WRESTLEMANIA 40: Bayley vs IYO SKY for WWE Women’s title official for WrestleMania 40

Posted on 2/03/124 by Colin Vassallo

The WWE Women’s title match at WrestleMania 40 was made
official last night after Bayley chose to take on IYO SKY at
the show of shows after Damage CTRL turned on their leader.

Bayley, who apparently understands Japanese and knew
everything that was being said behind her back by Asuka, IYO,
and Kairi, asked the group why they constantly talked about
her and all she wanted was the group to be successful.

The three Japanese stars then turned on Bayley, attacking
her. But Bayley managed to grab a metal pipe and fend them
off, hitting them with the pipe. Bayley paused as she came
face-to-face with SKY who was about to hit her with the title

She then grabbed the microphone and said, “About that
announcement, IYO, I’ll see you at WrestleMania” as the crowd

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