Posted on 11/16/123 by Bob Magee

Tonight’s episode of AEW DYNAMITE was broadcast live from
the Toyota Arena in Ontario, CA!

Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and “The Human Suplex Machine”
Taz were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!

AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy & FTW Champion
Blackpool Combat Club’s Jon Moxley & Wheeler Yuta!

Cassidy and Hook ran into the crowd to get the jump on Mox
and Yuta! The fight broke out onto the arena floor with all
four men brawling! Moxley stomped on Orange. Yuta and Hook
got in the ring and the match was officially underway!

Yuta body slammed Hook. The FTW Champ threw Yuta with the El
Camino. Moxley tagged in and ate an elbow strike from Hook.
Moxley held onto Hook and Yuta dropkicked Hook after a tag.
Hook t-boned Moxley and tagged out to Orange Cassidy. Orange
planted Mox with a diving DDT! Orange was holding his ribs.

Cassidy was looking for a DDT, but Mox held onto him, and
Yuta rushed in with a lariat to Orange. The BCC were working
beautifully as a team. Moxley taunted Orange with kicks and
slaps. Orange fired back with a dropkick.

Hook tagged in, as did Yuta. They traded strikes in the
center of the ring. Hook backed Yuta into the corner with a
headbutt and followed up with a Northern Lights Suplex. Yuta
tossed Hook with a German Suplex. Yuta followed up with a
rolling elbow strike. Moxley ran in and nailed Hook with a
blindside shot.

Hook leveled Yua with a lariat. Moxley ran in and stunned
Hook with a cutter. Orange blasted Moxley with the Orange
Punch and Moxley simply absorbed it, eating it for lunch.
Hook tried to apply the Red Rum, but Yuta hit Hook from
behind. Moxley impaled Hook with the Death Rider and Yuta
pinned Hook with the seatbelt rollup!

“We just saw the FTW Champion get pinned by Wheeler Yuta!”
said Excalibur.

“You ain’t pinning Hook and walking away. This is just
getting started. I promise you,” added Taz.

Mox: “Orange Cassidy, you are nothing, you ain’t never been
nothing, this weekend at Full Gear, I’m gonna grind you into
dust and walk out International Champion and there’s not a
damn thing you can do to stop me!”

Ahead of their Texas Death Match this Saturday at FULL GEAR,
Swerve Strickland and “Hangman” Adam Page had a face-to-face
with Tony Schiavone in the ring!

If the two men attack each other tonight, both will be
banned for the rest of 2023.

Swerve Strickland and Prince Nana came to the ring first.
“Hangman” Adam Page came out next, and he marched straight
to the ring, his eyes locked with Swerve.

Hangman Page: “Why did Swerve go into my house? Because you
are a coward. You are a fraud. You are a worthless waste of
human life. You told me two months ago that you wanted to be
World Champion, but I can look at you and you don’t have it
in you. You can’t cut it. You are not the man that you think
you are. Look at me! You’re the one who wanted to make this

“You surround yourself with ‘yes men’. And if you weren’t so
dumb, you’d realize Nana is just here to use you. Swerve,
Prince Nana makes his living off of your back. Look at me!
You are not a man at all. You are a child. I worked with
kids for a long time, and I taught them a lot of lessons,
and this Saturday I teach you the last lesson of your
pathetic life. You should never have come into my house. We
don’t need lawyers or cops because at Full Gear I am your
judge, jury and executioner.

“And Swerve, one thing I forgot to mention. Tonight’s
stipulation was that you and I couldn’t lay hands on one
another. But Nana, they didn’t say anything about us!”

Hangman Page jumped on Prince Nana and grounded and pounded
him! Security separated Page from Nana and Page nailed the
security team, blasting one with the Buckshot Lariat!

Lexy Nair was backstage with Roderick Strong and the

Roddy said he knew who the devil was and needed to call his
best friend, Adam Cole. They called Adam Cole over Skype.
“It’s definitely Max!”

Adam Cole: “Max is not the devil! With all the accusations,
maybe you’re the devil, Roddy.”

Adam Cole hung up.

“Why will he not listen to me?” asked Roderick Strong.

TBS Title Eliminator Match!
Red Velvet vs. Skye Blue

The winner moves on to the TBS Title Match at Full Gear on

Red Velvet grabbed a wrist lock on Blue but Blue escaped and
countered with a hammer lock. TBS Champion Kris Statlander
was watching the match from backstage.

Red Velvet swept out Skye’s legs and hit her with a standing
moonsault. Red Velvet boxed Blue in the corner. Skye Blue
rocked Red Velvet with a DDT on the apron. Blue whipped Red
Velvet into the steel guardrail.

Skye Blue cracked Red Velvet with a thrust kick. They
exchanged rollups and then knocked each other down with
simultaneous thrust kicks. Red Velvet nailed with double
knees to the back. Skye Blue hit the Skye Fall on Red Velvet
for a near fall! Red Velvet countered a rising knee from
Skye Blue with a powerbomb for a two-count!

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Skye Blue countered the Just Desserts with a thrust kick.
Red Velvet returned first. Skye Blue intercepted a corkscrew
and pinned Red Velvet after the Code Blue!

Julia Hart was seen watching from backstage.

“The Redeemer” Miro had words for CJ Perry!

“My eyes have been open for awhile now. Truth is, CJ doesn’t
just bring out the worst in herself. She brings out the
worst in me too. Let the Redeemer give you a piece of advice
Daniel Garcia. I don’t pray to God anymore, but you should
start. This is the word of the Redeemer!”

Mariah May was backstage with RJ City, waiting to meet Toni

Mariah knocked on the door and the butler let her in. Toni
Storm was on a couch, resting. Toni Storm didn’t give much
time for Mariah, and then told Luther to have him contact
Tony Khan to book her a tune-up match for Friday.

Samoa Joe vs. Jon Cruz!

Samoa Joe jabbed at Cruz. Samoa Joe splashed him in the
corner. Samoa Joe leveled Cruz with the lariat and then won
via tap out!

Samoa Joe: “My name is Samoa Joe. And I come from Southern
California. So MJF, since you’re in my hood, once again I
extend my offer of friendship. And trust me, the time is
limited Max, because you’re going to find out whether you
have my friendship or not, because I am Samoa Joe and I am

The Young Bucks—Matt & Nick Jackson
Penta El Zero Miedo & Komander (with Alex Abrahantes)!

Komander and Nick Jackson traded a flurry of fiery offense.
All four men entered the ring and the Bucks superkicked
their opponents, while Penta and Komander had the same idea
with thrust kicks. The Bucks shook the hands of their
opponents and then superkicked them!

“The Bucks firing on all cylinders here tonight,” said

Komander connected with a crossbody on Matt Jackson. The
Bucks were there waiting though and hit Komander with their
tandem offense. Komander took down Nick Jackson with a step
up hurricanrana. Komander did the tightrope walk into a
hurricanrana on Nick, and then sent Nick flying onto Matt
Jackson on the arena floor!

Penta flipped over the top rope and crashed onto Nick with a
tope con hiro! Penta blasted the Bucks with thrust kicks.
Komander nailed the Bucks with a double DDT off the
shoulders of Penta. Penta rocked Matt with a Made in Japan
for a near fall!

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Matt Jackson tossed Komander and Penta with a double
Northern Lights Suplex! The Bucks were looking for a Meltzer
Driver, but Komander sent Matt crashing into Nick. Penta
destroyed Nick with a Fear Factor on the apron! Komander
surprised Matt with a hurricanrana for a near fall!

“That was super close!” said Taz.

“I’ve seen things here in this match that I’ve never seen
before,” replied Tony Schiavone.

Matt Jackson and Penta El Zero Miedo traded shots in the
center of the ring. Penta stunned Matt with a thrust kick,
but then Matt fired off a superkick. Nick Jackson tagged in
and scored with a superkick. Komander springboarded but Nick
Jackson cracked him with a low blow and followed up with the
Judas Effect! The Bucks bashed Komander with the BTE Trigger
and scored the pin!

“I’ve seen the Bucks stretch the rules before but never
blatantly kick a man between the legs when the ref’s back
was turned,” said Tony Schiavone.

“Will this be a taste of what the Golden Jets get on
Saturday at Full Gear?” wondered Excalibur.

Lexy Nair was backstage with the Young Bucks after a
commercial break.

Kenny Omega approached them and questioned why they cheated
during their match tonight.

Nick Jackson: “Our heat is not with you. It’s with Jericho.”

Chris Jericho: “Don’t waste your time with these jackasses.
We’ve got a match to win tonight.”

Matt Jackson shoved Chris Jericho and security had to
separate them.

The Gunns—Austin and Colten Gunn (with Juice Robinson)
Peter Avalon and Jacoby Watts!

The Gunns made a statement win with the 3:10 to Yuma,
quickly winning the match!

Colten: “Max, that match was two on two, so imagine at the
pay-per-view when it’s two on one. Those titles are about to
be gone!”

“Who will MJF find? Will he turn to Samoa Joe to tag with
him this Saturday to defend the ROH World Tag Team
Championship? Or will it go to Bullet Club Gold?” asked

A highlight package aired of Wardlow!

“Max, as God as my witness, I’m going to make the devil my b

Like A Dragon Gaiden Street Fight!

Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, Kota Ibushi, & Paul Wight
“The Machine” Brian Cage, & The Don Callis Family—Konosuke
Takeshita, Kyle Fletcher, & Powerhouse Hobbs!

Don Callis joined the commentary team for this match.

The teams began to brawl on the ramp! Jericho hit Fletcher
with his baseball bat. Hobbs went right after Paul Wight.
Paul Wight choke slammed Fletcher off the stage and through
a table!

Takeshita hit Ibushi with an elbow strike, but Ibushi
absorbed it. Omega jumped in the ring and face planted
Takeshita. Paul Wight smacked Hobbs into a car outside the
arena. Jericho rattled Cage with a crate over the head!

Takeshita whipped Omega headfirst into a sign! Ibushi rode a
bike down the ramp, but Cage struck him with a lariat! Hobbs
body slammed Paul Wight onto the hood of a car! Takeshita
swung the bike around the ring and hit Jericho, Omega, and
Ibushi. Takeshita nailed Ibushi with a brain buster on the

Omega pulled a table out from beneath the ring and set it
up. Takeshita and Jericho brawled out to the VIP Club area
of the arena. Cage and Fletcher isolated Omega in the ring.
Cage and Fletcher suplexed Omega onto a pallet in the ring!
Omega connected with a jumping knee strike and followed up
with a snap dragon suplex on Cage. Omega had a bottle in his
hand and smashed it on Fletcher’s head!

Takeshita jumped off a refrigerator, but Jericho sprayed a
fire extinguisher at him and then nailed him with the Judas
Effect. Hobbs charged in the ring and nailed Omega and
Ibushi with double clotheslines. Hobbs drove Omega down with
the World’s Most Dangerous Slam! Brian Cage superplexed
Omega out of the ring and through the tables on the arena
floor! Hobbs planted Ibushi with a spinebuster!

Hobbs splashed Jericho in the corner. Fletcher rocked Omega
with a snap dragon suplex. Fletcher grabbed Ibushi and
spiked him with a piledriver off the apron and through a
sign that was propped up on steel chairs!

Omega connected with a rising knee strike to Hobbs and
Jericho followed up with the Judas Effect! Jericho and Omega
taped Hobbs to the ropes! Omega smacked Hobbs with a glass
bottle! Cage drove Jericho down into the mat and then tried
for a Drill Claw on Omega. Omega escaped and spiked Cage
with a reverse hurricanrana! Omega fired off the V Trigger
on Cage and then on Hobbs. Omega pinned Cage after spiking
him with the One Winged Angel!

AEW World Champion & ROH World Tag Team Champion MJF had
some strong words after last week’s brutal attack on the
Acclaimed and Daddy Ass!

MJF: “It’s become very apparent to me that no matter how
hard I try to outrun my past, it’s going to catch up with
me. And every time I try to open myself up, those people get
hurt. So, what I’d like to say to the Acclaimed is the same
thing I said to Adam Cole—I’m sorry that you got hurt and I
hope you feel better.

“Ever since I could remember all I wanted to be was a World
Champion and I have spent every moment of my life trying to
make that happen. I am proud to say that I have made it to
that mountain top. The air up here is thin. And as I look
down this mountain, I see men climbing with the only
intention to shove me off the top.

“And I’m afraid I could lose everything I worked for in the
blink of an eye. And I’m afraid I’m going to let you guys
down. The old me in this situation would have tucked and
ran. But I’m done letting the past dictate my future. Yeah,
I’m afraid, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up my
spot at the top of the mountain. You’d better send a whole
damn army up that mountain to knock me down!

“Jay White, November 18th at Full Gear, you have a chance to
take my spot. But I don’t think you can. I don’t think
anyone can because my name is MJF, and I am better than you
and you know it! And a message to the man who stole my devil
mask who hired those goons. I am going to find out who you
are and when I do there will be hell to pay!”

“Switchblade” Jay White walked onto the ramp!

Jay White: “Max, you’re going to make me sick so just stop.
Drop the act because you are embarrassing yourself. You’re
trying so hard to be the hero and that’s not who you are.
You are the villain. Always have been, always will be. And
you’re not fooling anyone. You’ve told us time and time
again, you are the devil. You’re not the hero, Max. You’re
not these peoples’ hero.

“Max you should know better. You should know how quickly
they will drop you because you mean nothing. You haven’t
changed. I know that you know that I am speaking truth right
now. And I know that you know your days as the AEW World
Champion are numbered. You know at Full Gear you will bleed
with the Switchblade. And if you’re not down with that I
have two words for you: get him.”

Bullet Club Gold jumped into the ring. Max was able to fend
off the Gunns for a bit but then Juice Robinson blasted MJF
with his infamous left hand punch. The Gunns spiked MJF with
the 3:10 to Yuma. Switchblade rocked MJF with the Blade
Runner and mockingly pinned him for the three count!

Samoa Joe was watching on a monitor backstage.

“That offer still stands, MJF. You might want to take Joe up
on it,” said Taz.

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