NXT ON USA: February 6 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 2/07/124 by Bob Magee

Two days after Vengeance Day, Carmelo Hayes is set to
explain his betrayal of Trick Williams on NXT tonight.

Vengeance Day ended with Hayes turning against Williams and
attacking him with a steel chair. Hayes took out Williams'
knee and then continued to target it with the steel chair
attack. Tonight, we'll find out why Hayes chose to betray
his best friend.

Vengeance Day was a tough night for Williams even before the
betrayal. Williams & Hayes lost to Bron Breakker & Baron
Corbin in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic finals. Williams
also came up short in his title shot against NXT Champion
Ilja Dragunov.

Breakker & Corbin will celebrate their Dusty Cup victory

Roxanne Perez vs. Lola Vice is also part of tonight's
lineup. Vice inserted herself into the NXT Women's
Championship match at Vengeance Day, which allowed Tatum
Paxley to help Lyra Valkyria retain the title.

Lexis King vs. Riley Osborne, Axiom & Nathan Frazer vs.
Malik Blade & Edris Enofe, and Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson
vs. Fallon Henley & Wren Sinclair have also been announced.

NXT is on the air live from a sound stage at the Performance
Center in Orlando. Opening the show is Carmelo Hayes
sauntering to the ring. Carrying a metal folding chair,
Hayes gets in the ring. He opens the chair and sits down in
the middle of the ring. The live studio audience
relentlessly jeer and boo him.

Hayes is about to speak, but he is drowned out by booing
from the crowd. He finally says, "Not yet." Hayes then
leaves the ring and walks away.

After a recap highlighting the results of Vengeance Day,
Baron Corbin & Bron Breakker are at ringside standing
alongside their newly won Dusty Cup. Corbin goes to
introduce them, but Breakker wants ring announcer to give a
proper intro for the "Wolfdogs."

More odd couple comedy between them, with mixed results.
They want a tag team title match, which they earned by
winning the Dusty Cup. Breakker calls out NXT Tag Team
Champions The Family. Instead, out comes Axiom and Nathan
Frazier. Those two have a tag match that is up next.

Axiom & Nathan Frazier defeated Edris Enofe & Malik Blade

Frazier pinned Enofe to win the match. This tag bout was set
up with a skit during Vengeance Day. Corbin & Breakker
remained at ringside for guest commentary. Those two would
jump Axiom & Frazier after the match.

The match itself goes through two separate commercial
breaks. It was quite good. Too bad the winners looked like
geeks in the aftermath. For the finish, Frazier executes a
Phoenix Splash on Enofe. Axiom then follows up with a Golden
Ratio, and Axiom covers Enofe for a three count.

Corbin & Breakker jump Axiom & Frazier after the match is
over. Axiom & Frazier are tossed out of the ring, like they
are yesterday's news. So much for them getting over after
such a good match. This reminded of Monday Nitro when the
cruiserweights would work their butts off having a good
match, and the NWO would come in clean house, making the
cruiserweights looks like geeks in the process.

Out comes The Family to have a stare down with Breakker &
Corbin. "Wolfdogs" challenge the champs to a tag match next
week. Tony D'Angelo accepts the challenge. Looks like a tag
title match is set for next Tuesday.

NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov is headed to the ring for a
monologue. Of course, there is an interruption. Same old
tired formula plays out. There is a twist at first, as
Dragunov calls out Carmelo Hayes (for his attack on Trick
Williams). Instead of Hayes, out comes Dijak to confront the

Dijak claims Dragunov is obsessed with Trick & 'Melo. Dijak
gets in the front for a confrontation. The crowd boos the
heck out of Dijak, as he begins to insult Dragunov. Tensions
only rise from there.

Dragunov threatens Dijak that will suffer if he meets the
champion. Dijak sucker punches Dragunov, with a shot to
Dragunov's broken nose (that was injured in his title
defense against Williams). Officials and referees pour out
to separate them. This angle sets up a non-title match for
later tonight.

Jacy Jayne in a skit gives Thea Hail dating advice, which
may turn out to be bad advice. Hail still has a big crush on
Riley Osborne, and Hail has already agreed to a Valentine
Day date with Osborne.

In another skit, Mr. Stone's two children convince Stone and
Von Wagner to team up on time for a tag bout.

Lexis King defeated Riley Osborne (with Andre Chase & Duke

Osborne was doing well for himself when he got distracted
looking into the audience for Thea Hail. She was not there,
of course. Osborne could not find her, and him being
distracted allowed King to trim him up. King then executed
The Coronation, and King hooked a leg in covering Osborne
for a pinfall.

Kelani Jordan is the focus of a vignette.

Carmelo Hayes is back, and he is heading to the ring again.
Same as before, Hayes sits down in a chair. He is met by
chants of "You're not him!"

Hayes says he wanted to see Trick Williams succeed, but
Hayes also took it away (with the attack last Sunday) to
show Williams the "place" he belongs in. Hayes says that is
what happens when Williams crossed Hayes. Hayes accuses
Williams of crossing him by going after the NXT

They agreed, according to Hayes, that Williams would go
after the North American title, and Hayes would go for the
top singles title. Hayes goes on to say Williams believed
his own hype. They are not on the same level, according to
Hayes. Hayes has a bunch of flawed logic, but it plays into
another unsolved mystery on NXT.

Hayes admits he was the one that attacked Williams (in the
sneak attack from months ago). Suddenly, Trick's theme song
blares over the speakers. Hayes at first acts startled,
until Williams does not come out. That was a swerve, as
Hayes says Williams is not coming out. Hayes says Williams
is in the hospital.

Hayes claims Williams wanted to be 'Melo so bad. Hayes
insists Williams was only his hype man, and that is all
Williams will ever be.

A cryptic message teases the arrival of a new character.
Something about three faces, but it hopefully has nothing to
be with the Three Faces of Fear of WCW fame.

NXT North American Champion Oba Femi is the focus of a

A backstage skit saw Riley Osborne tell Thea Hail that he
will text her. She is still playing hard to get, despite
being head over heels.

Roxanne Perez defeated Lola Vice

This match was set up at Vengeance Day, when the two had a
pull-apart brawl. Their match tonight goes through a
commercial break. Perez did well in carrying the match, and
Vice held her own. Tatum Paxley ran down to cause a
distraction during the match, which cost Vice the bout.

Vice was getting a big push. So much for that, although all
hope is not lost. Vice still lost here via pinfall, after
some a distraction and Pop Rocks. Vice got save some face as
Tatum Paxley appeared at ringside. Paxley jumped on the
apron just before the finish. That distracted Vice, which in
turn cost her the match.

Jakara Jackson & Lash Legend (with Noam Dar & Oro Mensah)
defeated Fallon Henley & Wren Sinclair

Not going to win match of the year, but far from the worst

Hot tag to Henley, and she cleans house. Legend tries to
pull Jackson out of the ring, and there is a tug-o-war with
Henley, as Jackson is caught between them. Henley is sent
throat-first into the middle rope. That allows Jackson to

Sinclair makes a bling tag, and she pays for it. Legend cuts
off Sinclair, and Legend powerbombs her. Legend then covers
Sinclair for a pinfall.

Josh Briggs has some tough love fore Brooks Jensen. Not sure
where this is going, but it made Jensen looks like a geek.
Briggs tells him to grow some balls.

Jaida Parker goes to Ava in a skit, and Parker wants a match
next week against Adrianna Rizzo. Ava books the match, but
The Family and OTM are all banned from ringside.

Ridge Holland also verbally petitions for matches against
Gallus. He has to defeat them on at a time, and if he loses
one match against them, their feud is done. Sure, it is
convoluted, but oh well. Could be worse, and the matches
should be good.

NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov defeated Dijak in a non-title

Mere days after a hard-hitting performance, Dragunov is back
for another hard-hitting match. Things looked stiff at
times, or at least snug.

They fought through a commercial break. Dijak targeted
Dragunov's broken nose at times, and Dragunov bled.

After all the seriousness and snug style of the match, the
turning point was basically a comedy spot involving outside
interference. Joe Gacy, whom Dijak defeated in a no DQ match
at Vengeance Day, appears from underneath the ring.

Gacy wallops Dijak with a foreign object that has a boxing
glove attached to the end. Looks like something a heel Doink
the Clown would use to interfere. Gacy laughs maniacally
after hitting Dijak, and Gacy darts back underneath the
ring. Please say high to Hornswoggle for us. Thanks, Joe.

Dragunov drops a H-bomb on a dazes Dijak, and Dragunov
scores a three count. The champ wins, albeit by outside

Carmelo Hayes runs in after the match, and Hayes jumps
Dragunov with a sneak attack. Hayes pummels Dragunov, and
Hayes delivers a belt shot with the NXT Championship. Hayes
poses with the strap as the show ends.

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