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Tonight’s episode of AEW DYNAMITE was broadcast live from
the Footprint Center in Phoenix, AZ!

Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and “The Human Suplex Machine”
Taz were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!

Winner earns Revolution 2024 World Title Match!

Swerve Strickland (#1 ranked) (with Prince Nana) vs.
“Hangman” Adam Page (#2 ranked)!

Page slapped Swerve in the face. Swerve swept out Page’s
legs. They tussled to the outside. Swerve whipped Page into
the barricade. Swerve jumped over the barricade and crashed
onto Page on the arena floor.

Back in the ring, Page chopped at Swerve’s chest. Swerve
fired back with a high boot, catching Hangman flush in the
face. Swerve stomped Page in the corner. Hangman retaliated
with a fallaway slam. Page was a bit ticked off by the live
crowd’s reaction to him, who were about 90% behind Swerve

Swerve climbed to the top turnbuckle, but Page yanked out
Swerve’s legs. Page grounded and pounded Swerve on the mat.
Swerve flattened out Page and locked him in a crucifix hold.
Swerve was looking to snap Page’s arm. Hangman countered and
clubbed Swerve in the back of Swerve’s head. Page rammed
Swerve into the top turnbuckle and Swerve tumbled to the
arena floor. Prince Nana kept his distance, just like Swerve
had told him to do.

Hangman hurled Swerve into the barricade. Hangman nailed
Swerve with a fallaway slam on the floor. Page blasted
Swerve with a sliding kick in the ring. Page rolled up
Swerve for a near fall. Page was looking for the buckshot
lariat, but Swerve charged him. Page backdropped Swerve onto
the floor. Swerve hit a flatliner on Page out of nowhere.
Swerve drilled Page with a diving uppercut.

Swerve planted Hangman with a vertical suplex. Swerve
connected with the House Call for a near fall.

“That was so close,” said Taz.

“And Swerve has wrestled a smart match tonight all without
the help of Prince Nana,” added Excalibur.

Swerve was looking for a superplex, but Hangman chomped down
on Swerve’s forehead. Page went for a sunset flip powerbomb,
but Swerve landed on his feet! Swerve cracked Page with a
kick to the head. Page rallied back with a pop-up powerbomb
for a two-count on Swerve.

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Swerve avoided a buckshot lariat from Page and fired back
with his own buckshot lariat! Swerve splashed Page with the
Swerve Stomp, but Page kicked out at the two-count! Swerve
was looking for a piledriver on the barricade, but Hangman
countered with a DDT!

Both men knocked one another down with big stereo boots—both
men had the same idea. Swerve laughed at Page as Page was
hitting him with fists. Swerve rocked Page with a
backbreaker for a near fall. Swerve pounced on Page with the
Swerve Stomp. Swerve pulled a table out from beneath the
ring and set it up. Swerve went for a 450 splash, but Page
countered by raising his knees! Justin Roberts announced
five minutes remained. Page nearly decapitated Swerve with
the buckshot lariat! Page covered Swerve but Swerve got his
boot on the bottom rope to stop the ref’s count!

Hangman crushed Swerve with the Dead Eye on the apron! Page
dropkicked Swerve as Swerve was getting back into the ring.
Page cracked Prince Nana with a steel chair. Page yelled at
Nana to stay out of this! When Page turned back around,
Swerve pump kicked the steel chair into Page’s face!

Swerve smashed Page with the Swerve Stomp. Swerve’s ankle
buckled upon landing. Hangman reversed the JML Driver and
then snapped at Swerve’s ankle. On the apron, Page was
thinking dragon screw leg whip, but Swerve kicked him first.
Swerve hoisted up Page and planted him through the table
outside the ring with the deadeye!

Swerve climbed to the top turnbuckle and went for the Swerve
Stomp, but Page dodged it and Swerve collapsed immediately,
his injured ankle not able to support the landing. Swerve
countered the buckshot lariat from Page with the JML Driver!

“Swerve’s ankle is hurting, though, he can’t cover!” said
Tony Schiavone.

Swerve went for the cover and the ref counted 1…2…and the
bell rang!

Justin Roberts announced that the time limit expired, and
the match went to a time limit draw!

Swerve: “No, no, I didn’t go through all this just for this
to end like this. Hangman, I’m not letting you get away with
this so easily. You know how this goes. Five more minutes.”

Page was smiling.

Page: “Swerve, tonight you had to beat me to become the
number one contender. And Swerve, you didn’t do it! You will
not be the World champion! For you, it is over!”

Tony Schiavone: “Hang on one minute. Tony Khan has just
talked with me. This is not done. Because we know have two
number one contenders. And that means at Revolution, there
will be a three way match for the World title against Samoa

Renee Paquette was backstage to interview AEW World Champion
Samoa Joe!

Samoa Joe: “I cannot believe I am dealing with this right
now! Once again, we celebrate mediocrity! This was a draw!
The powers-that-be have stacked the deck against me and they
don’t want me as champion, but it is not your choice!

“I am Samoa Joe. I am the AEW World Champion! No matter what
you do, come Revolution I walk out AEW World Champion. It is
only a shame that the both of you will suffer because of

Eliminator Match!
AEW Women’s World Champion “Timeless” Toni Storm (with
Luther & Mariah May) vs. Red Velvet!

“The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo joined the broadcast booth
for this match.

Toni took down Red Velvet with a side headlock. Velvet fired
back with a leg lariat. Storm jumped on Red Velvet and
pummeled her with lefts and rights. Toni planted Red Velvet
with the Sky High for a near fall.

Red Velvet blasted Toni with a big time bulldog. Velvet
rocked Toni with a double knee strike. Red Velvet splashed
Toni with a standing moonsault for a near fall. Toni tripped
Red Velvet and then smashed her with a hip attack. Toni
spiked Red Velvet with a DDT for a near fall.

Toni ducked a corkscrew kick from Red Velvet. Toni applied
an ankle lock and forced Red Velvet to tap out! Toni would
not release the ankle lock. Deonna got in the ring, but
Luther separated the two of them!

Renee Paquette was backstage with AEW International Champion
Orange Cassidy, Trent, and Rocky Romero!

Renee asked them about their trios match on Rampage against
the Undisputed Kingdom, and if Orange was worried about the
wear and tear on his body he might have from that match
ahead of his Collision match against Ishii. Orange said
“yeah, but it’ll be fine.” Orange said they were going to
check on the injured Chuck Taylor now, but Rocky would be
subbing for Chuck on Rampage.

Trios Match!

Blackpool Combat Club—Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli, &
Jon Moxley vs. CMLL’s Hechicero, Mascara Dorada, & Volador

Hechicero took down Danielson with a shoulder tackle.
Hechicero put Danielson into a crucifix cradle for a near
fall. Claudio tagged in and Dorada fired an overhand chop.
Claudio tripped Dorado and planted him hard.

Moxley and Volador Jr tagged in for their respective teams.
They traded forearm strikes. Volador took down Mox with a
hurracanrana and followed up with a tope suicida. Moxley
retaliated with a tope suicida of his own!

Claudio hurled Volador in the Giant Swing! Mox tagged in and
covered Volador, but Volador kicked out at the two-count.
Volador connected with a thrust kick. Dorado launched off
Moxley and clobbered Danielson with a corkscrew kick.
Volador and Hechicero connected with stereo topes on the BCC
and then Dorado followed up with a shooting star press off
the middle rope to the outside!

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Hechicero spiked Danielson with a backbreaker and then
Dorado followed up with a 450 splash for a near fall!
Volador rocked Mox with a backstabber, but Danielson was
there to hit Volador with a running knee strike!

Hechicero and Claudio exchanged strikes. Hechicero placed
Claudio in a leg lock. Danielson stomped on Hechicero until
Hechicero released Claudio. Hechicero placed Danielson in
the stretched muffler. Moxley kicked Hechicero in the ribs
to break it up. Moxley clobbered Dorada and Volador with a
stereo clothesline. Claudio blasted Hechicero with a massive
European Uppercut. Hechicero retaliated with a guillotine
leg drop for a near fall!

Claudio shoved Hechicero backwards and Hechicero
inadvertently collided into the ref who was standing behind
him. Claudio struck Hechicero with a low blow while the ref
was still collecting himself. Claudio covered Hechicero and
scored the pin!

“The luchadores at ringside are just livid,” said Tony

Mistico, Esfinge and Star Jr. jumped into the ring!
Christopher Daniels, Matt Sydal, Angelo Parker and Matt
Menard sprinted down to even up the odds for the BCC! The
luchadores retreated!

Backstage, a camera crew caught the Undisputed Kingdom
assaulting Chuck Taylor!

Adam Cole rolled up in his wheelchair and said, “Get well
soon, Chuck!”

“We need to get some medical attention for Chuck Taylor!
What is the meaning of this?” asked Excalibur.

AEW CEO & GM Tony Khan had a major announcement!

“Like so many of you, I am excited by tonight’s big
announcement. You might have heard earlier today that the TD
Garden announced AEW is returning to Boston on March 13th!
That will be a very important night for AEW and the entire
pro wrestling industry because Wednesday, March 13th, five
weeks from tonight will be AEW: Big Business, live in
Boston. You’re not going to want to miss this show. Tickets
go on sale this Saturday. The event takes place five weeks
from tonight, and if you can’t join us live in Boston,
you’re going to want to join us right here on TBS on March
13th because Big Business is going to be one of the most
important nights ever in AEW and a night that the entire pro
wrestling industry will remember.”

Chris Jericho vs. The Don Callis Family’s Konosuke

Jericho sent Takeshita over the top rope with a lariat.
Hobbs and Callis approached Takeshita and Callis slapped
Takeshita in the face, showing him some tough love.
Takeshita whipped Jericho into the barricade. Takeshita
nailed Jericho with a brain buster on the arena floor!

Takeshita splashed Jericho with a senton in the ring. “The
Alpha” hit the Takeshita Line on Jericho. Hobbs swiped at
Jericho’s leg and Takeshita struck Jericho from behind.
Sammy Guevara clocked Hobbs with a steel chair from out of

Hobbs grabbed the chair from Sammy and threw it down. Sammy
used his quickness and jumped off the ring steps and
delivered a cutter to Hobbs! Sammy struck Hobbs with the
steel chair again. Inside the ring, Jericho dodged a jumping
knee strike from Takeshita. Jericho dropkicked Takeshita
from the turnbuckles. Jericho jumped off the turnbuckles and
crash landed on Takeshita outside the ring.

Takeshita flattened Jericho with a fireman’s carry.
Takeshita ran and flipped over the top rope and wiped out
Jericho outside the ring! Jericho countered Takeshita’s
senton by raising his knees. Jericho went for a lionsault,
but Takeshita likewise got the knees up to counter it!

Takeshita flung Jericho backwards with a wheelbarrow suplex.
Jericho countered the Takeshita Line with the Code Breaker
for a near fall! Jericho went for the lionsault, but
Takeshita grabbed him and spiked Jericho with a Blue Thunder
Bomb, but Jericho kicked out at the two-count. Jericho
positioned himself on the top turnbuckle and was punching
down on Takeshita. Takeshita slipped under and pulled
Jericho’s face into the turnbuckle! Takeshita rocked Jericho
with an avalanche blue thunder bomb! Jericho kicked out just
in time!

Takeshita connected with the power drive knee. Jericho
countered a second knee strike attempt with the Walls of
Jericho! Don Callis threw a steel chair into the ring, but
the ref saw it and grabbed it. As the ref had his back
turned, throwing the chair out of the ring, Don Callis
jumped on the apron and blasted Jericho in the head with a
screwdriver! Takeshita applied the lion tamer on Jericho,
but Jericho refused to give up! Jericho tried to reach the
ropes, but Takeshita pulled Jericho to the center of the
ring and finally Jericho was forced to tap!

“I have never seen anyone beat Chris Jericho with the Lion
Tamer!” said Excalibur.

“Me neither! That was so impressive,” replied Taz.

Main Event Time! AEW World Tag Team Championship Tornado
“Absolute” Ricky Starks & Big Bill (c.) vs. Darby Allin &

Big Bill whipped Darby into the barricade right in front of
Sting’s family. Sting brawled with Starks through the crowd.
Sting slammed a trash can onto Starks’ back. Darby lured Big
Bill and Starks closer to him…and Sting jumped off a balcony
and wiped out the tag champs beneath him!

“I can’t believe what we just saw,” said Excalibur.

Sting splashed Big Bill against the barricade! Big Bill
fired back with a clubbing strike. Darby rocketed out of the
ring like a missile, but Big Bill caught him and planted him
with the Bossman Slam!

Big Bill bounced Darby’s head against the mat! Big Bill
hurled Darby overhead and behind him! Big Bill pulled out a
table from beneath the ring. Starks told Big Bill to press
slam Darby. Big Bill lifted Darby up, but Sting charged in,
knocking Starks and sending him colliding into Big Bill.

“Sting saved the day there,” said Taz.

“Darby narrowly averting disaster,” replied Excalibur.

Sting took on Big Bill and Starks, dishing out big right
hands to the champs! Starks grabbed Sting from behind and
spiked him with the Scorpion Death Drop! Starks covered
Sting but Darby broke up the pin!

“Great save by Darby Allin,” said Taz.

Darby nailed Big Bill with a Coffin Splash in the corner.
Sting followed up with the Stinger Splash! Darby decimated
Big Bill with a Code Red! Darby hit the Coffin Drop on Big
Bill outside the ring! Starks tried for a dropkick on Sting,
but Sting stopped in his tracks, avoiding it. Sting applied
the Scorpion Death Lock on Starks! Big Bill, with Darby
Allin on his back, climbed onto the apron, attempting to
break up Sting’s finisher. Darby turned around, gouged Big
Bill’s eyes, and forced Big Bill to fall off the apron and
through the table!

“Big Bill was driven through the table by Darby,” said

Starks crawled and grabbed the ropes, but there are no rope
breaks in a Tornado Match! Starks was able to pull his body
far enough under the ropes that Sting lost his grip. Sting
went for the Stinger Splash, but Starks moved, ripping the
buckle pad out of the way! Sting collided with the exposed
turnbuckle! Starks speared Sting but Sting managed to kick
out at the two-count!

Starks went for another spear, but Sting caught Starks!
Sting drilled Starks with a Scorpion Death Drop and pinned

And new AEW World Tag Team Champions…Darby Allin and Sting!

“History has been made!” said Tony Schiavone.

Sting’s sons got into the ring to congratulate their father!

“He’s got gold again!” said Tony Schiavone.

The Young Bucks—Mattew and Nicholas Jackson, ambushed Sting
and Darby Allin with white baseball bats! They assaulted
Sting’s sons next!

“They stole the spotlight from the new Tag Team champions
and are putting the beating on them,” said Taz.

The Bucks smashed a busted open Darby with the BTE Trigger!

“Tony, Matthew called me into their office earlier today and
said it is now called the EVP Trigger,” said Excalibur.

Matthew held Sting back while Nicholas hit Sting with the
bat! Nicholas punted Sting in the head! The Young Bucks
grabbed the belts and tossed them on top of Darby and Sting.

“The Young Bucks, like it or not, made a heavy statement
right now,” said Taz.

“This is beyond the pale. Nicholas and Matthew Jackson will
never recover from what went down tonight. Their reputation
is destroyed,” said Excalibur.

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- BCC’s Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli vs. CMLL’s Esfinge &
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