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Tonight’s AEW COLLISION was broadcast live from the KIA
Forum in Los Angeles, CA!

Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuinness and Tony Schiavone were the
broadcast team for tonight’s event.

It’s Friday night and you know what that means! Friday
night’s alright for fighting!

To kick off the show Tony Schiavone was in the ring with TNT
Champion Christian Cage, Luchasaurus, and Nick Wayne!

Christian Cage: “It’s lucky for you that tomorrow night at
Full Gear, not only do you get to see Sting’s last match you
Los Angeles, you’ll get to see Sting’s last match ever. I’m
sick of people calling him an ‘icon.’ Tomorrow night Sting,
it’s all gonna be over.

“And what’s interesting to me is what’s going to happen to
Darby Allin when he loses that mentor of his. Hey Darby, if
you ever find yourself in need of some fatherly guidance,
you know who to turn to. And Ric Flair, I know you’ll be
ringside tomorrow, but if you stick your nose in our
business tomorrow, it’ll be your literal come to Jesus

“Adam Copeland, if you haven’t already, after Full Gear
tomorrow you’re going to regret signing that contract with
AEW. You came here to try to steal my spotlight. Here’s the
thing, Adam, I am not the same person I was back when. I am
Christian Cage, the patriarch of AEW. While you were the
golden boy, I was in the trenches, clawing and scratching
for every inch. And Beth, keep the girls up late and keep
them close to the TV, because Adam I’m going to guarantee
you that I will break your neck.

“As the TNT Champion, the powers-that-be want me on the
program every second I can. So, I’ll be in action tonight in
the four-way. After the four-way tonight, I’m going to keep
running things here in AEW. I don’t work within the system.
I am the system.”

Lexy Nair was backstage with the AEW World Tag Team
Champions Big Bill and “Absolute” Ricky Starks!

Big Bill: “Ricky or myself do not have to be pinned or
submitted tomorrow to lose the tag team titles. So, Ricky
went and spoke with Tony Khan.”

Ricky Starks: “Tony is a fair man and he allowed me to pick
a stipulation in our favor. I am selecting a ladder match.
That’s right, a very short climb for Big Bill here. Tomorrow
at Full Gear, when we walk out of L.A., we’re walking out as
champions, we’re walking out in style, and most importantly,
we’re walking out at the greatest tag team champions you’ve
ever seen.”

“The Redeemer” Miro vs. Daniel Garcia!

Miro snatched Garcia and threw him overhead with a suplex.
Miro stomped on Daniel Garcia in the corner. Miro followed
up with another suplex. Miro smashed Garcia with a short arm
lariat. He suplexed Garcia yet again!

Miro turned his back for a moment and Garcia charged at him.
Garcia jabbed at Miro with right hands. Miro stopped a cross
body and planted Garcia hard on the mat. Garcia backed up
Miro with strikes after a chop block. Garcia dropkicked
Miro. “The Redeemer” clobbered Garcia with a big boot to the

Garcia hit a belly to back suplex on Miro. Garcia was about
to dance, but Matt Menard ran to the ring, jumped on the
apron and told him not to dance. Miro charged at Garcia, but
Garcia moved. Miro collided into Matt Menard. Garcia applied
a cross face to Miro, but Miro escaped. Miro then muscled
his way out of a sharpshooter. Miro locked on the Game Over
submission hold and Garcia was out. The ref stopped the
match and awarded the victor to Miro!

CJ Perry and Andrade El Idolo were backstage with Lexy Nair!

Andrade: “I’m so happy.”

CJ Perry: “Andrade is the best wrestler in my opinion. And
that’s why I have entered him into the Continental Classic.”

Andrade: “You spoke with Tony?”

CJ Perry: “Yes, and if you win, you’re going to get an extra

CJ whispered into Andrade’s ear. “Are you sure?” he asked.
CJ nodded. Andrade said, “I trust you,” and they shook

Kings of the Black Throne—Malakai Black & Brody King


The Boys—Brent & Brandon!

Malakai Black applied a wrist lock to Brent. Black blasted
Brent with a spinning back elbow. Brody King tagged in, and
Brent tagged out to his brother Brandon.

Brent grabbed Brody’s leg and Brandon charged at Brody.
Brody backdropped Brandon out of the ring. The Kings
finished off Brent with Dante’s Inferno and pinned him.

Trent Beretta vs. Penta El Zero Miedo vs. “The Machine”
Brian Cage vs. Komander!

The winner receives a TNT Championship match tonight during

Penta El Zero Miedo got in Brian Cage’s face, but “The
Machine” knocked him right down. Komander and Penta nailed
Cage with thrust kicks, knocking Cage out of the ring.
Komander followed up with a tornillo. Trent hit Penta with a
back elbow.

Trent and Penta traded chops in the middle of the ring.
Trent cracked Penta with a knee strike and then sent him
flying with a half and half suplex. Komander walked the top
rope, but Cage shook the ropes and knocked Komander down.
Cage suplexed Komander out of the ring and down onto Trent
and Penta on the arena floor!

Brian Cage whipped Trent into the steel guardrail. Cage sent
Penta in the guardrail. Cage planted Komander on the ring
apron. Penta and Komander teamed up to hit Cage with an
assisted cannonball. Trent nailed Komander with a high angle
German suplex. Trent rocked Penta with German suplexes.
Trent took down Cage with a poison rana, but Cage got up and
clobbered Trent with a lariat.

Penta punted Cage in the head. Penta drilled Trent with a
thrust kick. Penta walloped Cage with a sling blade. Penta
got a near fall on Trent after hitting him with the Made in
Japan! Penta jumped off Komander’s back and flew out of the
ring with a tope con hiro on Cage. Trent crushed Komander
with the Strong Zero and pinned him!

Lexy Nair was backstage with Don Callis and Powerhouse

Don Callis: “Paul Wight is out on the shelf. Done!
Powerhouse Hobbs slammed a 450 pound giant, a living legend,
through the windshield of a car, and broke him.”

Hobbs: “Anyone can get it! I took out a giant. A multiple
time world champion. I’m big, I’m black, I’m jacked. Paul, I
know you’re resting away. But stay away because anyone can
get it.”

Wardlow vs. Evan Daniels!

Wardlow rushed his opponent and power bombed him! Wardlow
followed up with a swanton off the top. Wardlow hit the
powerbomb symphony. The ref stopped the match as Daniels was
unable to continue.

“Wardlow has only one thing on his mind: MJF,” said Tony

FTR’s Dax Harwood (with Cash Wheeler)


LFI’s Rush (with Dralistico, Preston Vance, & Jose the

AEW World Tag Team Champion “Absolute” Ricky Starks joined
the broadcast booth for this match. His tag partner Big Bill
stood behind him.

Rush rocked Dax with a shoulder tackle. Dax dodged Rush and
nailed him with a flying forearm. They brawled outside the
ring, with Rush running Dax into the steel guardrail. Back
in the ring they traded chops to the chest.

“They’re just wearing the leather out of each other!” said

Dax drilled Rush with two German Suplexes. Rush shoved Dax
as Dax was on the top turnbuckle. Dax lost his balance. Rush
superplexed Dax Harwood for a near fall.

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Both men blasted the other with open palm strikes until they
knocked one another down! Rush rocked Dax with a belly to
back suplex for a two-count. Dax spiked Rush with a
piledriver for a near fall!

Rush got out of the ring and shoved Ricky Starks! Rush was
about to go for the Bull’s Horns, but Starks jumped into the
ring and speared Rush! The match was declared a no-contest.

Cash Wheeler ran down to the ring and began to brawl with
Big Bill. The Kings of the Black Throne came down the ramp.
Brody King and Big Bill tried to pull a ladder out from
beneath the ring, but Cash flew out onto them. Security ran
down to break up the melee!

Lexy Nair was backstage with Action Andretti!

The Kingdom and Roderick Strong interrupted Andretti as he
was trying to give a medical update on Darius Martin.

Mike Bennett: “He’s got a bruised ego and a weak neck.”

Roderick Strong: “Fellas, I found my next victim.”

Matt Taven: “Who is it?”

Roderick Strong: “Action!”

Blackpool Combat Club’s Wheeler Yuta vs. The House of
Black’s Buddy Matthews!

Wheeler dropkicked Buddy and sent him out of the ring. Buddy
hip tossed Yuta into the steel guardrail. Buddy blasted
Wheeler with a pump kick to the face.

Both men fought on the ring apron. Buddy hurled Wheeler off
the apron, sending Wheeler colliding with the announcers’
table. Back in the ring, Buddy unleashed an array of kicks.
Yuta connected with a wild swing.

Wheeler tried for a German Suplex, but Buddy broke loose.
Buddy walloped Wheeler with a back kick. Yuta grabbed a near
fall after a German Suplex. Wheeler rocketed out of the ring
with a tope suicida. Buddy picked up Yuta and dropped him
across the turnbuckles. Wheeler jumped off with a double ax
handle to the back of Buddy’s neck and back. Buddy connected
with a running powerbomb and then curb stomped Yuta,
grabbing the pin!

Buddy Matthews grabbed a steel chair after the match, hoping
to continue the punishment. Claudio Castagnoli sprinted to
the ring to protect Wheeler.

Claudio: “If you want the attention of the Blackpool Combat
Club, you don’t have to cut some spooky promo. All you have
to do is ask. You’ve been pissing me off for a few weeks now
and honestly, I like to make my challenges here in the
light. What do you say if it’s you and me right here
tomorrow at Full Gear?”

Buddy Matthews nodded and said “Okay.”

Collision Main Event Time!

AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida & TBS Champion Kris


The Outcasts—Ruby Soho & Saraya!

Shida hit Ruby with a throwaway slam. Kris tagged in and
swept out Ruby’s legs. Saraya grabbed a tag, but Kris
shoulder tackled her for a two-count.

Julia Hart was watching Kris with a keen eye backstage on a

Statlander double suplexed Saraya and Soho. Shida tagged in
and knocked down Saraya and Soho with a cross body from the
top rope.

Skye Blue was watching backstage on a monitor.

Angelo Parker was sitting in the front row, cheering on Ruby

Kris connected with a spinning discus lariat on Soho. Kris
followed up with a running knee to Ruby Soho. Statlander hit
a Blue Thunder Bomb on Ruby for a near fall. Saraya tagged
in and she and Ruby tried a double suplex on Shida, but
Shida blocked it. Saraya and Shida traded forearms.

Shida wiped out Saraya with a running knee strike. Shida
jumped off the top rope, but Saraya countered with a thrust
kick. Angelo Parker jumped over the barricade to check on
Ruby Soho. Saraya didn’t like what she saw, as she was left
alone to fend for herself. Kris Statlander speared Angelo
Parker on the arena floor. Meanwhile, in the ring, Shida
wiped out Saraya with the Katana and pinned her!

Earlier in the day, Tony Schiavone had a sitdown interview
with AEW World & ROH Tag champ MJF!

MJF: “I made a promise and I intend to keep it. As much as I
know Austin and Colten Gunn are ugly, they’re very talented.
I’m going to do whatever it takes to win during Zero Hour.
Because I told my best friend Adam Cole that these ROH Tag
titles will be waiting here when he comes back from injury.
And let’s be honest, I’m responsible for him being injured.

“When Jay White stole my belt, I realized Jay White is
insecure. He stole that belt not to prove anything to the
world, but he’s trying to prove something to himself. The
championship doesn’t make the man. The man makes the
championship. That’s why tomorrow you’re going to lose
because nobody is on the level of the devil.

“When you ask me about the likelihood about beating the
Gunns and Jay White all in one night, I’d say slim to none.
But unfortunately for Jay White and all my detractors, I
just so happen to like those odds.”

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