Posted on 2/03/124 by Bob Magee

Tonight’s episode of AEW RAMPAGE was broadcast from the UNO
Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, LA!

Your broadcast team was Excalibur and Tony Schiavone.

It’s Friday night and you know what that means!


Top Flight—Dante & Darius Martin (with Action Andretti) vs.
Private Party—Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen!

“Both teams have an abundance of confidence and think
they’re the best. You know what? Why not think it,” said
Tony Schiavone.

Top Flight used tandem offense on Marq Quen. They isolated
Quen in their corner. Darius swept out Quen’s leg and Dante
hit Quen with a DDT, demonstrating beautiful combo offense.
Quen pulled a dropkick out of midair and then tagged in

Isiah rocked Darius with a stunner. Quen came in and drove
Darius face first with a stomp. Quen rolled up Darius,
holding the ropes, but Andretti caught him red handed and
alerted the referee. Darius rocked Zay with a Pele kick and
then tagged out to Dante.

Dante connected with a big cross body press on Zay for a
near fall. Zay fought his way out of Top Flight’s technical
prowess and planted Dante with the Silly String! Quen
connected with a shooting star press on Dante, but Darius
jumped in to break up the pin attempt. Dante stunned Quen
with a thrust kick and then spiked him down on the mat,
scoring the pin!

“I would love to see a rubber match between these two
teams,” said Excalibur.

Top Flight extended their hands as a sign of good
sportsmanship, but Private Party didn’t want any part of it.

Renee Paquette was backstage with Sammy Guevara!

Sammy: “Losing always sucks, but this loss against the tag
champs in that Street Fight with Jericho feels different. We
were this close to finally becoming the AEW World Tag Team
champions, titles we’ve been chasing since 2019. Maybe this
loss stings a little bit more because it’s not just about me
anymore. I have a little girl at home that depends on me to
go to work to provide a better future for her.

“So those championships don’t just represent the best, they
represent a better life. And Will Hobbs and the Don Callis
Family took that away from me! My wife! My family! So now
this is personal. I’m medically cleared now, but I’m not
going to wait for a match. Will Hobbs, I hope you’re
watching. You don’t know where, you don’t know when, but I’m
coming for you.”

Sonjay Dutt was backstage with Jeff and Karen Jarrett, and
Satnam Singh!

Sonjay: “Jay is late as always. Jeff, you think he wants us
to really workout?”

Jeff: “Sonjay, I’m a two-time hall of famer. I damn sure
ain’t getting in the ring today.”

Jay Lethal walked into the room.

Lethal: “All right, I made it. I’ve got some great drills I
want to go over in the ring. Hey, why are you still in your
suit, Sonjay?”

Sonjay: “I’m not working out, but Karen has her workout
clothes on.”

Karen: “I’m not working out, but I narrowed down the team
names and I put up a photoshoot for next week.”

Lethal: “Fine. Satnam, are we working out or not?”

Satnam: “Jay, I’m undefeated. You need to work out. You lost
all your matches.”

Lethal: “Fine, no practice today.”

Jeff: “Jay, that’s the problem! I’m sick of it. You’re the
problem of the team, and your problem is you’re too damn
nice. What brought us together is that we were both ruthless
SOBs. That’s what we gotta get back to. I’m running the
meeting next week. I’ll tell you boys where and when.”

AEW World Tag Team Championship Eliminator Match!

“Absolute” Ricky Starks & Big Bill (c.) vs. The Dark Order—
Alex Reynolds & John Silver!

Darby Allin joined the broadcast booth for this match.

Silver and Reynolds got the jump on Starks and Bill. Evil
Uno grabbed Big Bill’s leg from outside the ring. Silver
power bombed Starks onto Reynolds’ knees for a near fall.
Big Bill tagged in and bulldozed the Dark Order with a
double clothesline.

Big Bill pummeled Reynolds with stiff shots. Evil Uno
distracted Big Bill. Reynolds pushed Bill to the outside and
followed up with a tope suicida, but Big Bill intercepted
him. Silver rammed into Bill with a cannonball senton.

Back in the ring, Big Bill spiked Reynolds with the Bossman
slam. Starks grabbed a tag and clubbed Reynolds with
forearms and then body slammed him. Ricky splashed Reynolds
in the corner with a flying elbow. Starks was looking for a
spear, but Evil Uno tripped him up. Starks got out of the
ring and speared Evil Uno on the arena floor!

Silver peppered Starks with kicks. Starks rallied back with
the roshambo and pinned Silver! Darby stared at Starks from
the broadcast booth. Big Bill screamed at Darby, taunting
him ahead of their match this Wednesday on Dynamite.

Renee Paquette was backstage with Powerhouse Hobbs and Don

Don Callis: “I feel sick to my stomach because I’m tired of
hearing about Sammy’s family. Congratulations. You’re
medically cleared, but you’re obviously not mentally
cleared. Because if you were, you’d know that you’re not
hunting Will Hobbs, Will Hobbs is hunting you.”

Powerhouse Hobbs: “You see, Sammy, I know exactly what I
took away from you and Chris Jericho. But what you don’t
realize is I always have a family. I have three mouths at
home that depend on their daddy. You think this is the first
time in my life that someone tried to hunt me? Check my
track record, dawg, you’d just better hope I don’t see you

Willow Nightingale (with Kris Statlander & Stokely Hathaway)
vs. Queen Aminata!

Willow flattened out Queen Aminata with a big shoulder
tackle. Aminata cradled Willow but Willow kicked out at one.
Willow scoop slammed Aminata. Willow dropkicked Aminata from
the turnbuckles.

Queen Aminata swept out the legs of Willow as Willow was
looking for a senton from the apron. Aminata headbutted
Willow and followed up with a German Suplex. Aminata went
for a hip attack, but Willow dodged it. Willow cannonballed
Aminata and drilled her with a Death Valley Driver for a
near fall. Willow hit the doctor bomb and pinned Queen

Renee Paquette was backstage with The Best Friends—AEW
International Champion Orange Cassidy, Trent Beretta, Rocky
Romero, & Chuck Taylor!

Orange: “I knew if I asked for this time that Roddy and his
friends would come in and interrupt us. So, they’re probably
going to do that in 3…2…1.”

Trent: “What if they don’t show up?”

Orange: “I didn’t think of that.”

Roderick Strong: “Orange!”

Roderick Strong interrupted the interview, and he had Adam
Cole and the Undisputed Kingdom in tow.

Orange: “Roddy, I was looking for you because everyone knows
you and I are going to fight each other March 3rd at
Revolution for my International Championship. But you and
your friends keep doing things that are making my friends
really angry. So why don’t all of you guys get with all of
us and then we fight each other?”

Adam Cole: “That’s a great idea. I’d recommend a four on
four but ol’ Chuckie T is too injured to compete! So
instead, I’m going to recommend a three on three. I’m
talking about my best bud Roderick Strong, and Mike Bennett
and Matt Taven against you Rocky Romero, you Trent, and you

Roddy: “I love that idea. And how about we do it on Rampage
next week?”

Renee Paquette was backstage with Willow Nightingale, Kris
Statlander, and Stokely Hathaway!

They were interrupted by Saraya, Harley Cameron, and Ruby

Stokely: “Hey, last time I checked this was Rampage, not
Dawson’s Creek.”

Saraya: “I don’t know what that means.”

Willow: “This was my time.”

Stokely: “Listen, if anyone is going to make fun of Willow,
it’s going to be me.”

Willow: “Really, you mean that? Listen, Ruby, you’re
insulting us, you’re taking up our time. If that’s what you
want to do, we can settle this in the ring. Next week! So,
we’ll see you there!”

Main Event Time!

CMLL’s Hechicero, Mascara Dorada, Mistico, & Volador Jr. vs.
“Cool Hand” Angelo Parker, “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard,
“Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, & Matt Sydal!

Sydal and Dorada began for their respective teams. Sydal
took him down with a hurricanrana. Volador tagged in, but
Matt Menard whipped him into the ropes. Volador connected
with a thrust kick.

Mistico and Daniels entered the ring. Mistico nailed Daniels
with a big handspring elbow. Mistico kicked Daniels in the
corner. Hechicero dropkicked Daniels. Volador planted
Daniels with a lung blower. Dorada hit a running shooting
star press on Daniels.

Daniels planted Dorada with a heel trip and tagged out to
Parker. Menard, Parker, and Sydal triple teamed Dorada with
a flurry of offense. Sydal punished Dorada with a bow and
arrow submission hold.

Hechicero grabbed a tag and dropped Daniels with a running
lariat. Hechicero locked on a sleeper on Daniels in the
ropes. Hechicero blasted Daniels with a springboard forearm.
Daniels retaliated with a flatliner. Things broke down as
both teams entered and began to brawl! Volador took out
Parker with a tope! Mistico jumped from the top and crashed
onto Daddy Magic! Dorado wiped out Sydal with a tornillo
into an arm drag. Dorado dived over the top and wiped out
the pile!

Back in the ring, Daniels was looking for the Angel’s Wings
on Hechicero, but Hechicero countered with a backdrop.
Hechicero followed up with a rising knee strike in the
corner. Hechicero cradled Daniels and pinned him!

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