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The Rampage portion of the evening kicked off!

“The Ocho” Chris Jericho joined the broadcast table for

TNT Championship Match!

Christian Cage (c.) (with Luchasaurus & Nick Wayne)


Trent Beretta!

Trent flew over the top rope with a huge crossbody to
Christian on the arena floor. Nick Wayne grabbed Trent from
behind and Christian charged at Trent, nailing him with a
cheap shot. Trent speared Christian through the ropes.

Trent went for a spinning DDT, but Christian dodged it.
Trent blocked a DDT from Christian. Trent hit a hurracanrana
on Christian for a near fall. Christian moved out of the way
of Trent’s crossbody press. Trent countered a spear with a
knee strike and then spiked Christian with a tornado DDT for
a near fall.

“Trent has the momentum here. Christian is on the run,” said

Trent clobbered Christian with the Strong Zero for a two-
count! Luchasaurus distracted Trent. Christian Cage seized
the moment and blindsided Trent. Christian Cage crushed
Trent with the Kill Switch and pinned Trent!

After a commercial break, Chris Jericho had a message for
the Young Bucks!

Jericho: “Matt and Nick seem to have an issue because I
stole their buddy Kenny. I didn’t steal anyone. The Golden
Jets are going to beat the Bucks tomorrow and become the
number one contenders. See you tomorrow kids!”

“Timeless” Toni Storm (with Luther the Butler) vs. Emi

Toni tried to hand Emi a script, but Emi ripped it up. Emi
chopped at Toni Storm. Toni knocked Emi out of the ring with
her hip attack. Toni stood up on the apron and Emi fired
back with a cross body press.

Toni rocked Emi with a running bulldog. Toni was looking for
a hip attack, but Emi countered with a Tiger Driver for a
near fall. Emi followed up with a backbreaker across the
knee for a two-count. Toni dodged a moonsault from Emi.

Toni rammed Emi with a hip attack. Toni planted Emi with a
piledriver and pinned Emi!

“Tomorrow is Toni’s Hollywood homecoming as she faces AEW
Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida,” said Tony Schiavone.

Renee Paquette was backstage with Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett,
Karen Jarrett, Sonjay Dutt, and Satnam Singh. Standing
across them was ROH World Champion Eddie Kingston!

Jay Lethal: “I’ve asked for this time because I wanted to
make things crystal clear for Eddie Kingston. You have one
day left as the ROH World Champion because we have spoken to
Stokely, and he has made it official. Tomorrow night at Zero
Hour it’s going to be Eddie Kingston versus Jay Lethal for
the ROH World Championship. Ever since you lost in that
Memphis Street Fight against Jeff Jarrett granting me a shot
at your championship, you’ve done nothing but duck and hide
from us the whole time.”

Eddie Kingston: “Look at me. You know me. Why are you
speaking like them? You know what I can do. And I know what
you can do, but not with them. You have become a coward just
like them.”

Kingston turned around and Ortiz showed up and nodded at

Rampage Main Event Time!

Roderick Strong (with The Kingdom—Matt Taven & Mike Bennett)


Action Andretti!

Strong charged at Action as Action entered the ring. Action
hit back with a dropkick to Roderick Strong. Action Andretti
chopped Roderick in the chest. Roderick cracked Action with
a backbreaker.

Action rocked Roderick with a spinning neck breaker. Action
countered a sunset flip with a suplex. Action blasted Roddy
with a back elbow. The Kingdom checked on Roddy outside the
ring. Action wiped out the Kingdom with a running kick.
Action hit a Spanish Fly on Strong.

The fans chanted “Neck Strong!”

Roddy got to his feet! Roddy finished off Action with the
End of Heartache and pinned Action Andretti!

Renee Paquette had a sitdown interview with “Switchblade”
Jay White!

Jay White: “Who is the devil? In my mind, all you have to
focus on is that the AEW World Championship is with someone
that lives up to the E in All Elite Wrestling. Remember MJF
isn’t going to even make it to the main event with me
because the Gunns will take care of him first during Zero

“MJF is trying to brainwash everyone and make them think MJF
belongs in the same breath as J-A-Y. When things go my way,
you’re going to get more of the Bang Bang Gang.”

MJF stormed onto the scene and attacked Jay White!
“Switchblade” begged Max to stop. Juice Robinson blindsided
MJF and then threw MJF into Jay White’s locker room! MJF
smashed the TV monitor over Juice Robinson’s head!

MJF chased Jay White to the ring. MJF grounded and pounded
Jay White! The Gunns sprinted to the ring to try to help Jay
White, but MJF took them down too! MJF picked up his belt
and kissed it! MJF was about to bash Jay White with the
belt, but the Gunn Club hit MJF from behind! Bullet Club
Gold triple teamed MJF and ripped the belt out of his hands!
The Gunns held back MJF as Jay White was about to ram the
belt into MJF’s head when Samoa Joe ran to the ring!

Bullet Club Gold retreated!

“It looks like MJF has found a tag team partner,” said

“But has he?” wondered Tony Schiavone.

Samoa Joe stared at MJF and extended his hand. MJF accepted!

“Joe will team with MJF tomorrow!” said Tony Schiavone.

“The AEW World Champion has made a deal with the devil,”
replied Nigel.

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