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Arena: Amalie Arena
City: Tampa, FL

Jey Uso is shown arriving, then Imperium and then Damage

Highlights of the Royal Rumble are then shown.

Cody Rhodes was then shown arriving at the arena.

Pat McAfee makes his way out first to again join the
announce team. Michael Cole then announced it will be
Michael Cole and Pat McAfee going forward as the announce
team for Monday Night Raw.

Out to the ring first C.M. Punk who comes out with his right
arm in a sling. Punk says he came close, and he is not mad
at anyone and congratulates Cody Rhodes and he doesn’t want
anyone to feel sorry for him. Punk then tells a story about
a friend of his with cancer who he sits with while he gets
his treatments and that’s a fight and he just has a flesh
wound. He says he is a Chicago Cubs fan and says there is
always next year as WrestleMania 40 is out of the cards for

Drew McIntyre comes out to interrupt Punk. Drew said he said
some horrible things about him since his return. And as he
listened to him talk, he can relate to him completely. Drew
said he has never been much of a spiritual person, but he
prayed for this, and it happened. He targeted Punk at Royal
Rumble. Drew said he is going to find his way into the main
event at WrestleMania and live Punk’s dream.

Punk said his heart hurts more than his arm, but he is going
to go rehab it and come back and main event WrestleMania,
but his first target will be Drew. Drew then attacked Punk
until Sami Zayn came out to save Punk.

The Judgment Day talk in their locker room about showing the
world who they are.

DIY are then shown walking backstage and it’s their time to
show the world who they are.

DIY VS. Finn Balor & Damian Priest for the Undisputed WWE
Tag Team Championship

Priest dropped Gargano on the announce desk, then hit the
Razor’s Edge on Ciampa in the ring and Finn hits Coupe De
Grace for the win.

Winners and Still Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions: Finn
Balor & Damian Priest

Priest says we have seen a different side to them lately and
its because of one person and after the Royal Rumble, Priest
feels like he should apologize. R-Truth comes out. Truth
says Priest is like his older brother and Finn is like the
weird uncle that does weird stuff, but we still love him, he
didn’t say anything about Dominik and JD is like the one
they don’t want to claim.

Priest said at some point you need to let someone else
finish talking and you’re not part of the Judgment Day and
you never were. Priest told Truth that he likes him, which
is why he’s not going to do this himself. JD and Dominik
then attacked Truth and The Miz comes out to try and save
Truth. But the Judgment Day, with more bodies, left both
Truth and The Miz laying in the ring.

Zoey Stark & Shayna Baszler VS. Chelsea Green & Piper Niven

Shayna pulled Niven off the apron and Stark hit Green with
the Z360 and got the win.

Winners: Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark

Out for the next in ring promo is the winner of the 2023 &
2024 Men’s Royal Rumble the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes.
As Cody talks, he is interrupted by the WWE World Champion
Seth “Freakin” Rollins.

Seth told Cody he deserved it and congratulated him and
tells Cody if he chooses to fight Roman Reigns at
WrestleMania he is making a mistake and says Cody should
fight him instead. Fans chant “No”. Seth says he hears the
fans’ concerns, but he wants them to hear him out. Seth says
at the press conference he said he was the guy and that is
not the case and Roman Reigns isn’t even the guy…but Seth is
the guy.

Seth then tells Cody that he was there with him while
defending the World title and the whole reason this title
came to be is because the fans were tired of Roman Reigns
barely showing up and always cheating to win. This is our
title. He then called the Universal title the fraud title,
“the Hogan title” and asked Cody if he wanted that title or
the “Dusty Rhodes title” the blue-collar title the workhorse

Seth says he doesn’t want the answer right now, but he wants
to know what’s in Cody’s heart. He asked Cody what kind of
man he wanted to be. Cody said he has an insane amount of
respect for him, and this is the last thing he would be
thinking or talking about, but he will think about it.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are shown backstage, and they
talk about winning championships. Kofi challenges Gunther

Main Event Jey Uso VS. Big Bronson Reed

Reed misses the Tsunami when Jey moved and Jey hit a
superkick, a spear and then the Uso Splash for the win.

Winner: Main Event Jey Uso

Andrade signs a Raw contract and Nick Aldis walked in and
said Smackdown had a very handsome offer for you. Nick said
he lent Bayley to Pearce so he would have both Royal Rumble
winners here tonight and Nick’s phone rang, and it was Bron

Gunther is then shown and tells Kofi he is fighting for his
legacy but after tonight he is going to forget about him.

Jackie Redmond interviewed Becky Lynch about not winning the
Royal Rumble and asked her what plan B is. Becky says train
harder, fight harder and a little dirtier but she won’t

Gunther VS. Kofi Kingston for the WWE Intercontinental

After pin attempts by both men, it was Gunther that hit Kofi
with his powerbomb that kept Kofi down for the three count.

Winner and still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Gunther

After the match Xavier Woods is out to check on Kofi and
Kaiser and Vinci come in and attack both Woods and Kofi.
Throwing Woods headfirst into the ring post.

Jackie Redmond interviewed Sami Zayn about his match with
Drew McIntyre. Sami says Drew needs a reality check and he
is going to give him one.

Kabuki Warriors VS. Teagan Nox & Natalya

With Nox out on the floor the Kabuki Warriors hit the
elbow/neck breaker, moved on Natalya and got the win.

Winners: the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions the Kabuki

Jackie Redmond interviewed Kayden Carter and Katana Chance.
They talked to Adam Pearce and next week they get their
rematch for the tag titles.

The Kabuki Warriors are still in the ring as Samantha Irvin
introduces the woman’s Royal Rumble winner Bayley. Iyo Sky
and Dakota Kai are also in the ring with Bayley. As Bayley
talked, she is interrupted by Rhea Ripley who quickly got
attacked by Nia Jax. In the ring Nia drops 3 leg drops on
Rhea then the annihilator as Damage Control watch in the
corner . Nia then turned around and Damage Control all slid
out of the ring leaving Bayley by herself. Nia told Bayley
to pick Iyo or anyone else, but Rhea isn’t making it to
WrestleMania and Bayley said she will make her announcement
on Friday.

Sami Zayn VS. Drew McIntyre
Sami went for a Helluva kick and Drew dropped down and
covered up and Sami ended up with a low blow. Drew then
catches Sami with a Claymore and pinned Sami.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

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