NXT ON USA: January 23 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 1/24/124 by Bob Magee

Opening the show live from a sound stage at the Performance
Center in Orlando is a semifinal match in the ongoing Dusty
Classic. Although their personalities and team dynamic are
different, both pairs are similar in being essentially odd
couple tag teams.

Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin defeated Nathan Frazier & Axiom
in a semifinal of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Breakker pinned Frazier to win the match, which was a great
opener. Breakker & Corbin now advance to the tournament

Frazier & Axiom get on a roll early on before the bell ever
sounds to start the match. Stereo dives, and a parade of
high spots, before they get in the ring to officially start
the bout.

The tide turns just as the show is about to take a
commercial break, when he aerial tactics eventually cost
Axiom & Frazier. Corbin counters a flying headscissors, and
Corbin powerbombs Axiom on the announce desk. Frazier is
caught on a high cross, and Breakker powerslams Frazier.

The match goes through a split-screen break. Breakker &
Corbin are in control as the show returns from commercials.
Breakker releases Axiom on a back drop and turns it into a
cutter in an impressive spot.

Hot tag to Frazier, and Frazier is on fire moving at a rapid
pace. Frazier leaps off the top turnbuckle into a flying
crossbody on both Corbin & Breakker. Axiom & Frazier with
back-to-back frog splashes for a near fall. Up next is a
submission spot that Breakker breaks up by powerbombing
Axiom on Frazier.

Corbin cuts off the babyface duo, and Corbin gets a near
fall on Axiom. Frazier & Axiom get one last hurrah before
they go home. Frazier executes a Spanish Fly on Breakker,
and Frazier follows up with a Phoenix Splash. Corbin rushes
in to break up a pinning attempt.

Corbin plants Axiom with End of Days. Corbin goes for the
same finisher on Frazier, but Frazier counters. Breakker was
waiting, and he pounces with a spear. That was worth of a
highlight reel. Breakker then covers Frazier for a three
count. Breakker & Corbin move on to the finals of the Dusty

Josh Briggs confronts NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov in a
backstage skit. In comes Trick Williams to break them up.
That led to Briggs and Williams having words, which sets up
a match for later on. Dragunov said he will be watching.

Wren Sinclair is nervous about her match tonight, and Fallon
Henley give her a pep talk.

Ava is the new General Manager of NXT. William Regal appears
in a skit with Ava to deliver the big news. He and Ava come
out of Shawn Michaels' office. Regal congratulates Ava on
being the youngest GM in WWE history. Regal asks Ava to look
after the brand, and Ava thanks him.

Lash Legend (with Jakara Jackson, Oro Mensah & Noam Dar)
defeated Wren Sinclair

Legend pinned Sinclair in what was Sinclair's singles debut
on NXT. This match was set up last week when Sinclair
eliminated Sinclair from a battle royal.

Jackson interferes, but that backfires. Legend is still
about to execute her chokeslam/spinebuster combo finisher.
Legend the covers Sinclair for a pinfall.

Meta-Four surrounds Sinclair after the match in a menacing
way. Fallon Henley runs down to make a save, and at the
heels flee.

There is some time devoted to plugging the new WWE video

Dijak vs. Joe Gacy brawl to no-contest

They picked up where they left off last week, and they began
brawling before the bell. Dijak cannot even get his jacket
off. Gacy hits Dijak with a chair shot. Dijak would counter
a moment later, and Dijak kicks Gacy through a gimmicked

Unbeknownst to Dijak, Gacy crawls out of the wall with a
smirk on his face. Gacy then fires up on Dijak, until Dijak
puts Gacy through the announce desk. Referees and officials
pour out trying to separate them, to no avail.

Gacy rises again from the ashes, and he catches Dijak in a
sleeper. Gacy is peeled off by officials, as the bout ends
before it even begins.

In a vignette, Von Wagner trains at a college football
stadium with Mr. Stone and Stone's two sons.

Lexis King defeated Trey Bearhill

This was a grudge match weeks in the making that was thrown
on a random episode of NXT like a filler match. This was
about getting King over. He won via pinfall, after executing
his Coronation finisher.

In a locker room skit, Carmelo Hayes warns Trick Williams
that Dragunov is playing Williams.

Lola Vice is the guest on Supernova Sessions, hosted by Noam
Dar and Oro Mensah. Vice sits down with Dar and Mensah to
talk about Elektra Lopez. Vice and Lopez broke up last week
when Vice eliminated Lopez last week in a battle royal.

Vice cuts a promo on Lopez, which brings out Lopez to
interrupt. Lopez confronts Vice, and Lopez cuts a heck of a
promo on Vice. Vice is getting the push, but Lopez is such a
better talker than her.

Next week on NXT is Lopez and Vice in a singles mach. Lopez
says she cannot wait until next week, and Lopez spears Vice
onto the Supernova couch. Referees pout out for a pull-

The Family cuts a promo on social media with a warning to
OTM, in response to OTM roughing up the staff at The
Family's Italian restaurant.

Chase University is being cleaned out, literally. The crew
took everything, including Duke Hudson's MVP trophy and
Andre Chase's podium. Next week Hudson and Chase say their
final goodbyes to Chase U.

Dragon Lee defeated Scrypts (with OTM)

They had a pretty good match, but it became a backdrop for
other storytelling beyond the match itself. OTM had trashed
The Family's restaurant, and The Family was out for revenge.

Out runs Tony D'Angelo & Stacks. They get into a brawl with
Lucien Price and Bronco Lima. The two teams brawl around
ringside. Adrianna Rizza does a tope on Jaida Parker. This
would seem to set up a trios match, possibly even for the
tag straps.

For the finish of the match that was still ongoing, Dragon
Lee executes his finisher on Scrypts. Lee then scores a

New NXT North American Champion Oba Femi appears on a perch
overlooking the ring. He informs Lee to has accepted Lee's
challenge for a return title match at Vengeance Day.

Blair Davenport defeated Karmen Petrovic

Much like other women's match-ups on this episode, this was
set up in the battle royal last week. Davenport got the win
after her knee strike finisher. This was a showcase match
for Davenport.

Ridge Holland in a backstage interview says he plans to take
on the Gallus trio by himself.

Trick Williams defeated Josh Briggs

NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov is watching at ringside. while
also doing guest commentary.

The match itself was a hoss fight. Dragunov on a few
occasions urged Williams to get up when Williams was down
selling, as Briggs got to look strong.

Just before the finish, Dragunov was urging Williams to get
to his feet, when Dijak boots Dragunov over the announce
desk. Williams then kicks Briggs. Dragunov tries to get in
the ring, but in runs Carmelo Hayes to pull Dragunov off the

Meanwhile, Briggs is cooking in the ring when he gets
trapped by Williams on a victory roll. Three count later,
and Williams wins the match. Briggs still hits Williams with
a lariat after the bell. The live studio audience boos
Briggs on his way out.

Williams was seemingly upset with Hayes for the help, as
Williams previously told Hayes that Williams wanted to do it
on his own.

Lexis King was hitting on Jacy Jayne and Thea Hail, when in
comes Riley Osborne to their rescue. Osborne asks Hail to
talk alone later tonight. Hail was freaking out, but Jayne
convinces her to keep it together.

No Quarter Catch Crew is the focus of another vignette.
Their new gimmick is the "Catch Clause," which is similar in
some ways to the Freebird Rule. Any member of the crew can
wrestle in a match.

Carmelo Hayes yells at Trick Williams in a backstage skit.

Up next is the contract signing for the women's title bout
at Vengeance Day. New NXT GM Ava is hosting the segment, and
she introduces Roxanne Perez and NXT Women's Champion Lyra

Perez and Valkyria sit down across from each other at a
table sitting in the ring. Instead of bickering and arguing,
they compliment each other. That praise eventually turns to
some insults.

They both cut decent promos on each other. Ava convinces
them to sign the contracts, making their title match

Valkyria leaves the ring, and the champs turns to have a
stare down with Perez. Out of nowhere, Tatum Paxley is
crawling around in the ring. Perez is blindsided by Paxley,
and Paxley gives Perez a spinebuster through the table set
up in the ring.

Rushing back to the ring, Valkyria rushes back into the
ring. Paxley tries to hug her, but Valkyria shoves Paxley
away. Valkyria screams at Paxley, as Paxley cries. The show
goes off the air as the world turns. And so these are the
days of our lives...

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