WWE: From sexual trafficking to WrestleMania main events, the quick change in news cycle

Posted on 2/04/124 by Colin Vassallo

News cycles, in today’s dynamic world, are inherently
fleeting, marked by the constant influx and displacement of
stories, ranging from natural disasters and conflicts to
elections and scandals.

Last week, WWE faced a tumultuous period with the emergence
of the Janel Grant lawsuit, casting a shadow over Vince
McMahon and all of WWE. Media outlets and social media
platforms were ablaze with discussions, overshadowing even
the significant events like the Royal Rumble and a prominent
Netflix deal that took place in the same week, not to
mention the election of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to the TKO
Board of Directors.

However, the nature of news cycles dictates that attention
shifts swiftly. Whether intentional or coincidental, the
spotlight now revolves around The Rock’s return and the
removal of Cody Rhodes from the main event of night two at
WrestleMania. The fans’ frustration no longer is towards
Vince, Brock Lesnar, or anything that the Janel Grant
lawsuit said, but is now towards the WrestleMania main event
and the politics behind the change.

The negative publicity stemming from the Janel Grant lawsuit
has temporarily taken a back seat as fans mobilize their
voices to advocate for Cody Rhodes’ reinstatement in the
main event.

The surprising negative reaction to Rock vs Roman is
obviously not something that WWE anticipated, but they will
take that any day of the week over sexual trafficking,
assault, exploitation, abuse, and defacing stories.

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