WRESTLEMANIA 40 PRESS EVENT: CM Punk stirs the pot at the WrestleMania press conference

Posted on 2/09/124 by Colin Vassallo

CM Punk was certainly stirring the pot last night at the
WrestleMania press conference and at one point he told the
crowd that Cody should punch Rock in the face as Rock was on
stage and definitely took notice of what was being said.

“Cody’s way too diplomatic. Somebody slaps you, you gotta
bust them back in the mouth, that’s what I would have done,”
Punk said while on the panel as Rock and Roman were on stage
looking. “I wanna see Cody punch Rock right in the face. Who
wants to see Cody punch Rock in the face?” Punk asked the

Punk added that he’d be ripping eyeballs even if he had one
arm if somebody slapped him in the face.

Pat McAfee brought up the fact that now The Rock sits on the
board of the TKO Board of Directors and Punk said he’d fight
right back regardless.

“So Cody got slapped by his boss. His boss put his hands on
him,” Punk continued. “I’m throwing hands, yeah, I’m
whipping everybody, I don’t care who it is.”

At the beginning of the show, Punk said he’s ready to piss
some people off and while his arm doesn’t work, his mouth
still can go!

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