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Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and “The Human Suplex Machine”
Taz were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!

AEW World Champion Samoa Joe kicked off the show, dressed in
a business suit, and eager to speak his mind!

Samoa Joe: “I stand before you your undisputed, undeniable
AEW World Champion. And tonight is a night of celebration
because a new championship endeavor, we embark upon tonight.
No more will AEW Championship opportunities be given. No,
tonight, they must be earned. That’s why all your favorite
AEW superstars are going to battle tooth and nail in this
ring, all for an opportunity at my championship gold.

“I come here with a warning. You may think you’re getting an
opportunity at a championship. But I’m here to tell you it’s
going to be an opportunity to have the worst night of your
life. Anyone that comes in here, I’m going to do them like I
did Hook last week. I will take everything from you!”

FTW Champion Hook’s music began to play! Hook entered the
ring with a microphone.

HOOK: “Last week you won, I lost.”

Hook extended his hand and offered it to Samoa Joe before
they embraced.

Hook: “I don’t know when, and I don’t know where, but I will
see you again.”

Samoa Joe: “I bet you will. Now if you excuse me, I came
here to survey the field, so you can get to the back of the
line. Security, get the unworthy out of my ring.”

AEW Security entered the ring but Hook suplexed them until
Hook had enough and stormed off, defiantly scowling at Samoa
Joe on his way out.

“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Penta El Zero Miedo (with Alex

AEW World Champion Samoa Joe joined the broadcast team.

They began with a collar and elbow tie up. Page backed Penta
into the ropes and then allowed for a clean break. It
quickly escalated as both men brought heavy shots,
blistering one another with chops. Penta connected with a
thrust kick, but Page returned with a big boot of his own.
Penta El Zero Miedo wiped out Hangman Page with a Sling
Blade. Hangman retaliated with a fallaway slam and then a
standing shooting star press for a near fall.

Penta El Zero Miedo hit a leg drop from off the bottom rope
for a two-count on Page. They traded chops again. Hangman
landed a thrust kick but then they knocked each other down
with clotheslines, both men having the same idea.

Penta flew over the top rope with a tope con hiro and
crashed onto Hangman Page outside the ring! Page dodged a
double stomp and countered with a Death Valley Driver on
Penta El Zero Miedo for a near fall. Penta planted Page in
the center of the ring and nearly put away the former AEW
World Champion.

Hangman Page stunned Penta El Zero Miedo with a pop up
powerbomb. They traded strikes on the ring apron. Hangman
went for the Buckshot Lariat, but Penta blocked it and
nailed Hangman with the Made in Japan for a two-count!

Hangman Page drilled Penta El Zero Miedo with a Dead Eye on
the apron! Page connected with the Buckshot Lariat and
pinned Penta El Zero Miedo!

“Boy, that’s a big win as far as rankings go,” said Tony

Page pointed at Samoa Joe and his championship and yelled,
“I am taking that away from you!”

Renee Paquette was backstage with AEW International Champion
“Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy!

Renee wanted to know Orange’s reaction to Roderick Strong’s

Orange: “My reaction to that is okay. I will wrestle you for
my International Championship at Revolution on March 3rd. If
you want to wait that long, fine, but I’m not going to wait.
I’m going to keep wrestling because that’s what I do. I told
Tony to put some of my friends and enemies in a match on
Rampage and the winner of that will face me for my
championship on Collision. So, I guess Tony is going to do

The Young Bucks—Nicholas and Matthew Jackson, were walking
backstage when Alex Marvez approached them, hoping to get a
word with them!

Nicholas: “Our first plan of action as executives? Let’s
talk about your first plan of action. By showing a little
more respect to us. By calling us by our passport names of
Nicholas and Matthew Jackson.”

Matthew: “Alex, as the last two remaining, surviving, EVPs,
backstage chatter and buzz is through the roof. We fixed the
catering problem. Did you have lunch? You’re welcome. Most
importantly we’re just here to make sure the show runs
smoothly. Let’s have a killer show.”

Top Flight—Dante and Darius Martin were walking down the
hall past the Young Bucks.

Nicholas: “Look who’s showing up so late tonight.”

Matthew: “Did you guys just get here?”

Darius: “No, we’ve been here since one.”

Matthew: “Why aren’t you in your gear and where’s your dang

Dante: “Credentials? You guys hired us.”

Nicholas: “Next time it’s going to be a fine, but we love
you guys.”

Matthew: “Hey, we’re just kidding.”

The Undisputed Kingdom’s Wardlow (with Adam Cole, Roderick
Strong, and ROH World Tag Team Champions Matt Taven & Mike
Best Friend’s Trent Beretta (with Rocky Romero, Chuck
Taylor, & AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy)!

Wardlow sent Trent for a loop with a big shoulder tackle
right out of the gate! Wardlow hurled Trent halfway across
the ring. Wardlow was looking for the Powerbomb Symphony,
but Trent cradled him with a small package for a near fall.

Wardlow charged at Trent, but Trent ducked him and then
dropkicked Wardlow through the ring ropes. Trent went over
the top rope, but Wardlow countered with a beautiful anti
air forearm. Wardlow whipped Trent into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Wardlow headbutted Trent in the chest.
Trent countered a lariat with a jumping knee strike. Trent
connected with a tope suicida. Trent walloped Wardlow with a
steel chair. Trent rocked Wardlow with a half and half
suplex in the ring, followed by a DDT. Trent spiked Wardlow
with a piledriver for a near fall!

Trent climbed to the top rope and went for a crossbody, but
Wardlow caught him and powerslammed Trent! Wardlow power
bombed a limp Trent and pinned him! After the match, Wardlow
tried to grab Trent again, but the Best Friends saw enough
and entered the ring. The Undisputed Kingdom called off the
“War Dog”.

Excalibur announced that this Saturday on Collision it’ll be
the “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs Yuji Nagata!

AEW Women’s World Champion “Timeless” Toni Storm went face-
to-face with “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo during an
interview on the stage with Renee Paquette!

Luther the Butler and Mariah May joined Toni on the stage.

Toni: “I will speak first. Deonna, I believe you were
recently body shamed. Which I think is ridiculous because
there is so much more to shame about you. Yes, we do have
history, but that doesn’t mean you can just waltz in here to
get yourself a title shot! I have had many friends and all
of them less talented than me. You may be the greatest
technical wrestler in the world today but let me make one
thing clear. If you step into that ring with me, I will
twist your lips so hard you will need an epidural!”

Deonna: “This is insane. I didn’t come to AEW to make
friends. I came to become the AEW Women’s World Champion. It
just so happens, Toni, that the champion used to be my
friend. But I have no problem earning a title opportunity
and winning arm by arm. This isn’t the Toni Storm that I
want to wrestle, this delusional sham.

“I want to wrestle the Toni Storm that lived on dojo floors
with me, that moved to America and lived in my house. That
Toni Storm was arguably one of the best in the world. And
that Toni Storm is the one I want to beat for the AEW
Women’s World Championship. So, I’m begging you, dig down
deep inside yourself and find that version of yourself. And
if you need a reminder, take a look at your ankle, because
I’m sure it looks a lot like mine.”

Deonna revealed she and Toni had matching ankle tattoos.

Deonna: “You might have everyone here fooled, Toni, but not

Toni: “You know what, Deonna? You can take your little
tattoo and blow it right out of your bumhole!”

Toni whipped a shoe at Deonna and Deonna threw a shoe right
back at Toni! Deonna attempted to put Toni in the Venus De
Milo but Mariah May grabbed Toni by the leg and yanked her
away from Deonna’s grasp! Deonna pump kicked Luther in the
face! Mariah May and Toni Storm were fleeing when Deonna
took Toni’s World championship and hoisted it into the air!

“Could this be a vision of the future?” wondered Excalibur.

Jon Moxley was backstage!

Mox: “Since you first heard the words ‘Blackpool Combat
Club’, do you know how many matches we’ve won. I don’t keep
track, but trust me, it’s a lot. Do you know how many
victory parties we’ve had? Zero. We don’t spend a lot of
time patting each other on the back because we don’t have
the time. There’s always another match around the corner.
And that’s what it takes to be the best, to be elite

“A lot of people come here, and they don’t know what elite
means. In 2024 I will maim and torture anyone that can’t
keep up in the ring! I’m going to do it every single time!”

Excalibur announced this Friday on Rampage it’ll be Jon
Moxley against Shane Taylor Promotions’ Lee Moriarty!

Taya Valkyrie and Johnny TV requested a moment of our time!

Taya: “Let me re-introduce ourselves. I am Taya Valkyrie,
and this is Johnny TV. The most TV-ready couple in AEW. Now
I’ve been watching, and some things are really starting to
piss me off. That girl that’s trying to jump to the head of
the line? Deonna? Listen, I’m not one of those girlies that
don’t know who ‘the virtuosa’ is. I know her very well. So,
I challenge you to a little match next week on Dynamite. And
then after that you can get to the back of the line.”

Up next: Swerve Strickland (with Prince Nana) vs. Jeff Hardy
(with Matt Hardy)!

Swerve used a side headlock takeover, looking to make a
quick end to this, but Jeff escaped. Hardy rolled up Swerve,
grabbing a handful of tights, but Swerve kicked out. Swerve
nailed Jeff with a nasty back breaker. Swerve was going for
an arm breaker, but Matt jumped on the apron and pointed at
Swerve. As Swerve was distracted by Matt, Jeff kicked
upwards at Swerve.

Jeff dropkicked Swerve in the back. Jeff used a Russian Leg
Sweep. Jeff rammed Swerve into the top turnbuckle. Swerve
swept out Jeff’s legs and then kicked him in the jaw. Swerve
blasted Jeff with a neck breaker from the apron, as Jeff’s
legs were hung up in the ropes. Swerve set up a folding
chair and put Jeff on it. But Jeff got up and swept out
Swerve’s legs. Jeff ran and leaped off the steel ring steps,
crashing onto Swerve who was on the barricade!

Jeff knocked Swerve off the turnbuckles with a headbutt.
Swerve climbed back up and clubbed Jeff with forearms. Jeff
fought back, took flight and landed on Swerve! Jeff
connected with a sling blade and then a Manhattan Drop. Jeff
dropped an elbow, but Swerve kicked out at the two-count.

Swerve shoved Jeff Hardy over the top rope. Swerve pulled
Jeff into the steel ring post! Swerve pulled Jeff onto the
steel ring steps but Jeff countered with a Twist of Fate,
driving Swerve’s forehead into the steps! Jeff climbed to
the top turnbuckle and went for the Swanton, but Swerve
rolled out of the way. Swerve blasted Jeff with the House
Call for a near fall!

“What a kick out! I thought he had Hardy dead right there,”
said Taz.

Swerve was looking for a Twits of Fate of his own, but Jeff
reversed it with a cradle for a near fall. Jeff stunned
Swerve with a series of jawbreakers. Swerve lured Jeff in
and planted him with a flatliner. Swerve nailed Jeff with a
delayed vertical suplex. Swerve crushed Jeff with the Swerve
Stomp and pinned Jeff Hardy!

After a commercial break, Renee Paquette interviewed
“Hangman” Adam Page backstage!

Renee congratulated Hangman on being 3-0 in 2024, which, in
her opinion, should be putting him pretty close to the top
of the rankings once they drop at the end of the month.

Prince Nana and Swerve Strickland interrupted Renee.

Swerve: “Why are you interviewing this man? Did you see what
I just did out there to Jeff Hardy? I’m undefeated in 2024
as well. Another fun fact. Who is the last person that beat
you, Hangman?”

Hangman: “It’s New Year, New Me, dumbass. So, I’m 3-0, and
if I were a betting man, I would bet that someone is going
to come along and knock you down these rankings before you
get a whiff of the World title.”

Renee had some breaking news! “Next week on Dynamite both of
you will be in Dealer’s Choice matches, choosing each
other’s match,” Renee said.

“Well, they choose each other’s opponent,” added Tony
Schiavone on commentary.

“Yeah, that’s definitely intriguing,” replied Taz.

Thunder Rosa vs. Red Velvet!

Thunder Rosa used a gator roll on Red Velvet until they
reached the ropes. They got to their feet and traded arm
drags. Red Velvet swept out Thunder Rosa’s legs on the ring
apron. Red Velvet rocked Rosa with stiff chops.

A slug fest broke out in the ring. Thunder Rosa connected
with a running clothesline in the corner, and they drove her
knees into Red Velvet. Thunder Rosa hit a Northern Lights
Suplex for a near fall. Red Velvet stomped on Thunder Rosa’s
midsection. Red Velvet followed up with a knee strike to the
back of Thunder Rosa’s head.

Thunder Rosa blasted Red Velvet with a shotgun dropkick.
Thunder Rosa finished off Red Velvet with the Tijuana Bomb
and pinned her!

Tony Schiavone was in the ring to interview Darby Allin and

Darby Allin: “I want to take a few seconds to talk about a
few things. Everyone always asks me what it’s like to tag
with “the Icon” Sting. I want to talk about the impact that
Sting has had on my career. It started back in 2015 in my
first year in professional wrestling, when I saw this man’s
career essentially end early from a neck injury. I thought
to myself, ‘What if that was me? What if my life’s work was
cut short?’

“And then all these years later I hear that Sting is coming
to AEW. And I don’t know exactly what for because I heard
he’d never wrestle again. And you remember this part, Sting.
I flew to your house in Texas, you had a wrestling ring in
your garage, and we were rolling around in the ring. And
within five minutes I looked at you and what did I say to
you? I looked you right in the eyes and I said, ‘You’ve
still got it.’ And I’m not lying to you.”

The Young Bucks—Matthew and Nicholas Jackson were showing
backstage, wearing headsets and watching monitors!

Darby: “And I told you to get back in this ring and finish
the career on your own terms! And now look at us, 27-0,
undefeated. And the rankings are back so I think that puts
us in the top spot as number one contenders against Big Bill
and Ricky Starks for the AEW World Tag Team Championships.
And we’d be kind of dumb asses not to take the opportunity.
So, I’m going to look you in the eyes and say this one more
time: ‘You’ve still got it.’ But I’m not alone this time. I
think the fans agree that you’ve still got it!”

The fans chanted “You still got it! You still got it!”

Darby: “So what do you say, Sting? Do you want to end your
career as AEW World Tag Team Champions? It’s all you, man.”

Sting: “Alright, I’m all in.”

After a commercial break, AEW World Tag Team Champions
“Absolute” Ricky Starks and Big Bill responded to Sting and
Darby Allin backstage!

Big Bill: “Sting and Darby Allin, thank you for finally
having the respect to address us by name. Thank you for
having the respect to address us as the AEW World Tag
Champions. And as far as your challenge goes, we accept your

Starks: “It’s kind of fitting, Sting, that you started your
career with me and a partner of mine in your very first
match back after six years. And it’s very fitting that now
and the best partner I have will be the end of you. You are
not making it to Revolution, so you might as well pay us the
proper respect that we deserve. Lay down so we can walk
right over you and Darby Allin.”

AEW World Trios Championship Match!
The Acclaimed—Anthony Bowens & Max Caster and Daddy Ass (c.)
(with ROH World Six-Man Champions Bullet Club Gold)
The Mogul Embassy—Bishop Kaun, Toa Liona, & “The Machine”
Brian Cage!

Brian Cage rammed Caster in the corner with his shoulder.
Caster dropkicked Cage. Bowens grabbed a tag and chopped
Brian Cage. Bowens pounded Cage with elbows to the back of
the head.

Toa and Kaun doubled teamed Bowens in the Mogul Embassy’s
corner, utilizing rapid tags. Bowens tried for a tag, but
Kaun and Toa pulled Daddy Ass and Max Caster off the apron.
Toa ate an elbow strike from Bowens. Daddy Ass finally got a
tag and cleaned house on the Mogul Embassy!

Daddy Ass got pounced by Toa. Bowens rocked Toa with a
thrust kick. Caster struck Brian Cage with a backhand. Kaun
nailed Caster with a shotgun dropkick. Prince Nana slid a
steel chair into the ring. The ref was distracted by Prince
Nana. Bishop Kaun was about to whack Billy with the chair,
but “Switchblade” Jay White yanked the chair out of Kaun’s

“The Bang Bang Scissor Gang, they’ve got each other’s
backs,” said Excalibur.

The Gunns power bombed Prince Nana through the timekeeper’s

“They were right, perhaps there is strength in numbers.
Bullet Club Gold the difference makers tonight,” said

Billy Gunn rocked Bishop Kaun with the Fame-Asser! Bowens
blasted Bishop with the Arrival! Caster hit the Mic Drop and
finished off Bishop Kaun for the pinfall victory!

Main Event Time!

“The Rated R Superstar” Adam Copeland vs. Minoru Suzuki!

Copeland and Suzuki slugged it out in the center of the
ring. Copeland got his bell rung and collapsed to the mat.
Copeland got back up and Suzuki crumbled him again with a
solid forearm on the jaw. Copeland backdropped his way out
of an attempted piledriver.

Copeland booted Suzuki through the ropes. Suzuki pulled
Copeland onto the floor, but Copeland shoved Suzuki through
the barricade. Copeland and Suzuki barely made it back into
the ring, but they were able to break the ref’s count just
in the nick of time.

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Suzuki and Copeland were on their knees but exchanged
stinging elbows. They got to their feet and traded open hand
palm strikes, both men knocking one another down.

Tony Schiavone announced breaking news from Tony Khan! Two
weeks away in Phoenix on Dynamite it’ll be AEW World Tag
Team Champions “Absolute” Ricky Starks and Big Bill
defending their titles against Sting and Darby Allin!

Suzuki had Copeland on spaghetti legs after more open palm
strikes. Copeland spiked Suzuki with the Impaler! Copeland
tried for a spear, but Suzuki countered with an arm bar!
Copeland reached the ropes, forcing the ref to break up the

Copeland speared Suzuki but Suzuki kicked out at the two-
count! Suzuki locked in a rear naked sleeper! Copeland was
fading fast. Copeland got to his feet and smashed Suzuki
into an exposed turnbuckle corner. Copeland cracked Suzuki
with the Killswitch, sending a clear message to Christian
Cage! Copeland covered Suzuki and scored the pin!

TNT Champion Christian Cage was seen watching on a monitor

“Christian Cage looks discussed seeing that,” said Taz.

Copeland asked for a microphone.

Copeland: “I’ve never been hit that hard in my life. Suzuki,

Copeland offered his hand to Suzuki. Suzuki growled and
walked away, not taking the loss easy.

Copeland: “I would have been disappointed if he did shake my
hand. That was a war. The kind of war that Christian Cage
knows nothing about. Christian, I am still coming for you!”

Catch AEW DYNAMITE on TBS next Wednesday live at 8/7ct from
the UNO Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, LA!

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