CM PUNK: CM Punk says his comeback will be the “greatest of all time”

Posted on 2/06/124 by Colin Vassallo

A new video of CM Punk aired on Monday Night Raw last night
showing him coming in and out of surgery. Punk underwent
triceps surgery on Thursday in Birmingham, Alabama.

The video showed Punk in a car heading in to the hospital
for a “fun day” and signing the waiver while in bed. Dr Jeff
Dugas greeted Punk before he was wheeled in to the theater

After the surgery was over, Punk was shown having trouble
closing the zipper of his backpack.

“This is the most frustrating thing, little simple tasks
like this,” Punk said. “I am in a lot of pain. It’s mental
more than anything. I can handle pain, I can power through
hard PT. The mental aspect of it I think is a lot harder
than the physical.”

The road to recovery is long, but Punk is determined to come
back bigger, better, and stronger.

“Day one. My comeback will be the greatest of all time,”
Punk concluded.

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