NXT ON USA: January 30 results

Posted on 1/31/124 by Bob Magee

The show begins with a video package recapping the last few
weeks leading to Vengeance Day.

Opening the show live from a sound stage at the Performance
Center in Orlando is a semifinal match in the ongoing tag
team tournament.

Carmelo Hays & Trick Williams defeated LWO (Joaquin Wilde &
Cruz Del Toro) in the semifinals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag
Team Classic

Williams pinned Hayes to win the match. In winning, Hayes &
Williams advance to the tournament final at Vengeance Day.

LWO went coast-to-coast with stereo dropkicks off the top
rope, for a nearfall on Hayes. Trick jumps in to break up
the count. Hayes went on to do some wickedly cool high spots
with the LWO.

Leading into the finish, Del Toro crashes and burns on an
attempted Phoenix Splash. Wilde goes for a springboard off
the top rope, but Hayes counters into a codebreaker. Trick
tags in, and he delivers a jumping knee strike to Wilde.
Trick then covers him for the pinfall.

Oba Femi runs in to jump the LWO after the match. Femi is
stomping on Wilde & Del Toro. Dragon Lee runs down the ramp
and races into the ring to make a save. Dragon Lee brawls
with Femi. Wilde & Del Toro join in to gang up on Femi.
Undaunted, Femi hulks up and cleans house. Femi swats Dragon
Lee when Lee leaps off the top rope. Femi stands over Lee,
who is Femi's challenger at Vengeance Day.

Ridge Holland is taking backstage with NXT General Manger
Ava, when the are interrupted by Lexis King. He has a gift
basket of his own merch for Ava. King wants to have a
meeting with Ava. She instead books a match between King and
Holland for later tonight. Ava gives Holland the gift
basket, and Holland gives it back to King.

In a skit from earlier tonight, NXT Women's Champion Lyra
Valkyria cannot seem to talk sense into Tatum Paxley.

Roxanne Perez defeated Tatum Paxley

Valkyria is at ringside for guest commentary. Cut to a
commercial break after the entrance of Perez, and Paxley
enters during a split-screen break. The match is joined in
progress after the show returns from the break.

Paxley is working over Perez when is starts mimicking
Valkyria, seemingly trying to impress Valkyria. Instead, it
led to a comeback by Perez. In the closing moments, Perez
counters Paxley to execute Pop Rocks. Perez then cradles
Paxley for a three count.

Paxley tries to attack Perez after the match, and Paxley
pays for it. Valkyria jumps in the ring to pull Perez off
Paxley. Perez and Valkyria then have a stand off, but they
stop short of throwing punches. They are set to met at
Vengeance Day in a women's title match.

Lola Vice defeated Elektra Lopez

Vice pinned Lopez in a grudge match. Their split and grudge
match were rushed, presumably because of plans on the main
roster. Vice is staying in NXT, so she got the win here.
Lopez still got put over for her newfound attitude. Lopez
will apparently now be featured on Smackdown.

Joe Gacy comes to Dijak's hangout, much to the chagrin of
Dijak. Gacy asks to sit. Dijak denies the request, but Gacy
sits down anyway. Gacy has a recording of Dijak on a tape
machine. An enraged Dijak decks Gacy, and a brawl erupts. I
assume this sets up a match between the two.

Lexis King defeated Ridge Holland

King pinned Holland, after run-in by Gallus and the
Coronation finisher. Holland is in control when all of three
members of Gallus run down to ringside. Holland thwarts
Gallus, but the distraction costs Holland. King is able to
cut off the distracted Holland, and King delivers his
finisher. King then goes on to cover Holland for a pinfall.

In an irony of sorts, there is a version of the Pillmanize
spot with a chair, but it did not involve King. Gallus jump
Holland after the match. They put Holland's leg in a chair,
and they hit that chair with another chair. Holland sells
big as Gallus stand over him.

Andre Chase, Duke Hudson and Riley Osborne are heading to
the ring for a ceremony that marks the end of Chase
University. The three are dressed in black, as they are sad.

Chase is particularly sad, and Hudson is solemn. Hudson
throws to a video package highlighting the history of Chase
U. It was entertaining, but it made Chase even more sad. He
says this is goodbye. Chase is then interrupted by Jacy
Jayne's theme music.

Jayne and Thea Hail come down to the ring, Jayne gives a
speech about how she was inspired by Chase U. Jayne tells
them this is not a goodbye to Chase U. Jayne has a plan to
save Chase U, and it involves a "Ladies of Chase U"
calendar. Out marches a bunch of women, who I presume are
all in the calendar. Not a good look in light of recent

Jayne says the projected sales of the calendar should get
Chase U out of debt, and they should even make money on it.
Jayne announces the calendar goes on sale the same night as
Vengeance Day. In light of the result scandal in WWE, a
calendar like this might not be such a good idea.

The Family is featured in a vignette where they cut promos
on OTM ahead of the six-person tag match at Vengeance Day.

Brooks Jensen meets up with Fallon Henley, and he wants to
talk about their good old days. Henley has a rain check
instead, because she has a match up next.

Lexis King confronts the Chase U faction backstage. Riley
Osborne stands up to King, which may lead to a match between
the two. In comes Gacy and Dijak, as they are apparently
still brawling. Shouldn't they be tired by now?

Arianna Grace defeated Fallon Henley (with Wren Sinclair)

Grace pinned Henley, after interference by Lash Legend and
Jakara Jackson. This bout itself was set up with a skit
earlier in the show. The match goes through a commercial
break, although it probably did not need to be that long.

Grace works over Henley, until Henley begins a comeback.
Henley's rally is cut short, as out comes Lash Legend and
Jakara Jackson. Hopping on the apron, Jackson distracts the
referee and Wren Sinclair. On the other side of the ring,
Legend runs down to boot Henley with a high kick. Henley is
rolled back into the ring, where she is covered by Grace for
a three count.

OTM are featured in a vignette, and they cut promos on The
Family ahead of six-person tag match at Vengeance Day.

Meta-Four is getting an entrance into the sound stage when
there is a sudden need to cut to the back like this was
Impact years ago.

Dijak and Joe Gacy are brawling on top of a cargo trailer. A
crowd is gathered watching from below. Dijak slams Gacy off
the trailer in a stunt, and Gacy takes a big bump.

Baron Corbin meets up with Bron Breakker in a locker room
skit. There is comedy over the "Wolfdogs" name. They then
vow to win the Dusty Cup. This was pretty silly.

Noam Dar (with Oro Mensah, Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson)
defeated Von Wagner (with Mr. Stone) to retain his Heritage
Cup Championship

Dar retains after winning two rounds via pinfall. Stone's
children watch from ringside, as they became characters on
the show in a recent vignette with Wagner. Dar and Mensah
taunt the kids after the match, so Wagner powerbombs Mensah
through the announce desk.

Wagner took his time in punishing Dar during the first
round. Dar is saved by the bell, and Dar is seemingly out of
it as the bell sounds to end the first round. Wagner is
still raining down blows. The rest of Meta-Four have to drag
Dar to the corner for the rest period. Wagner tries to drag
Dar away from them, as Stone has to yell at Wagner about the
rules of the rest period.

As round two begins, Wagner jumps Oro Mensah, who is still
in ring following the rest period. Mensah is clotheslined
over the top rope. Wagner is distracted with Mensah, which
allows for Dar to deliver a shining wizard. Dar then covers
Wagner for a pinfall. That ends the second round with Dar
going up 1-0 on Wagner.

Much of the third round takes place during a commercial
break. Wagner is in control as the show returns from the
break, with under a minute left in the round. Legend and
Jackson interfere, and out comes Henley and Sinclair to
brawl with Jackson and Legend. Meanwhile, Dar applies a heel
hook on Wagner. This time Wagner is saved by the bell. Dar
is still up 1-0 after three rounds.

A few minutes into round four, and Wagner is sent crashing
out of the ring on a low bridge. Wagner sells his knee, and
Dar sandwiches the knee into the ring steps with a dropkick.
Back in the ring, Dar runs into a big boot from Wagner.
Although he tries to capitalize, Wagner's knee slightly
buckles. Nevertheless, Wagner recovers to deliver a knee
strike. Wagner measures Dar, but Wagner poses himself
instead. Dar then cradles Wagner for a three count. Dar goes
up 2-0 on Wagner to win the match, and Dar retains the
Heritage Cup.

Mensah and Dar taunt Stone's two sons at ringside. Wagner
makes a save, and he teases putting Dar through the announce
desk. Dar escapes his clutches, but Mensah does not. Wagner
powerbombs Mensah through the announce desk. Wagner and
Stone then celebrate their loss with the studio audience, as
they chant "N-X-T" because of the table spot.

In a skit by the dumpster that Gacy took a bump in, Dijak
wants a no disqualification match with Gacy at Vengeance
Day. Gacy crawls out of the dumpster to accept the

Closing the show is a face-to-face segment where champion
and challenger face off in the ring ahead of their title
match at Vengeance Day.

Trick Williams enters first, and he calls NXT Champion Ilja
Dragunov to the ring. The champ comes out to confront his
challenger. Of course, this leads to banter between the two.

Dragunov tries to plant the seeds of dissension between
Williams and Hayes. Williams thinks Dragunov has been
playing him the whole time. Williams vows to win the tag
titles and the NXT title.

Williams is threatened by Dragunov, and Williams responds by
cutting a promo on Dragunov. This is not the same Trick as
Dragunov saw in their last meeting.

They shake hands after Williams says let the best man win.
Dragunov pulls Williams in for a hug. Williams seems shook
by that, when he is suddenly attacked by Bron Breakker and
Baron Corbin.

Carmelo Hayes runs down to even the odds. Hayes and Williams
team up to run off Breakker and Corbin. Dragunov and
Williams then have a stare down as the show goes off the

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