off the top turnbuckle
while Bennett held Orange and they pulped Orange with a
stuffed piledriver.

Rocky was the legal man now, and he took flight, rocketing
out of the ring and wiping out Bennett and Taven with a tope
suicida. Rocky rocked Bennett with the Sliced Bread! Taven
cut off Rocky’s flurry with a boot to the midsection. Romero
took Taven down to the mat with a hurricanrana.

Rocky smashed Taven and Bennett with the Forever
Clotheslines. Roddy came in with a blindside knee and then
decimated Rocky with the End of Heartache backbreaker. Taven
covered Rocky and scored the pin!

The Undisputed Kingdom set up chairs in the ring and Roddy
planted Rocky right onto the chairs with the End of
Heartache! Trent and Orange chased the Undisputed Kingdom
out of the ring.

“Adding insult to injury, that was completely uncalled for
by Roderick Strong,” said Excalibur.

The Young Bucks—Nicholas & Matthew Jackson vs. Mondo Rox &
Robbie Lit!

Matthew seized on Robbie Lit, stomping him in the corner.
Matthew bulldozed Robbie with a lariat. Nicholas tagged in
and the Bucks used a backbreaker-neck breaker combo on

Mondo got a tag and Nicholas kicked Mondo with a low blow as
Matthew was distracting the referee. The Young Bucks smashed
Mondo with the EVP Trigger and Matthew pinned Mondo!

Nicholas: “I am so tired of the disrespect that each and
every one of you fans show us. I heard a heckler in the
front row calling us by the wrong name. It’s time to show
your EVPs a little more respect! Call us by our God-given
names of Nicholas and Matthew Jackson!”

Matthew: “I apologize my brother is a bit of a hothead.
Listen! Listen! The reason we’re out here in the first place
is to say congratulations to AEW’s new Tag Team Champions
Darby Allin and Sting! Incredible match! You’re putting your
blood, sweat and tears on the line. You’ll be great
champions but there is one caveat. I got an email, an injury
report from Doc Sampson and apparently both Darb and Sting
are a little bit banged up coming out of their big win. So,
we just wanted to say we’re thinking about you guys, we’re
praying for you guys, and we hope you’re ok.

“However, boys I want to make one thing clear. Our objective
is to get our tag team titles back! And you may be looking
at us and saying, ‘Oh, but you’re EVPs and you’re going to
politic to do whatever it takes to do that!’ No, no, no.
We’re going to play by the rules, climb up the rankings, and
have competitive matches just like we did tonight on
Rampage! We will get ranked, we will be number one
contenders, and we will get our belts! And we’ll continue to
climb up those rankings on Wednesday when you see Nicholas
and Matthew Jackson, your EVPs in tag team action! We love
you guys so much! Let’s have a killer show!”

“Tony Khan has just informed me that on Wednesday night on
Dynamite Nicholas and Matthew will have some top flight
competition when they face Dante and Darius Martin!” said

CMLL’s Mistico (with Esfinge & Star Jr.) vs. Matt Sydal!

Sydal and Mistico chain wrestled to start the match,
exchanging a flurry of offense and going move for move with
one another. Mistico hit Sydal with a tope suicida. Sydal
jumped back in the ring and caught off Mistico’s momentum
with a kick.

Matt Sydal placed Mistico in a bow and arrow submission.
Sydal followed up with a senton splash. Mistico caught Sydal
off guard with a crossbody press.

“This has been a back and forth battle,” said Excalibur.

Sydal caught Mistico in the face with a jumping knee strike.
Sydal landed an Air Raid Crash for a near fall on Mistico.
Mistico tried for a moonsault press but Sydal got the boots
up, countering it! Sydal charged Mistico but Mistico
walloped Sydal with a powerslam! Mistico hit a Spanish Fly
on Sydal off the top rope and pinned Sydal!

“That was a desperation move by Mistico but man, it worked!”
said Tony Schiavone.

Renee Paquette was backstage with Prince Nana and “The
Machine” Brian Cage!

Brian Cage: “HOOK thinks he can hit me in the back with a
chair and get away with it like a hit-and-run? Not today!
I’m looking for HOOK. Where is he? Coincidentally, he’s not
here. Of course he’s not here. He doesn’t want to feel the
rage of Cage on Rampage.”

Prince Nana: “You know what? I think HOOK is at home reading
a book because that’s what he needs to do instead of running
around town hitting people with chairs in the back. Prince
Nana knows how that feels. It happened to me on Wednesday,

Cage: “Big deal, HOOK, you beat two guys the other night. I
could beat two guys any day of the week. I could do that
tomorrow. As a matter of fact, let’s do that on Collision.
Any two sloppy Joes in the locker room that want to face me,
come on down.”

Main Event Time!

Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale (with Stokely Hathaway)
The Outcasts—Ruby Soho & Saraya (with Harley Cameron)!

As Ruby was making her entrance on the ramp, she noticed
there was a note scribbled on a piece of paper that was
inside the pocket of her leather jacket.

Stokely Hathaway joined the broadcast booth for this match.

Kris took down Saraya with a side headlock. Statlander hit a
dropkick. Willow and Ruby came in for their respective teams
and Willow rocked Ruby with a Russian Leg Sweep. Willow
followed up with a fisherman’s suplex. Statlander shoulder
tackled Ruby, slammed her, and followed up with a sliding

Willow splashed Ruby in the corner. Willow climbed to the
top turnbuckle. Harley grabbed Willow’s ankle and then
Saraya shoved Ruby to the mat! Statlander tagged in and took
Ruby off her feet with a powerslam.

Ruby and Saraya double teamed Statlander. Willow charged in
to make the save but Saraya grabbed her and shoved her
through the ropes. Saraya cracked Kris with a running knee
strike and went for the cover, but Willow broke it up just
in time.

Statlander clubbed Saraya with a discus lariat. Ruby rocked
Statlander with the No Future kick! Ruby held Willow and
Saraya went to strike Willow, but Willow escaped, forcing
Saraya to inadvertently strike Ruby! Willow walloped Saraya
and Ruby with a double clothesline.

Saraya and Kris traded forearms in the center of the ring.
Statlander blasted Saraya with a massive roundhouse kick.
Statlander planted Saraya with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a
near fall! Saraya caught Kris off guard with a jawbreaker.
Saraya went for the tag, but Ruby refused, turning her back
and jumping off the apron, leaving Saraya in the lurch.

“Tony, I wonder if that note that Ruby was reading had
anything to do with this?”

Harley grabbed Ruby and tried to stop Ruby from walking
away. Ruby turned around and decked Harley!

“Ruby Soho finally standing up for herself to Saraya,” said

Willow power bombed a shocked Saraya and pinned her!

After the match Stokely celebrated with both Kris and

Skye Blue appeared in the aisle, smirked, and waved at Kris
and Willow. The arena lights went dark!

“What is going on here?” wondered Excalibur.

The lights came back on, and TBS Champion Julia Hart was
standing beside Skye Blue! They were staring at Willow and
Kris, taunting them as Julia held up her title.

Catch AEW DYNAMITE on TBS next Wednesday live at 8/7ct from
the H-E-B Center in Cedar Park, TX!

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