CM PUNK: CM Punk out for several months with torn triceps

Posted on 1/30/124 by Colin Vassallo

Monday Night Raw kicked off with CM Punk coming out with his
right arm in a sling as fans inside Tampa chanted for him.

Standing in the middle of the ring and looking at the
WrestleMania XL sign, an obviously disappointed CM Punk said
he came really close on Saturday night and felt he had it
right in his hand.

“I’m not mad at Cody Rhodes,” Punk said, while
congratulating him. He said this business is what you earn
and not what you deserve and he certainly earned it and
hopes that he goes to WrestleMania and finishes the story.

He said that during the match, he tore his right tricep. He
tried to tape it up and go to Elimination Chamber but that’s
not going to happen.

He said he doesn’t want anyone to feel sorry for himself and
became very emotional when recounting the story of his
friend who has cancer and said this just a flesh wound
compared to what his friend is going through every day.

“This is just a bump in the road,” Punk said. “Best in the
world is those people who fight cancer. Me? I just happen to
entertain you and for some reason you people love me,” he

Punk said that WrestleMania 40 “is not in the cards this
year” but as a Chicago Cubs fan, he’s used to “there’s
always next year.”

Punk was rudely interrupted by Drew McIntyre, who looked
sincere in the beginning but then said that he is not a
religious person but he prayed for this to happen.

“I’m gonna go rehabbing and when I come back I will main
event WrestleMania,” Punk told Drew, but when he comes back,
he will take Drew down first.

McIntyre then attacked Punk and Punk tried to fight back but
Drew overpowered him, eventually stomping his tricep. Sami
Zayn then came out for the save.

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