NXT ON USA: November 13 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 11/15/123 by Bob Magee

The opening video package spoofed an old news reel, while
also spoofing the recent controversy with American football
coach Jim Harbaugh. Reporters met Chase U on their way into
the building, as Andre Chase appears to be under

Chase himself looked disheveled, while Duke Hudson was
beaming with school pride. Jacy Jayne wore big sunglasses
and a hood. She mostly looked down, as did Thea Hail. The
Chase U student section among the studio audience also
seemed bummed out. Some students would later walk out during
the opening match.

Chase U has to defend the tag titles in tonight's opener,
but they all look as if they would rather be anywhere else.

The Family (Tony D'Angelo & Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo)
defeated NXT Tag Team Champions Chase U (Andre Chase & Duke
Hudson with Jacy Jayne & Thea Hail) to win the titles

Tony D & Stacks recapture the tag titles in an entertaining
match. It was far more about the story of the match, rather
than the moves. Nevertheless, they still got plenty of high
spots in as well.

Chase U were not fairing well from the start, and they were
in more trouble as the show cuts to its first commercial
break. Just before the break, Tony D hiptosses Stacks over
the ropes into a flip dive on Chase & Hudson.

Hudson seemingly had to carry Chase U on his back in this
mach. He struggled to make a tag. Hudson finally got close
enough to make a tag, but Chase was too distracted with the
students walking out on the match. Chase soon thereafter
came in after a hot tag.

Chase ran wild briefly, but he was cut off. Meanwhile, the
studio audience chants "walkout" during the bout. Hudson
does a nifty slingshot German on Stacks. He goes for the
same on Tony D, but that end up costing Hudson more.

Tony D trips up Hudson and rams him into the ring steps.
Flying off the apron is Chase with a somersault senton to
wipe out the Tony D. Chase is unable to capitalize, and The
Family is able to execute the old Power & Glory (Paul Roma &
Hercules) finisher on Chase for a near fall. Hudson is able
to make a save by breaking the count.

Chase makes a comeback, and he sets for his version of the
Garvin Stomp. Where he can complete that, he is distracted
by more students walking out. Chase takes the Bada Bing Bada
Boom finisher, and Stacks covers Chase for a three count.
The Family has regained the tag straps.

It is Lita's turn to book some matches this week for the
Iron Survivor qualifiers. She does a cellphone video where
she runs down her matchmaking picks. Lita books Roxanne
Perez against Lash Legend. She also books Trick Williams and
Joe Coffey in a match on the men's side.

Meta-Four faced off with Alpha Academy in a Supernova
Sessions talk show segment. Noam Darr is hosts Supernova
Session alongside Lash Legend, Jakara Jackson and Oro
Mensah. The Heritage Cup trophy is in a glass case with a
chain criss-crossing it so no one can steal it again. That
was silly, which fit the vibe, as this whole segment was
beyond silly.

Silly or not, the talk show gimmick sets up a Heritage Cup
Championship match for next week with Dar defending against
Gable. To start the segment, out comes Alpha Academy -- Chad
Gable, Otis, Akira Tozawa and Maxxine Dupri. There is some
silly banter and bickering, before Dar is goaded into
accepting a challenge to put the Cup on the line.

They all play this so over the top. Dar then tries to cheap
shot Gable, but Gable ducks. Gable then headbutts Dar,
laying him out on a couch that was part of the set.
Borrowing some phrasing from Jim Ross, this segment was
goofy as a pet raccoon. Really, the whole show has been that
way so far.

Meta-Four would hang around for the next match.

Lash Legend (with Noam Dar, Oro Mensah & Jakara Jackson)
defeated Roxanne Perez in an Iron Survivor qualifying match

Legend pinned Perez, after a bunch of outside interference
by Jakara Jackson and Kiana James. In winning, Legend
qualifies for the Iron Survivor Challenge at Deadline.

Jackson interfered at one point, and the referee ejects her
and the rest of Meta-Four from ringside. Apparently, not for
long, though. Legend works over Perez, until Perez
eventually makes a comeback. Legend cuts her off again, but
she is unable to capitalize.

Suddenly, Jackson appears again despite being ejected
earlier on. She distracts the ref while Kiana James runs in
to interfere. That costs Perez the match, allowing Legend to
hit Perez with a high kick. Legend goes on to do a
chokeslam/powerbomb pop-up combo, and she covers Perez for a

NXT Women's Champion Lyra Valkyria meets Xia Li for a tea
ceremony. The wackiness continues on this show. I liken this
to a modern day version of wacky sketch on Tuesday Night
Titans. Regardless, the tea ceremony is apparently how Li's
ancestors challenged their rivals. This sets up a title
match next Tuesday where Valkyria defends against Li.

McKenzie Mitchell is interviewing Trick Williams and Carmelo
Hayes. Mitchell is so good in her role. She is the new Mean
Gene, maybe even better.

Mitchell asks them about the elephant in the room, referring
to Williams punching Hayes last week. Williams claims the
punch was not intentional, and Hayes acts like he is over
it. Hayes does say he will be in Williams corner for his
match, which is up next.

But before the next bout, Mitchell also interviews Bron
Breakker. They are interrupted by Dijak. This seems to set a
future match with Dijak opposing Breakker, which could quite
possibly include them both being in the Iron Survivor.

Trick Williams (with Carmelo Hayes) defeated Joe Coffey
(with Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) in an Iron Survivor Challenge
qualifying match

Williams pinned Coffey. This was the first match so far that
was not wacky. It was far more serious, and the worked. The
studio audience seemed very into it. In winning, Williams
qualifies for the Iron Survivor at Deadline.

Williams is over huge with the studio audience, and Williams
looks strong as the match gets under way. Williams punches
both Mark Coffey and Wolfgang at ringside, but that ends up
backfiring on Williams. Joe Coffey is able to ambush

Williams is in trouble and in peril as the show cuts to a
commercial break. Coffey works over Williams, and Coffey
grounds Williams with holds. Comeback by Williams, but
Gallus again interfere. This time around, Hayes comes to
Williams' aide as Hayes tries to trip up Wolfgang. In doing
so, a low bridge is inadvertently created, and Williams goes
crashing to the outside.

Hayes is seemingly trying to help Williams back into the
ring when Coffey comes flying out through the ropes with a
tope. Hayes steps away, leaving Williams to take the brunt
of it. Coffey gets a near fall on Williams in the ring with
a signature combo. Williams out of nowhere delivers a
jumping knee strike, and Coffey is pinned for a three count.

NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov and Wes Lee met in a backstage
skit. The wackiness returns. That did not take long, and
neither did this skit.

The Brawling Brutes (Ridge Holland & Butch) vs. OTM (Lucien
Price & Bronco Nima with Scrypts)

Butch pinned Nima to win the match. Thankfully, this was
another match that was not silly. OTM looked better than
ever. It helps to be in the there with some vets. This was
arguably the best match so far in the short careers of Price
& Nima. Brawling Brutes carried the match, and it was good.

Joe Gacy is still trying to find his purpose, and he cuts a
promo about it. Gacy shows he is finally at the Performance
Center, and he is on the roof. Not sure where this is going,
but I can only hope for a monster truck tug-o-war on the
roof like this is Halloween Havoc '95.

Gigi Dolan defeated Arianna Grace

Dolan pinned Grace in match that seemed like filler. This
match was set up with a locker room skit that featured some
terrible acting.

Grace tries to cheat by putting her feet on the ropes during
an attempted pinning combination. The ref caught her in the
act, and she was admonished over it. Dolan then executes her
finisher on Grace, and Dolan covers Grace for a pinfall.

A pretty good video package told the story of Von Wagner and
Mr. Stone, from when they met as both were pictured together
in a photograph from their signing day with WWE. After the
video package, Mr. Stone invites Wagner to Thanksgiving
dinner at Stone's home. Wagner accepts the invite, but he
wants them to hold the asparagus.

Eddy Thorpe is being interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell when
they are interrupted by Drew Gulak and company. Charlie
Dempsey threatens to stretch Thorpe in a match. Those two
tangle in a bout next week.

Andre Chase is being hounded by reporters when Jacy Jayne
makes a save, and they speed away.

Baron Corbin defeated Wes Lee

Corbin pinned Lee in what was arguably the best match on the
show. In some ways, the match did not fit the show as it was
not wacky enough. It was mostly serious. Corbin is
apparently headed into a title program.

NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio agreed in a
skit earlier in the show to have Corbin's back. Mysterio
involvement would then help Corbin win the match.

Mysterio basically took a bullet for Corbin when Lee leaped
over the ropes with a flip dive. Lee then jumps Mysterio,
only for Lee to nearly get counted out. Lee barely breaks
the count as he rushes back into the ring, where Lee is
caught in the clutches of Corbin. Lee takes the End of Days,
and Corbin covers Lee for a pinfall.

Corbin pummels Lee after the bell, which brings out NXT
Champ Ilja Dragunov to make a save. Corbin is able to thwart
the champ, and Corbin poses over Dragunov with the title

As Corbin is leaving, Dragunov would crawl over to grab a
microphone. Dragunov then vows to defend the title against
Corbin at Deadline.

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