CODY RHODES: Cody Rhodes continues to be the man of the people at house shows

Posted on 2/04/124 by Colin Vassallo

A young female fan at the non-televised live event in
Knoxville last night held up a sign that read “legally blind
but trying to see Cody Rhodes.”

Unfortunately, while she was on the floor, she was several
rows back but after his match, Cody spotted the sign and got
on the mic.

“Well, I think we could do better than seeing me,” Cody said
as he left the ring with a piece of a broken table.

The fan was brought to ringside by one of the security and
Cody embraced her with a long hug as fans cheered while seeing
the video on the big screen. He then signed the piece of
broken table and gave it to her along with another hug.

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