NXT ON USA: Crowd at WWE PC told not to use the F-bomb during live broadcast chants

Posted on 2/07/124 by Colin Vassallo

As you noticed last night on NXT during the opening segment,
a lot of muting was done on the USA Network as the crowd was
chanting “F*ck you Melo” at Carmelo Hayes.

The chants continued until Hayes, now playing a major heel,
said “Not yet” and left the ring.

Following the segment as NXT went to its intro with a recap
from the Vengeance Day premium live event, production staff
informed the crowd to stop using the F-bomb for the live
broadcast as it could present problems.

The crowd largely behaved when Carmelo Hayes showed up later
in the broadcast, tricking – pun intended – that Trick
Williams was coming at him, something that Shawn Michaels
used on Bret Hart when they were in Calgary once years after
the Montreal Screwjob.

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