CODY RHODES: Cody Rhodes after the Rumble: “I am the guy and I have been the guy”

Posted on 1/28/124 by Colin Vassallo

Cody Rhodes entered the Royal Rumble press conference with
one clear message to the wrestling media: he’s the man for
the job.

Addressing the media before they even got to ask one
question, Cody referred to the memes and the GIFs that have
been floating around about him, making fun of his story and
seemingly his inability to finish it.

Misinformation spread like wildfire this week which added to
those memes, but Cody won the Rumble and is on track to
continue his story against Roman once again at WrestleMania.

“Here’s the news, here’s headline. I am the guy and I have
been the guy,” Cody said. “And I am a three-count or a
submission away from being the quarterback of the greatest,
most prosperous era in the history of sports entertainment.”

Triple H, who took the seat at the press conference
following Cody, echoed those statements.

“There is nobody more dedicated to this craft, the respect
that he has for it is second to none,” Triple H said of
Cody. “I love that, I love his dedication to our WWE
Universe, the fans, to anybody. He is the right human being.
He is the right person.”

Levesque said that he’s incredibly proud of Cody and he is
absolutely the future of this for all the right reasons.

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