ROSSY OGAWA/STARDOM: STARDOM’s Rossy Ogawa fired by parent company for talent poaching

Posted on 2/05/124 by Colin Vassallo

Rossy Ogawa, the founder of STARDOM, was given the pink slip
by parent company Bushiroad yesterday in one of the biggest
stories to hit the Japanese wrestling scene.

Ogawa was accused of poaching talent away from the company
after he gave notice a while back according to Dave Meltzer
of the Wrestling Observer. Ogawa gave notice due to constant
interference on his booking decisions by Bushiroad.

“Stardom wrestlers and staff were notified last night that
Mr. Rossy Ogawa’s contract was terminated effective
immediately,” said STARDOM’s official X account.

Many of the STARDOM girls are said to be very loyal to
Ogawa, who gave most of them their start, and are expected
to depart the promotion in March, including the highly-rated

Giulia is rumored to be on the way to WWE once her contract
is up in March.

Many have pointed that Ogawa could be on the way to WWE but
Meltzer shot down that rumor, at least for now.

One person who was happy with the decision was AEW President
Tony Khan who posted three GIFs from TV/movies regarding the
situation, one saying “The big goodbye,” one saying “it’s a
clear case of industrial espionage,” and the last one
saying, “the feds had an undercover agent in Dr. Schreck’s

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