Senior WWE referee Mike Chioda is coming to Storytellers

Posted on 1/29/124 by Jason Calabrese


Orlando, Florida - Saturday, January 27, 2024

Storytellers Pro Wrestling Work Zone located in Orlando, FL
is thrilled to announce a significant addition to its roster
of esteemed wrestling professionals. Senior Referee Mike
Chioda, renowned as the longest-tenured referee in WWE
history, joins the Orlando-based wrestling education hub to
share his wealth of knowledge and experience with aspiring

Having traveled the globe for over three decades with WWE,
Chioda brings an unparalleled level of expertise to the
Storytellers Pro Wrestling Work Zone. His tenure is marked
by officiating some of the most iconic matches and
witnessing the evolution of the wrestling industry.

To kick off this exciting collaboration with Third Man In
The Ring, we introduce these groundbreaking educational
courses EXCLUSIVE for pro wrestling referees with Mr. Chioda
hosting a seminar on Saturday, April 20th, starting at 11
am, catering to passionate referees, however, wrestlers, and
managers of all levels are welcome too.

Following the seminar, Chioda will lead a private and
personalized 5-hour in-ring pro wrestling referee training
course, offering a unique opportunity for participants to
learn from a seasoned professional.

This intense Mat Masterclass promises to be a game-changer
for participants seeking an understanding of the craft,
refinement of their skills, and increases in quality booking

Included that day, participants will have the privilege of a
photo opportunity with Mike Chioda, capturing a moment with
the legendary referee. Additionally, each participant will
receive an autographed 8x10, making this experience truly

Aspiring candidates ready to embark on this transformative
journey can visit the website or email for detailed information
on registration, pricing, payment options, lodging, etc.

This commitment to one's wrestling journey is rewarded with
a rumbling EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT for those who sign up
promptly. A limited-time offer not only ensures access to
top-tier training but also provides participants with a
chance to save on the total cost.

We all have a story to finish. The road to yours…starts
here. Seize the best opportunity to elevate your game and
secure your spot NOW!


**Limited Spots Available

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