Posted on 2/03/124 by Colin Vassallo

Arena: Legacy Arena
City: Birmingham, AL

Roman Reigns and the Bloodline are shown arriving at the

Royal Rumble highlights are shown.

Damage Control was then shown walking backstage as they
announce both Bayley and Cody Rhodes will make their
respective decisions about their WrestleMania opponents

Out to the ring first the WWE United States Champion Logan

As Paul made his way to the ring Corey Graves announced his
new partner Wade Barrett.

Paul says he underestimated Owens, but Owens lost, and Paul
is still the champ. Paul then made fun of CM Punk and his
injury. Owens came out to confront Paul. Owens said it was a
moral victory knocking Paul out and Paul said the brass
knuckles were a set up.

Paul tells Owens he is too close to him and smells horrible
and to get away from him so he can find a real challenger.
Austin Theory and Grayson Waller came out.

Kevin Owens VS. Austin Theory

Waller threw brass knuckles to Theory, but Owens caught them
and hit Waller. Paul who was on commentary for the match,
got on the apron and tried to tell the referee about the
brass knuckles as Theory tried to roll Owens up, but Owens
quickly kicks out and hits Theory and pins him.

Winner: Kevin Owens

After the match Owens went after Paul but did not catch him.

Rhea Ripley was shown coming to the arena.

Naomi meets up with Mia Yim, Shotzi and Bianca and they all
hug and celebrate Naomi’s return and Tiffany Stratton comes
in with a Smackdown folder and she says she too has been
signed to Smackdown and slaps Yim. Aldis exits his office
just in time to stop Yim from going after Stratton.

Bianca is talking to Nick Aldis about what was going to
happen after Bayley picks Rhea and Logan Paul busts in and
demanded a match and he and Bianca got into an argument.

Legado Del Fantasma is shown at a diner and Santos said his
heart is full because this is family.

Pretty Deadly VS. Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate VS. L.W.O. VS.
Angel & Humberto

Wilson tries to roll up Dunne, but Dunne kicks out and then
Dunne snapped his fingers and tagged Bate in and they double
teamed him and pinned him.

Winners: Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate

Asuka, Iyo and Kairi are in the locker room talking and said
Bayley’s done tonight and as they exit Bayley walks in and
stands at the back door.

Both Adam Pearce and Nick Aldis are in the ring and Bayley
is announced to come to the ring.

Bayley says she has done it all at WrestleMania and said she
didn’t get here alone she had her girls behind her, and she
said she needs to beat one of the best and that brings her
to Rhea Ripley and then said I could go another route. She
then started saying the people who you thought were your
friends you sometimes must prove them wrong and then said
something in Japanese and say she hears them talking about
her behind her back.

As Bayley asked Iyo what happened, the Kabuki Warriors
attacked Bayley. Bayley slid to the corner of the ring and
got a pipe and started taking out the Kabuki Warriors. She
stopped before she hit Iyo and picked up a microphone and
said about that announcement Iyo, I will see you at

The Final Testament VS. Bobby Lashley & The Street Profits

After a brief fight, B-Fab came out and took out Scarlett
and the Final Testament left the ring.

Winners: No Contest

Nick Aldis is in the office talking to Bron Breaker with a
Smackdown contract and Adam Pearce comes in and asked Bron
what was going on and Bron tells Nick he will hang onto the
contract, but he will see Adam on Monday. Jade Cargill comes
in and Nick tells Adam to leave. He tells Jade to watch Nick
he has an attitude tonight.

Tiffany Stratton VS. Michin

Tiffany gets the victory in her Smackdown debut after
hitting her Prettiest Moonsault Ever and getting the pin.

Winner: Tiffany Stratton

Nick Aldis and Adam Pearce are again the ring and before
anyone was announce the Tribal Chief and the Bloodline make
their way to the ring. Roman said there were some things
said on Monday he cannot let slide. He then says he beat
everyone that wrestles for that title and Seth is not the
guy. Roman then tells Cody he is not going to beg him like
the other guy his choice is simple he can be the very best
number 2 in this business or take a crack and number 1

Cody comes out, Cody asked Roman if they could have the ring
to themselves then after hesitation Solo and Jimmy leave,
but Paul Heyman stayed. Cody then said he cheated him. Cody
says he still wants that title. Cody says he is coming for
that title and everything away from Roman Reigns but not at
WrestleMania and Cody says one of the counsel he talked to
knows him very well and the Rock’s music comes on and the
Rock comes out.

Rock hugs Cody and Cody leaves the ring. After a stare down
Rock and Roman move closer to the center of the ring and
continue the stare down. As the show goes off the air.

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