DWAYNE JOHNSON: The Rock goes Hollywood on “Cody crybabies” in appearance on Pat McAfee Show

Posted on 2/08/124 by Colin Vassallo

A “heel” Rock went “Hollywood” on the Cody Rhodes
“crybabies” during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show
hours before the WrestleMania 40 press conference in Las

While he put over Cody Rhodes, The Rock taunted those fans,
who he labeled as “Cody crybabies,” and cut a promo on them
in typical heel Rock fashion.

“These are grown ass men. ‘Oh, Cody has to finish his
story,'” The Rock told McAfee. “At the end of the day, look,
you’ve got the Cody crybabies, and you have the Cody fans,
and you have Cody himself, and there’s a clear distinction
between the three.”

The People’s Champ then went into heel Rock overdrive.

“But The Rock says this, those Cody crybabies, the one’s for
every 10 tweets they are shoving a chicken McNugget in their
mouth, for every 20 tweets they are shoving two McNuggets up
their ass, The Rock says this: all you got to do is sit
back, know your role, shut your mouth, and enjoy the ride
that The Rock is going to take your candy asses on,” Rock
said as the whole room laughed.

“So hashtag that, hashtag shut your bitch asses up, hashtag
Cody crybabies,” he continued.

The #CodyCrybabies started trending on X immediately after,
along with Hollywood Rock.

Hyping the press conference for later in the day, Rock
tweeted that Cody crybabies are also welcome to attend!

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