VINCE MCMAHON LAWSUIT: “Former UFC Heavyweight champion” and “WWE Superstar” in Janel Grant lawsuit refer to same individual

Posted on 1/25/124 by Colin Vassallo

The Wall Street Journal identified Brock Lesnar as one of
the people mentioned in the Janel Grant lawsuit against
Vince McMahon were Lesnar received several sexual content
featuring Janel Grant in an effort to get him re-signed with

The lawsuit states that McMahon, Chairman and CEO of WWE at
the time, began sharing sexually explicit photos and videos
of Grant including pornographic material he recorded which
he sent to other men, including those who worked in the

Members of the TV production tech team, other executives,
producers, and “a world-famous athlete and former UFC
Heavyweight Champion” were on the receiving end of these

The former UFC champion listed in the lawsuit is described
as someone who WWE “was actively trying to sign to a new
contract” and was later referred to as “WWE Superstar.”

The lawsuit states that McMahon began to recruit the WWE
Superstar for a sexual encounter with Grant while she was
still a coordinator in the legal department and he informed
her that he would be their next “playmate.”

“As in other instances, McMahon described his fantasy of
seeing Ms. Grant engaged in unmerciful sexual acts with WWE
Superstar during which he would ‘rip’ her open,” the lawsuit
continues, adding that McMahon told Grant that he wanted to
have this WWE Superstar under a new contract even though he
indicated an interest in a “return to other professional

In July 2021, McMahon allegedly directed Grant to create
personalized sexual content for this particular WWE
Superstar and after sharing this content, McMahon told Grant
that “he likes what he sees.”

Several days later, McMahon and this WWE Superstar met for a
business dinner as well as a sexual encounter with Grant.
Prior to the dinner with McMahon, this WWE Superstar made a
brief visit to Grant’s building but did not return for sex
because he was too intoxicated after dinner and was taken
back to the private jet.

We reached out to Ms Grant’s legal team who confirmed that
the former UFC Heavyweight champion and the WWE Superstar
listed in the lawsuit in section J are the same person.

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