CODY/ROMAN/ROCK: “You all have no idea…” teases Brian Gewirtz on Cody/Rock/Roman storyline

Posted on 2/05/124 by Colin Vassallo

It seems there’s more to the Cody/Roman/Rock story that no
one is seeing, at least according to The Rock’s long-time
collaborator and SVP Brian Gewirtz.

“You all have no idea…” wrote Gewirtz in a post on X, with
the hashtag #WrestleMania and the video of Cody “stepping
aside” and The Rock’s entrance from Smackdown.

With two months away for WrestleMania, the story certainly
has a lot of twists and turns along the way and Cody is also
scheduled to be at Friday Night Smackdown this week.

Tomorrow’s Raw and Thursday’s WrestleMania press conference
in Las Vegas will undoubtedly paint a slightly better
picture of where things are headed.

Gerwitz, a former WWE create head writer, is said to be
getting more involved with anything on WWE television
involving The Rock and will be psychically present at major
shows backstage.

His post on X, along with The Rock’s, have at least
acknowledged the backlash that came along following Friday’s
episode of Smackdown.

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