CM PUNK: CM Punk describes WWE locker room as “remarkable” and “everything it’s supposed to be”

Posted on 2/02/124 by Colin Vassallo

In the final Royal Rumble vlog with CM Punk, the former WWE
and AEW champion described the WWE locker room as
“remarkable” and is sad that he has to temporarily be out of
this amazing situation.

“I truly do believe it sucks, it really f*cking sucks. But
is it the end of the world? No,” Punk said talking about his
triceps tear. “I’ll deal with it, come back bigger, better,
maybe not faster, but strong.”

Asked about the WWE locker room and the support he got, Punk
had nothing but good things to say about the men and women
in the back.

“I’m very careful about saying where you work is your family
because it ain’t your family. Where you work is your job,”
Punk said. “But it’s been a great support system. You know,
I just…the certain looks from certain people I get and I
start crying again.”

Punk singled out Cody Rhodes, saying he’s just a great dude.
In the backstage video, Punk hugs Cody before he goes out
and tells him to go finish his story.

“This locker room is everything it’s supposed to be. It’s
everything this business was sold to me as being and it’s
remarkable,” Punk continued. “And that’s why I’m so sad. I’m
not sad I hurt my arm, I’m sad I’m temporarily out of this
amazing situation.”

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