ROYAL RUMBLE: Royal Rumble press conference to go ahead as planned tonight

Posted on 1/27/124 by Colin Vassallo

The WWE Royal Rumble press conference is set to go ahead as
planned tonight immediately following the conclusion of the
premium live event.

Things could get very interesting for Paul “Triple H”
Levesque at the press conference as the media will
undoubtedly bring up the big elephant in the room: the
lawsuit and the resignation of Vince McMahon as Chairman of
TKO Group Holdings.

Levesque in the past defended McMahon’s presence in WWE
during these press conferences even though he, along with his
wife Stephanie and Nick Khan had voted against Vince coming
back last year when eventually he used his voting power to

Whoever is answering questions tonight could go the Tony Khan
way and “no comment” to every lawsuit-related question or
they could address it and move on.

But one thing is for sure: whoever attending that press
conference has to ask the tough questions, and not just once.

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