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AEW presented Full Gear live from the KIA Forum in Los
Angeles, CA!

It’s Saturday and you know what that means!

The Zero Hour portion of the show kicked off!

Your announce team for Zero Hour was Excalibur, Tony
Schiavone, and Nigel McGuinness.

ROH World Championship Match!

Eddie Kingston (c.) vs. Jay Lethal (with Jeff Jarrett, Karen
Jarrett, Sonjay Dutt, & Satnam Singh)!

Stokely Hathaway joined the broadcast booth for this match.

Kingston clotheslined Lethal over the top rope, sending
Lethal crashing onto the arena floor. Back in the ring they
traded stiff chops. Lethal pulled Kingston out of the ring
and sent the champ headfirst into the steel ring post.
Lethal took Kingston down with a snap suplex. Lethal
followed up with a beautiful overhead belly-to-belly suplex.
Lethal executed the Lethal Combination. Kingston countered
the Lethal Injection with a suplex.

Karen Jarrett distracted the ref while Lethal crawled
towards Jeff Jarrett’s guitar. Ortiz appeared out of nowhere
and grabbed the guitar and smashed it over Dutt’s head.
Kingston countered the Lethal Injection again and then
pinned Lethal after a spinning backfist!

Blackpool Combat Club’s Claudio Castagnoli


House of Black’s Buddy Matthews!

Buddy Matthews went right after Claudio right out of the
gate. Claudio blasted Buddy with a European Uppercut outside
the ring. Buddy rocked Claudio with a rising knee and
Claudio answered with a lariat. Buddy tried for a meteora,
but Claudio caught him and countered with the Big Swing!

Buddy employed the hammer and anvil elbow strikes. Claudio
deadlifted Buddy into a cutter. Claudio accelerated into an
uppercut. Claudio planted Buddy with the Ricola Bomb and
then placed Buddy in the sharpshooter, forcing Buddy to tap

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match!

MJF (c.) & Samoa Joe vs. The Gunns—Austin & Colten!

MJF stomped Colten in the corner. MJF hit the Gunns with a
double clothesline. Samoa Joe tagged himself in. Samoa Joe
wiped out the Gunns with a tope suicida. Joe connected with
a senton on Colten. Joe jabbed away at Colten.

Colten swiped MJF with a clothesline as the ref was
distracted. Austin Gunn grabbed a tag and kicked MJF in the
back. The Gunns employed quick tags and worked over MJF with
tandem offense.

Samoa Joe tagged in and cleaned house on the Gunns. Samoa
Joe powerslammed Austin for a near fall. Samoa Joe was
setting up Austin for a muscle buster, but MJF tagged in.
MJF went for a muscle buster of his own on Austin but Colten
dropkicked MJF. The champ fired back with a double DDT on
the Gunns. MJF was looking for the kangaroo kick, but Samoa
Joe tagged himself in. The Gunns escaped muscle busters from
MJF and Samoa Joe. The Gunns nailed Samoa Joe with the 3:10
to Yuma. MJF broke up the pin attempt.

Adam Cole came out and walked down the ramp on crutches. As
the Gunns were distracted, Samoa Joe finished off Colten
with a submission. MJF and Adam Cole hugged outside the

After the match Samoa Joe got in MJF’s face. Samoa Joe and
MJF shook hands, with MJF being a man of his word. Samoa Joe
is now in line for a shot at the World title, as he helped
MJF defend the ROH Tag titles tonight. Samoa Joe left and
then the Gunns blindsided MJF in front of Adam Cole. Colten
held down MJF while Austin cracked MJF in the leg with a
steel chair! Adam Cole was forced to watch helplessly on
crutches. Ref Paul Turner called for Doc Sampson to check on
MJF who was writhing in pain.

MJF was stretchered out of the ring by the AEW medical team.
MJF was loaded into an ambulance, and he yelled at Adam
Cole, “Promise me you won’t let them take my championship!”

“How can Adam Cole live up to that promise, a man with one
leg,” wondered Nigel.

The main portion of Full Gear began.

Trios Match!

“Rated R Superstar” Adam Copeland, Darby Allin & Sting (with
“Nature Boy” Ric Flair)


TNT Champion Christian Cage, Luchasaurus, & Nick Wayne!

Nick Wayne cracked Darby Allin with a cheap shot. Darby
grappled Nick Wayne to the mat. Darby followed up with two
deep arm drags. Sting tagged in and threw Nick Wayne through
the ropes and to the floor. Sting whipped Nick Wayne into
the steel barricade.

Copeland tagged in and Christian Cage immediately tagged out
to Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus charged at Cope with a
clothesline. Cope escaped a chokeslam attempt. Darby tagged
in but ate a right hand from Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus choke
slammed Darby over the top rope and onto the ring apron.

Christian Cage stomped on Darby and then tagged out to Nick
Wayne. Nick punted Darby in the shoulder. Luchasaurus
entered the ring and slammed Darby, and then Nick Wayne
followed up with a senton for a near fall. Darby nailed Nick
with a Code Red from the top turnbuckle. Christian Cage
crawled under the ring, popped up on the other side, pulled
Copeland down and rammed him into the ring post! Christian
taunted Darby, telling him to make the tag. Christian poured
on the punishment.

Adam Copeland entered the match and unleashed hell on
Luchasaurus. Copeland rocked Luchasaurus with an Impaler.
Copeland threw Wayne over the top rope at Luchasaurus. Darby
rocketed out of the ring with a tope at Nick Wayne and

Sting and Copeland hammered Luchasaurus. They hit
Luchasaurus with a tandem Scorpion Death Drop. Luchasaurus
battered Copeland with a lariat to the back of the neck.
Christian Cage taunted Ric Flair and Flair chopped
Christian. Christian connected with a low blow. Christian
Cage tried to hit Copeland with the championship belt, but
Copeland ducked, and Cage inadvertently hit Luchasaurus.
Christian Cage abandoned his team. Sting splashed
Luchasaurus and then Copeland hit the spear! Darby nailed
Luchasaurus with the Coffin Drop and then Copeland pinned

Tony Schiavone was on the ramp with ref Bryce Remsburg and
called out representatives of Bullet Club Gold—The Gunns.
Instead “Switchblade” Jay White came out. “Tell them old
man,” said Jay White.

Tony Schiavone: “I hate to say this, but unfortunately MJF
is injured and will not be able to defend the title tonight.
The match tonight between MJF and Jay White has been
cancelled. And now by default, your new AEW World Champion
is Jay White—”

Adam Cole’s music hit!

Adam Cole: “Jay, there is not a shot in hell you’re leaving
the KIA Forum with Max’s championship. I made a promise to
my friend, and I had a talk with Tony Khan and if MJF can’t
defend his title tonight, I will do it for him, one leg or
not. Tonight’s main event will be Jay White versus Adam Cole

Jay White: “Let me refresh your damaged memory. I took you
out once before. If you want to stick your nose where it
doesn’t belong, I’ll take you out once and for all!”

AEW International Championship Match!

“Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy (with HOOK)

vs. Blackpool Combat Club’s Jon Moxley (with Wheeler Yuta)!

Taz joined the broadcast booth for this match.

Moxley sent Cassidy onto the announcers’ table. Mox hoisted
up Cassidy and dropped him across the barricade. Moxley
chopped at Orange and taunted him. Moxley drove Orange to
the mat with a Bossman slam.

Orange rocked Mox with a diving DDT. Moxley was busted wide
open. Orange flew out of the ring with an elbow suicida to
Moxley. Orange hit Mox with another one! Orange cracked Mox
with a third elbow suicida, right on the jaw!

Orange countered a Death Rider with a Stun Dog Millionaire!
Mox grounded and pounded Orange Cassidy and then
transitioned into a bulldog choke on Orange! Orange jumped
on Mox’s back and applied the Red Rum! Moxley was able to
get to the ropes, forcing the ref break. Moxley stunned
Orange with a cutter and then a Gotch style piledriver for a

Orange dropkicked Moxley and Moxley collided headfirst into
an exposed turnbuckle corner. Orange pulped Mox with three
Orange Punches! And then a fourth! And then a fifth Orange
Punch! And a sixth Orange Punch! Orange followed up with the
Beach Break and pinned Jon Moxley!

It was announced that Tony Khan made the match official for
tonight’s main event: “Switchblade” Jay White vs. Adam Cole
for the AEW World Championship!

Additionally, Mark Briscoe was announced as the next
participant in the Continental Classic, which begins this
Wednesday on Dynamite!

AEW Women’s World Championship Match!

Hikaru Shida (c.) vs. “Timeless” Toni Storm (with Luther the

Storm and Shida exchanged forearms. Shida stormed Toni with
a running knee strike. Mariah May was watching on a monitor
backstage. Shida chopped Storm in the chest. Toni backed
Shida into the corner with rapid fire chops. Storm pounced
on Shida with a running bulldog.

Luther handed Toni two shoes. The ref saw one of the shoes
and pulled it away, but Storm had a second shoe hidden in
her trunks. Storm cracked Shida in the head with the shoe
while the ref had her back turned. Shida fired back with a
Strong Zero. Shida hit the question mark kick and then a
Falcon Arrow for a near fall on “Timeless” Toni Storm!

Storm avoided a meteora and Shida’s ankle buckled on the
landing. Storm applied an ankle lock. Shida reached the
ropes, forcing the ref to break the hold. Storm pulled off
one of Shida’s boots. Shida grabbed a kendo stick, but
Luther tried to pull it away. Shida wrecked Luther with the
kendo stick.

Storm walloped Shida with a German Suplex. Storm had a metal
tray in her trunks. Storm bashed Shida with her hip attack
and pinned Shida!

And new AEW Women’s World Champion… “Timeless” Toni Storm!

Mariah May walked out and handed Toni Storm a bouquet of

Renee Paquette was backstage with ROH World Champion Eddie

Eddie Kingston said he had his eyes on the Continental
Classic. He said he wanted to up the game a little bit. “I
want to put the New Japan Strong Openweight Championship and
the ROH World Championship on the line in each of my matches
in the tournament. Let’s make this the biggest and best
tournament in pro wrestling.”

AEW World Tag Team Championship Ladder Match!

Big Bill & “Absolute” Ricky Starks (c.)


FTR—Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood


LFI—Dralistico & Rush


Kings of the Black Throne—Brody King & Malakai Black!

Dax starched Malakai with a right hand. Malakai knocked a
ladder into Dax’s mouth. Rush and Cash whacked one another
with nasty shots, forearms and elbows. Cash threw his body
through the ropes at Brody, Rush, and Big Bill! Dralistico
jumped over the top with a tope con hiro and took out the

Ricky Starks climbed to the top, but Malakai knocked him off
his perch. Malakai moonsaulted out of the ring and onto the
pile! Dax superplexed Starks out of the ring and onto the
men outside!

“There are bodies everywhere on the outside. You knew it was
going to be physical,” said Taz.

Big Bill and Brody King collided with one another in the
center of the ring, exchanging wild, clubbing shots. Rush
and Dax rammed them with ladders. Dax threw his ladder at
Rush. Dralistico dropkicked Dax, who had his head in between
rungs of the ladder. Dralistico staggered Cash with a
corkscrew kick. Dralistico climbed the ladder, but Cash
shoved the ladder down!

Cash powerslammed Rush, catching Rush midflight. Cash
started climbing the ladder, but Malakai pulled Cash down.
Black slingshotted a ladder into the face of Wheeler.

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Cash Wheeler spiked Black with a piledriver on a ladder!
Brody attempted a tope suicida, but Big Bill pulled up a
ladder and Brody crashed into it. Starks speared Dralistico
and then speared Rush. Starks drilled Dax with a swinging
DDT. Starks sent Black overhead with a suplex into a ladder.

Brody King cannonballed Dax, who was against a ladder that
was propped against the turnbuckles. Brody began to climb
the ladder toward the titles, but Big Bill yanked the ladder
out from beneath Brody. Dralistico lunged off the ropes with
a lung blower to Big Bill. Rush rammed Big Bill with a
ladder, sandwiching Big Bill in the corner. Rush rocked Big
Bill with the Bull’s Horns, kicking a ladder into Bill’s

Starks and Rush climbed opposite sides of the ladder. Dax
grabbed a taller ladder and began the climb towards the
titles. Cash grabbed another ladder, but Brody backdropped
him. Dralistico planted Brody with a poison rana. Brody
decimated Dralistico with a Gonzo Bomb on a ladder that was
propped up between the ring and the guardrail!

Cash Wheeler climbed to the top rope and splashed Brody on
the ladder, sacrificing his own body. Dax climbed up a
ladder toward the titles, but Ricky Starks met him up top.
Black pulled Dax down and connected with the End. Starks
grabbed the titles and the champions retained!

TBS Championship Match!

Kris Statlander (c.) vs. Julia Hart vs. Skye Blue!

As Skye Blue was making her entrance, she removed her
baseball cap, stomped on it, and put a crown on.

Kris body slammed Julia and then body slammed Skye. Skye
Blue rolled up Kris from behind for a near fall. Julia
jumped on Statlander’s back, but Statlander shucked her off.
Skye Blue clocked Kris with a knee strike. Statlander double
suplexed Skye and Julia on the arena floor, reversing their
attempt on Statlander.

Skye Blue offered her hand to Julia and Julia accepted it…
and then began to bounce Skye Blue’s head off the mat
repeatedly. Blue mounted Julia and began to pound her with
shots. She followed up with the PK to Julia. Kris charged at
Skye and Julia with knee strikes.

Skye nailed Kris with a neck breaker. Julia rallied back
with an elbow to Skye Blue. Julia took Statlander off her
feet with a lariat. Skye Blue rocked Hart with a thrust
kick. Julia moonsaulted Skye Blue but Statlander pulled
Julia off Blue to break up the pin attempt. Statlander
powerslammed Julia on the arena floor. Skye Blue blasted
Kris with a Code Blue for a near fall!

Julia applied the Heartless Lock to Skye Blue, but Kris
grabbed Julia and sent her overhead with a German Suplex!
Then Kris sent Skye flying high with a German Suplex. Kris
crushed Skye with the Saturday Night Fever and went for the
pin, but instead Julia knocked Kris away, covered Skye, and
won the match!

And new TBS Champion…Julia Hart!

“Man, she stole that win and it was perfectly done,” said

Tony Schiavone was in the ring for the blockbuster contract

“Ladies and gentlemen let’s bring in the newest member of
All Elite Wrestling,” said Schiavone.

Will Ospreay walked down to the ring!

Will Ospreay signed the contract and made it official!

Ospreay: “It feels great! Listen up. I’m happy to be a part
of the team, but I am not going to come in just yet. When I
was 22 years old, I was part of New Japan Pro Wrestling. I’m
30 years old now, so I’m begging all of you, let me finish
up, and then I’ll be on the road to Revolution. And then
I’ll be all yours, but more importantly, I am All Elite,
bruv! Mr. Tony Khan, do us a favor. Line up the best that
you got, especially for Wembley Stadium, because I’m going
to show ‘em all what elite really looks like, bruv!”

Texas Death Match!

“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Swerve Strickland (with Prince

Page cleaned Swerve’s clock with a Buckshot Lariat right at
the bell. Hangman taped Swerve’s wrists together. Hangman
had a staple gun and began stapling Swerve’s body! Page
plastered Swerve in the side of the head with a steel chair!

“Hangman Adam Page is completely unhinged,” said Excalibur.

Page grabbed a steel chair wrapped in barb wire. Page swung
it at Swerve, but Swerve saved himself by kicking Page
between the legs. Prince Nana had scissors and cut Swerve
free of the tape.

Swerve pulled the staple gun and stapled Page right between
the eyes. Swerve sent Hangman headfirst into the barbed wire
wrapped steel chair.

“I feel like I’m back in Philly. This is wild!” said Taz.

Swerve pulled a cinder block out from beneath the ring.
Hangman and Swerve brawled on the ring apron. Swerve spiked
Hangman with a Death Valley Driver on the cinder block!

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Swerve delivered a piledriver on top of the guardrail! Back
in the ring, Page planted Swerve with a fallaway slam. Page
sent Swerve flying with another fallaway slam. Page wrapped
barbed wire around Swerve’s head. Page trapped Swerve’s arm
against his body by wrapping the barbed wire around him.
Page hit another fallaway slam. Page moonsaulted off the
post and landed on Swerve with the barbed wire wrapped steel

“This is hard to watch,” said Nigel.

Swerve intercepted the Buckshot Lariat attempt. Swerve
booted the chair into Page’s head. Page reversed a tombstone
and dropped Swerve onto the barbed wire wrapped steel chair
with a tombstone piledriver of his own!

“This goes beyond pro wrestling. This is evolutionary,” said

Swerve power bombed Page onto the barbed wire wrapped chair
and followed up with the Swerve Stomp! Swerve grabbed a
black bag from beneath the ring. Swerve spilled the bag onto
Page’s back. It was full of broken glass. Swerve connected
with a 450 splash onto Page, who had glass all over his bag.
Swerve followed up with the JML Driver!

Swerve placed a board covered with barb wire and bridged it
between two chairs in the ring. Page chomped down on
Swerve’s forehead. Page planted Swerve with a fallaway slam
off the top and followed up with a Dead Eye on the barbed

Page wrapped the barbed wire around Swerve’s head and face.
Page blasted Swerve with a Buckshot barbed wire lariat!
Prince Nana pulled Swerve out of the ring to break the ref’s
count. Brian Cage ambushed Page from behind and power bombed
him! Brian Cage pulled out a table and set it up on the
arena floor. Page cracked Cage with a barbed wire wrapped
rolling elbow. Adam Page almost broke Nana in half with a
Dead Eye through the table! Swerve shattered the cinder
block on Hangman Page!

Swerve wrapped a chain around Page’s throat, and then Swerve
yanked on the chain after it was draped across ring post.
Page couldn’t answer the ten count and Swerve was declared
the winner!

“By the grace of God, this one is over,” said Nigel.

Tag Team Title Opportunity vs. Tag Team Break-up!

The Golden Jets—Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega


The Young Bucks—Matt & Nick Jackson!

Don Callis joined the commentary team for this match.

Chris Jericho and Matt Jackson chain wrestled. Jericho
chopped at Matt and then Omega tagged himself in, allowing
Matt some time to step away from Jericho and his swarm of
chops. Matt mauled Omega with a flurry of shots to the back
of the head. Omega answered with a hurracanrana. Omega
launched himself with the Terminator Dive and landed on Matt

Chris Jericho slid into Nick Jackson with a baseball
dropkick. The Bucks went to work on Jericho’s arm, trying to
take out the arm Jericho uses for the Judas Effect. Jericho
dropkicked Nick Jackson from the middle rope and then tagged
out to Omega.

Omega took Matt down with a snapdragon suplex. Omega wiped
out both Bucks with his offense. Omega moonsaulted out of
the ring and onto Matt Jackson. Omega followed up with a
crossbody press to Nick, but Nick countered by rolling
through for a near fall. Omega smashed Nick with a knee

Jericho lionsaulted onto both Young Bucks! Jericho was
looking for the Walls, but Matt Jackson kicked Jericho in
the injured arm. Nick Jackson connected with a rolling
roundhouse to Jericho. Matt was looking for a rana, but
Jericho put the brakes on and sat down with the Walls of
Jericho. Matt used the heel of his boot to kick Jericho in
the arm and escape the hold.

Matt Jackson sent the Golden Jets flying with double
Northern Lights Suplexes. Jericho lawn darted Matt Jackson’s
face into the mat. Matt held Jericho while Nick connected
with a senton. Nick Jackson kicked Jericho between the legs.
The ref admonished Nick and while she had her back turned,
Matt kicked Omega between the legs!

Nick Jackson rocked Jericho with the Judas Effect! The Bucks
bashed Jericho with the BTE Trigger. Somehow Jericho kicked
out of Matt’s pin attempt. Nick Jackson superkicked Jericho
on the injured arm. Omega tagged in and stunned Nick with a
V Trigger. Omega lifted off Nick for a One Winged Angel, but
Nick reversed it with a rana. Matt planted Omega with a One
Winged Angel and Nick covered Omega, but the Cleaner kicked

The fan chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Omega drilled Matt Jackson with a German Suplex. Nick
Jackson starched Omega with a superkick. Jericho ate a
superkick from Matt Jackson. Omega clocked Matt with a V
Trigger and then finished him off with the One Winged Angel
to score the pin!

“And now Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho can challenge for the
AEW World Tag Team Titles anytime they choose,” said

Nick Jackson was furious at the loss and began tearing apart
the announcers’ desk. Omega extended his hand to the Bucks,
but the Bucks stormed off.

Main Event Time!

AEW World Championship Match!

Originally scheduled as: MJF (c.) vs. Bullet Club Gold’s
“Switchblade” Jay White!

Adam Cole came to the ring on crutches.

Jay White was introduced and walked to the ring with the
Gunns by his side.

Justin Roberts announced Adam Cole as representing MJF.

“This is going to be a massacre,” said Taz.

Before the bell rang, an ambulance driven by MJF pulled into
the back of the arena. MJF hobbled to the ring!

MJF slapped Switchblade in the face, but Switchblade went
right to work on MJF’s injured left leg. Jay White diverted
the attention of the ref while the Gunns stomped on MJF
outside the ring. The ref eventually saw the Gunns
interfering and ejected them from ringside.

MJF turned the tables on Jay White and chomped down on
White’s forehead. MJF fired up and hit the kangaroo kick on
Switchblade. Jay White dropkicked MJF in the bad leg. Jay
White spiked MJF with a DDT. Jay White planted MJF with a
uranage for a near fall.

“I hate to say it, but I think the presence of Adam Cole at
ringside is distracting MJF,” said Excalibur.

MJF gouged at Jay’s eyes and then DDT’ed him on the floor.
MJF slammed Jay White onto the announcers’ desk. MJF dropped
an elbow from the top turnbuckle right onto Jay White on the
arena floor!

The fans chanted “He’s our scumbag! He’s our scumbag!”

Back in the ring, Jay White employed a dragon screw leg whip
on MJF. Jay White tied up MJF in the Tree of Woe. Jay White
climbed to the top, but MJF yanked White down to the mat.
Jay White climbed back up and nailed MJF with an avalanche
uranage for a two-count!

MJF countered the Blade Runner with a spinning elbow. Jay
White answered with a release German Suplex. MJF spiked
White with a tombstone piledriver. MJF jumped over the top
rope and caught Jay White with a cutter, planting him on the
arena floor!

“We are witnessing MJF take risks like he never has in his
entire career,” said Excalibur.

Back in the ring Jay White went back to work on MJF’s
injured leg. Jay White spat at Adam Cole and then applied
the figure four to MJF. Adam Cole had a towel and was
contemplating throwing it into the ring to end the match.
MJF reversed the figure four. Jay White made a desperate
dive and grabbed the bottom rope to force the break. Adam
Cole had his ROH Tag Title and was thinking about using it
against Jay White, but Jay White grabbed it away and smacked
MJF in the head with it! Jay White covered MJF but MJF
kicked out at two!

Jay White was yanking on MJF’s leg, but MJF shoved him away,
with White colliding with the ref and knocking him down.
Adam Cole slipped the Dynamite Diamond Ring into the ring,
but before MJF could retrieve it, Jay White grabbed it. MJF
hit White with a low blow before White could use the
Dynamite Diamond Ring. MJF slipped the Dynamite Diamond Ring
on his hand. The Gunns ran down and MJF clocked them! Jay
White was looking for the Blade Runner, but MJF cracked Jay
with the Dynamite Diamond Ring and pinned Switchblade!

And still AEW World Champion…MJF!

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