CODY/ROMAN/ROCK: Cody Rhodes on road to WrestleMania: “Trust me”

Posted on 2/06/124 by Colin Vassallo

Cody Rhodes wrote on X that fans should trust him on the
road to WrestleMania, seemingly trying to calm down a little
bit the huge backlash that the company has received over the
past couple of days.

On last night’s Raw there were even “Rocky sucks” chants,
something that hasn’t been heard in a very, very long time
and The Rock’s daughter Ava has been receiving death threats
as well.

“Appreciate the passion, God bless y’all,” Cody wrote on X.
“…but Trust me.”

It follows what Brian Gewirtz, The Rock’s right hand man,
wrote on X as well, saying that we all have “no idea” about
what’s coming.

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