WRESTLEMANIA 40: The politics behind the WrestleMania 40 main event change

Posted on 2/03/124 by Colin Vassallo

PWinsider is reporting that the WrestleMania main event
change was not specifically done to harm Cody Rhodes or
derail his story, but simply because TKO officials are of the
belief that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the best person to
create most money at the moment.

As part of his new gig with TKO, The Rock has to deliver some
milestones, and one of those is a return to the ring. The
Rock pushed for this WrestleMania match with Roman Reigns and
used his position to make it possible, backed by the likes of
Ari Emanuel and Nick Khan. In addition, age is not on The
Rock’s side so delaying the match could lead to more
difficulties in the future.

Delivering this match now will also deflect some of the news
from the Vince McMahon sexual trafficking lawsuit and helps
bring back some positive news back about the company.

PWInsider adds that Brian Gewirtz, who is the Senior Vice
President of the Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions, will be
pitching in with ideas that involves The Rock or any of his
storylines and will be attending the major shows. Gewirtz was
one of WWE’s head writers during the Attitude Era and
contributes big time to most of The Rock’s in-ring promos.

It seems that Triple H, as head of creative, did not have
much say in this development and clearly shows that if
there’s some sort of a power struggle, Johnson will
definitely come out on top.

There’s also the belief that the addition of this match will
“save” the WrestleMania card following the removal of Brock
Lesnar from all future creative plans and the CM Punk injury,
which was a major blow to WWE’s plans.

The Rock vs Roman Reigns will headline night two of
WrestleMania 40 and will be officially announced on Thursday
at the press conference in Las Vegas.

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